Top Ten Tuesday: Books you Autumn know about

All puns aside, what labels a book as possessing autumnal vibes? Does it have to be set during fall? Contain a mysterious, bleak or brooding tone? Feature fall-ish cover art? The books I chose [almost all classics, I own nothing new which fit] contain at least one or a combination of the three elements within.... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Show me the numbers

There are so few threads tying these random books together, I could only conjure two: numeric titles plus, at some point, I've read them. Just for funzies, I included my star rating. 10. A Million Little Pieces | James Frey ★★★☆☆ 9. Marvel 1602 | Neil Gaiman ★★★★☆ 8. Fahrenheit 451 | Ray Bradbury ★★★★☆... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Rainy Day Reads

Back at it with your weekly dose of bookish lists, Top Ten Tuesday. While not a full return to blogging, yet, inspiration struck for this week's topic when I had a spare moment to open my dusty laptop and compile a few thoughts. This Spring, adjusting to a new job and ending each day mentally... Continue Reading →

Autumn Inspiration Board

We've entered the second week of the Fall Fun Series II and I can deny it no longer: Summer's lease has faded, now autumn's grasp is within reach. No more lengthy evenings spent on the deck listening to the song of unseen crickets, in fact, it's gotten too chilly and windy for much deck lounging... Continue Reading →

Monday Miscellany

Inspired by gathering my Spring candles for May's band of bloggers, I briefly considered sharing my entire candle collection. Upon further consideration, there was no way I could capture all 100+ of them in a single photo (not even on panoramic) not to mention the destacking and unpacking of crates, hauling up from basement storage,... Continue Reading →

London-tea & lemon

Early June always brings reasons to celebrate; it starts off with my birthday (the 1st) and kicks into gear with the first week of summer vacation for my teacher husband.  Who wants to wait until June 21st for summer to officially begin, anyway? Although this will be a bittersweet summer that won't be the same... Continue Reading →

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