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Ahhh Sugar Sugar is an indie body care vendor that’s hovered on the outer rings of my radar for some time. I’ve seen mention of the quirky brand here and there and read good reviews of their monthly body care subscription, box of sugar, which prompted this order. And if more proof is needed of how far I’ve fallen behind in my rate of purchasing-to-posting reviews, this preorder arrived on October 30th, oops!

When I made this preorder, waaay back in August, I chose scents with the forethought of post-holiday use. This time of year I crave serene lightness, in my home, personal and body care fragrances, so I’m reframing this bath product review as right on schedule. Ordered August 27th, arrived October 30th, shipped for $10.75: Shower gel $10.50 for 8 oz., Sugar Slushie $6.50 for 4 oz., Bath Frostings $14 for 8 oz. each.

Sugar Slushie and Shower gel

The shower gel and sugar scrub are titled Zen AF and I need to be as zen as exactly that in life, right about now. Steely lavender emerges most in this blend of bergamot, lemon, deep woody cedar, lavender and orange flower. It’s similar to Olive Branch type with an extra dose of lavender. Merely opening the jars imparts a fresh calming breeze of fragrance.

The Sugar Slushie is encrusted with medium-coarse grains, yet it’s nonabrasive. Scooping two fingers worth of the semi-firm scrub provides enough coverage for half my needs before dipping back in for more. My parched winter skin is lightly polished afterward. The shower gel releases onto my palm with a lustrous sheen and the hydrating liquid caresses like a silk embrace. I’ve been using more than I typically do, as the gel is looser than store-bought formulas.

Bath Frostings

I also included a whipped soap for my niece in Witch Better Have my Candy, ironic because I gave this as a Halloween treat instead of candy. Layered in sticky candy corn and fruit loops fragrance and piped into a frosted glass jar* to mimic that tri-colored candy dish staple, it is super appealing. As more of a whipped soap connoisseur than yours truly, she much prefers a frothier soap than the more intense scrubby slushie and this received her seal of approval.

I Got the Voodoo for You Witches-soft violets, Asian jasmine, pink roses, woodsy musk. Violets are an alluringly soft floral and this delicate bouquet is dappled in gentle sunlight. The muted florals and musk issue their fragrance as tenderly as the first hushed whisper of Spring. I could wear this scent all day long.

Exhibiting a truly frosting-like consistency, the texture is dense but still soft and creamy. Thicker than other whipped soaps I’ve tried, the springy formula yields lots of lather and works nicely as a shaving soap too. Gentle sugar granules offer light buffing, more emollient than exfoliating. Because of this remarkable texture, the bath frostings were the stand-out of my order. *I do get a little nervous using a glass container in a slippery shower situation, but no mishaps suffered so far. I believe glass is used to extend the life of the fragrance and ingredients longer.
Ahhh Sugar Sugar’s online store is displaying an “In-between sales” message at the moment but opens for a shower creme flash sale next Wednesday, Jan. 30th at 8 pm, with the full collection of body care products (including these excellent bath frostings) for preorder starting Mon. February 4th. More information found via their Instagram page. I enjoy the vibrant pops of color, vegan ingredients, product variety and the silky textures, I’m sure I’ll reorder in the future.

Veneered in these tranquil scents each morning has provided a mood-booster and has aroused my longing for Spring (only 53 days away). What products are uplifting your mood this season? Are you counting down the days until Spring, or is it too soon?

One thought on “Ahhh Sugar, Sugar-body wash, bath frosting, sugar slushie

  1. I like your “work with it” approach to orders that have languished a bit. But isn’t it bizarre how we plan these things out months in advance, trying to work these huge TATs into our ordering preferences? That’s why the customs ones are such a gamble, because who the heck knows if you’ll even be into X scent in five months’ time?

    These all look lovely, especially that candy corn one you gave your niece – so much better than candy, in my humble estimation. 🙂 I’m so out of the bath and body loop. We’ve got NOTHING in storage. Like, it’s so bad, Will ran out of soap weeks ago and he’s just been using my (drugstore) shampoo to wash his bod ever since. Eh, why not – it smells pretty great, and now so does he!


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