Red Berry & Cedar and Winter Woods

Bright winter berries paired with the warmth of cedarwood. Continuing the woodlands theme for this month, one of my favorite winter candles: Red Berry & Cedar and…a review that I just couldn’t do.

I love these cardinal-themed jar shades.

I like strong scent throws as much as anyone, but I can’t stand the syrupy sweet fragrance that tends to come with overly strong berry scents.  The best thing about this candle is that the berries are tart, not sticky sweet. I’m not sure which type of berry it is, no strawberry here. Is there an actual winter berry? I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s sooo good.

Fragrance: Crisp and fruity. Tart berries without the inauthentic sweetness. Slight incense-like woody notes, but nothing as intense as the resinous cedar in Yankee’s Balsam and Cedar scent.

Performance: A strong one; if set in the middle of a large room, it’s very present.  Since moving mine next to a chilly bay window, it’s lost some of its punch.

Recommendation: This is a seasonal best seller.  It’s more sophisticated than other berry scents and a nice change from the typical festive pine or food scents.

Winter Woods

I blame it on “Cyber Monday fever” when a couple of months ago, during the holiday rush after Thanksgiving, I purchased an online exclusive Yankee Candle that was released for one day only.  I’ve never bought a candle without smelling it before, or at least reading positive reviews about it.  My mistake.

I must have fallen for the sweet little bird on the label.

Fragrance: I intended to do a review for this candle but I just couldn’t bring myself to burn it. Simply removing the lid for a cold sniff makes me nauseous. The closest scent I can compare it to is: really strong sore muscle ointment. I guess it’s supposed to be fresh? All I’m getting is medicinal. It makes no sense to me.

Recommendation: Not so into these woods.  Lesson learned.  No more limited-time, “retiring into the vault” deals for me.  Unless I know the scent is a good one of course!

Anyone else have a regrettable fragrance purchase? Go ahead and share it.



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