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Alex Apland’s pottery beams with a natural love of the outdoors. Her sweeping mountain landscapes, shadowy treelines and coastal beach motifs are unmistakably inspired by the Pacific Northwest surroundings where they’re created. The PNW is a region I hope to explore someday, until then, I will satisfy my wistfulness with lovely ceramic testaments to it’s beauty, like this one.

A stand of tall trees against a sepia clay backdrop with a rim of cream matte glaze suggests distant redwoods under the haze of a winter’s sky. Utterly charmed by the rustic simplicity, I ordered my Trees mug on December 16th and it arrived on the 22nd as a special Christmas gift to myself.

Holds 12 ounces, stands 3 1/2 in. tall and in diameter with a small foot, a mid-weight handfeel and comfortable grip. The handle shape has a slight tilt so that it doesn’t rest perpendicularly to the mug wall, being handmade often means being imperfect and I’m okay with that. This mug was listed as $40, shipped for $12.38. I noticed a range of prices between $35 and $40+ for mugs with the same size and design, with no discounted reasons listed that I could see, perhaps the price difference was due to varying glaze work inside? And speaking of inner glaze…a cascade of royal and sky blues layered in frothy white provides a surprising glimpse with every sip.

Featuring streaky black brushstrokes on a speckled tan and white color scheme, it’s the least intricate handmade mug in my collection. A neutral aesthetic, paired down artwork and natural design are my favorite things about it, not to mention that little lone rivulet drip is a bit of glaze magic.

In constant use during these last few wintery weeks, this mug’s brimmed with countless cups of coffee and tea. Alex offers lots more playful pieces with wide-jawed sharks, forest creatures, and even Bigfoot. I have my eye on an Aloha plant mug for my mom; check out the previews on Instagram @alexapland for peeks of her upcoming collection which is going down tomorrow, Jan. 31st at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST on her website. I will continue to seek out and embrace this connection to art in my daily life with every mugful of coffee.

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    1. I’ve enjoyed it so much. Trying to be good now and not order any more bc my mug rack is all filled up. Perhaps more flowerpots and handle-less cups will be additions instead…


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