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I’ve been gifted wax from Blank Label before but only became a follower and fan within the last six months or so. During Desiree’s February pre-order, these particular blends spoke to me of springtime. So delighted was I by my first proper order, I was inspired to review.

Squalls Ahead- Ocean Rain, sweet plum and a hint of pink amber and sea salt.

Pink flowered sweetness and cool sea salt resemble tropical blooms aligning the path of a beach-side cottage. Brightly-hued, pungent and flowing with nectar. A surprising scent, not for it’s originality, but it’s familiarity. That distinctly fruity floral is similar to Bath and Body Works’ Sweet Pea and Plumeria fragrances, so popular of decades past. An enjoyable throwback, yet not a repurchase.

Pluviophile- Fresh rain, rainforest sugarcane, yuzu and a hint of lemongrass.

Pulsing with citrusy energy, lemongrass packs a lively punch without overpowering the lush green of the other notes. Rainforest Sugarcane is so often paired with sweet perfumes, but here it balances the tartness with raw sugar and grounds the freshness. Unique and strong, it
spreads a sense of wellness and calm when melted; definite repurchase.

Desiree’s labels feature the scent’s name, scent notes and pour date. Wax melt 2-packs are $3.10, 4-packs are $6.13. The preorder had a 6 week turn-around-time with shipping billed at the time of completion.

Three Little Birds- Mango sorbet, toasted coconut, gooey marshmallow and vanilla lace.

Sugar-crusted mangoes paired with coconut and marshmallow is one of my favorite gourmand blends. Vanilla Lace lures me in with thickly ambered musk revealing a sensual sweetness. This scent has it all going on except when it comes to strength. Maybe I expected more from the heavenly pairing of mango sherbet and vanilla musk, but it resulted in weak throw. I’ll try a longer cure time and note if it improves.

Mermaid Lagoon Under a Magic Moon- Soft watery floral, sea salt, ocean moss and geranium flowers.

I should know better than to try geranium in blends as it’s sharp astringency doesn’t agree with me. Crushed petals, leaves and stems prevail over breezy waterlilies. Sea salt usually elevates, but in this case it escalates the concentrated floral tones. Fans of neon green herbals may like it, but I anticipate a headache inducer.

Mermaid Cupcakes: 2.3-2.8 oz for $3.50 each.

Part of Your World- Tiki Beach (B+BW type) toasted marshmallows, driftwood and a hint of sea air.

My favorite of the 3. Custardy coconut cream always makes my mouth water, and the purple orchids and sugared berries elevate the fruit while fluffy marshmallow sweetens the salty sea air. Rich and thick, kissed with tang and a moderate throw, I would repurchase.

She’s Got Legs, You Idiot- Almond milk, sea salt, Hibiscus guava.

Widely used as an alternative to dairy, almond milk’s trendiness seems to have spread to fragrance too. Intriguing, smooth and silky
on cold, but emerges too watery when melted. Sea salt imparts a briskness to this light creamy floral, however, it lacks depth and substance.

Prince Eric- Blue sugar, vanilla cotton.

A dynamic duo of crisp breezy linen and sophisticated cotton candy spice. Less is more with this combination, allowing each note to shine. Softly spiced Blue Sugar enhances the cotton with woodsy depth and pillowy sweetness. Meanwhile, fresh cotton cuts down on the extremely rich top notes of the gourmand cologne. A medium-strength winner.

A sample of California Dreamin‘- a tempting treat of Hawaiian tropic, banana daiquiri and orange dreamsicle. Not a fan of banana or dreamsicle but the sweet and sour spirits make a refreshingly tangy mix.

Desiree is currently offering a gift code sale on her site for upcoming restocks. Overall, I think Blank Label Products is an underrated vendor that deserves more recognition for their playful products, variety and quality.


  • Irregular restocks in which the website is closed in-between openings. Pre-orders seem to be offered every couple of months with 5-8 week TAT.
  • Complex blends become slightly one-note on warm.
  • Varying scent strength depending on fragrance oils, much like most vendor wax.


  • Fun, festive shapes and colors. I especially love tossing the thick chunks into my warmers, as is, no cutting required.
  • Uncommon scent blends. Desiree puts together popular fragrances in unique ways.
  • Offers small, affordable custom wax options! This is a major benefit for when you wish to experiment but don’t want to be stuck with a ton of one combo, especially if it doesn’t turn out well.
  • Quality customer service experience.

Despite this brief return from my blogging hiatus, I believe my fragrance reviewing is coming to an end. I created 4 custom scents too, but don’t think I’ll write a full review. As always, thank you to my wax friends for reading. I do hope to post about my Spring/Summer customs from Sniff My Tarts sometime soon-ish, when I can. Otherwise, keep up to date on my wax hauls on Instagram @the_scented_library

What spring scents are you melting/burning? Any celebrations of the season, or are you counting the days till Summer begins?

6 thoughts on “Blank Label Products- first order

  1. Oh, yik, geranium! So pretty and ubiquitous at certain times of the year, but I likewise can’t stand the scent. A lot of the spring blooms, too, give off a geranium-y kind of smell, which I kind of associate with dog pee? It’s that springtime melt thing – surely nothing any wax vendor wishes to capture!

    Did you do up some customs with this vendor, or were the customs from another shop? With everything so torn up around here, I never got around to blogging about my RG custom MMs, which turned out really well. Just haven’t been feeling it, although I’ve been melting through them plenty (it’s that or the many and varied smells of flooring things off-gassing, so I’ll take the MMs.)

    These little wax tarts are so, so cute – they remind me of TBG’s little samples, which themselves already remind me of little petit fours. Bummer about that Mango Sorbet scent; sounds like a total winner if it just had a bit more oomph. But it’s nice to see you back about the ‘Press. 🙂 Don’t be a stranger now, y’hear?


    1. Funny, we were just discussing smelly blooming trees at work and a coworker described the local scent as cat pee, another-fish meal. I guess one likens it to whatever is most offensive, lol. Geranium definitely emits some stank, but on the whole I’m a flowering tree/bush fan.

      I did grab some customs w/Blank Label, 4 large donut shaped melts. Due to tha affordability and small quantity, I was a bit adventurous w/3 of them. One was a miss, but 3 = successful. I’ve taken a few photos but don’t think I’ll have time to post.
      Speaking of which, I miss your wax posts too. I understand they aren’t the hottest viewed, but I sure appreciated your scent summations. I’m looking forward to peeping those MM combos, I decided to abstain that month, but am waiting on a June RG order.
      I won’t be a stranger and plan to spend later today catching up. I’ve decided if I blog going forward, it has to be for me, what I enjoy writing about and am inspired by. I cannot return to fulfilling a sense of obligation to review every product I receive or keep up w/a perceived schedule. Time is too precious these days, and I’m over it.
      Do take some reno respite, friend. I will stop by FC soon to hear what kooky unintended reno consequences have cropped up💓

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      1. I’m at work on a wax post now! It was irking me that I had got all these lovely yummy-smelling things and they were just sitting there getting covered in dust.


  2. I haven’t tried Blank Label since her and her (mom?) had a wax/bath and body falling out of sorts. These blends all sound really summery and unique. Part of Your World is the one that really calls to me. I love your photos of these waxes. They are lovely. I start to think I am ready for a wax haul but then remember all the wax I have lurking in boxes and bins. It is so tempting when I don’t see it all on the regular to think I “need” more. But when I do eventually order again it will be nice. ❤


    1. Aw, geez, I had no idea there was wax family drama (but that’s nothing new). They are unique blends. I wish my favorites were a bit stronger, but I appreciate Desiree’s offerings, sizes and scents for custom blending. The 3 of 4 of those I created were winners, and all were strong throwers. I’ll tuck away Part of Your World to send you when you’re all settled in your new home:)


  3. Wonderful review, I was very taken with the leaf and star shaped melts. They look absolutely stunning and the unique names for them all are very creative, both the Mango Sorbet and California Dreamin really do appeal to me. As a wax melt and candle addict and creator myself I am super impressed with the look. I will have to head over to the website and explore a little more. 🙂


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