Any Time of Year Scents?

With the countdown to Spring less than five days away, but our local weather utterly ignoring the calendar by refusing to release Winter's grip, I am in seasonal candle limbo. What to burn? What to attempt using up, or re-pack for next year? I'm halfheartedly lighting my Fireside/Redwood Woodwick and Marshmallow Fireside 3-wick just to... Continue Reading →

Fresh Cut Herbs

May is flying by, the days are growing longer and summer is just around the corner.  I continue to light a lot of candles late into the summer evenings, more for the glow than the fragrance.  When it comes to summer fragrance people might imagine beachy, suntan lotion-inspired scents, and they're okay.  But to me,... Continue Reading →

Juicy Grapefruit

In my ongoing pursuit of positivity, I've been gravitating to all things grapefruit. From checking out the benefits of grapefruit essential oils, using beauty products with grapefruit extracts, to eating them, sliced and sweetened; the tangy fruit has become my flavor of choice. Needless to say, I sure was excited to see that Yankee re-released... Continue Reading →

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