Candles from the Keeping Room Haul part 2: Fruity scents

Don't these sunny wax shapes and colors make glad a dreary start to Spring? I won't bore you guys with weather chitchat for long, but it snowed the first ten days of April here. And now that we're headed into the second straight 70-degree day, it's the perfect time to grab some sunshine. Which I... Continue Reading →

Candles From the Keeping Room: Spring Haul part 1: Fresh/Earthy scents

It feels like ages since my first and only order from Candles From the Keeping Room, back in October 2016. Newly cutting my teeth on vendor wax purchases, I never even posted a review for it at the time. Many vendors have come and gone since, but Carol still produces the high-quality and time-tested fragrance... Continue Reading →

L3 Waxy Wonders: Custom bakery bag haul

Another year, another attempt at a wax heart to express my vendor love. Tbh, this was laborious, but I couldn't resist on Valentine's week. Anyone a party to Valentine's Day festivities or gift exchanges? My husband and I rid ourselves of that tradition after our first wedded year, but I did find some small trinkets... Continue Reading →

Wax Round-up 2017

Amidst 23 different wax vendor hauls (down 14 from last year, but with more multiples from single vendors) in addition to another 17 or so brands generously gifted to me this year, I am not wanting for wax melts. Which means narrowing down to a top ten would be nigh impossible; therefore, I'm highlighting my... Continue Reading →

Mixing it up: Holiday Style

Just popping in to present my festive Yankee mixology blends and wish a wonderful Christmas to all. With two days until the big day, we're in the final hurried holiday push. Anyone else notice the recent obsession with counting the number of sleeps left before Christmas? How is this useful? It would be abundantly more helpful... Continue Reading →

Dessa’s Homespun Scents: Holiday order

'Tis the season for the Christmas spirit to gently fill our hearts and homes. Mine is merrier, thanks in part to this beautiful order received from Dessa's Homespun Scents.  Following Dessa's social media posts and beholding her website the last few months gives the impression that the company title is more than a name. It... Continue Reading →

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