New vendor: Gypsy Monroe Wax Co.

20171109_081433In many areas of life I can be downright practical. When it comes to turning away from sparkly, glittery pretties, however, I’m worse than a magpie. On such occasions, my husband will refer to me as Jeremy, the distracted crow from The Secret of Nimh. I do gravitate to shiny bits, although he’s just as bad, gleefully looking forward to retirement when he plans to pick up a metal detector to locate buried loot. It was this sparkly-spotting tendency which caused me to pause mid-scroll through my feed as I came across the shimmery wax offered by The Gypsy Monroe Wax Co. How can you blame me? As far as I can tell, the shop opened in January 2017 and has gained plentiful popularity. My order shipped within a week for $6.25. I was unable to find oz. information for most options.20171109_075350 (1)Minty Fresh Fluff spearmint + toasted marshmallow ($6.30)

Bright, fresh and as unmistakable as an emerald creme de menthe cocktail, or mint topping drizzled over a dish of melty vanilla ice cream. It actually smells fluffy if that’s possible, airy and finespun, the mint frolics forward but doesn’t offend as some spearmint oils may. The sticky marshmallow lacks a toasted quality, similar to pillowy mallow fluff, not singed marshmallows. Using a thin layer of shards, less than an ounce, produced strong throw. What you see is what you get with this melt. Cool, minty, intense. I think it would be fantastic with an added something to ground it, possibly a Flannel type with bergamot and musk, or a vanilla waffle cone. Thanks to these perfectly portable wax shards, I can use it as a go-to scent blender.20171109_082930 (1)Black Magic WomanBlackberry Jam + Cotton Candy + Barbershop ($6.30)

Wow is this syrupy sweet! I admit to not usually going for this scent type, it was the barbershop addition (obsession) that drew me in. Bursting with tangy seeds, flowers, vines, the whole berry bush may have been thrown in there. Mouth-puckering tartness appears at first sniff, a slightly metallic note follows. Thick plummy jam is the overriding scent. Moderate throw on warm where cotton candy peeks out, adding to the sweetness. I threw in a mini-cube of Rosegirl’s Shaving Cream which toned down the sugar, but it’s still too saccharine for me. Passing this on to a fruity scent lover.
20171109_093243Winter– Pine + Warm Spices + Oak Moss + Clove + Allspice ($5.39 for 4.3 oz)

This stunning tartlette shape with the shimmer, now that’s the twinkle I’m talking about. I adore the triple layers, fluted edges and 3-dimensional snowflake embed. Labeling a scent Winter seems like a tall order to fill, I believe it to be a dupe for the Bath and Body Work’s candle by the same name but I don’t have one to compare.20171109_094340Though not exactly like walking in the woods on a crisp winter morning, it is reminiscent of those orange-clove pomanders that were popular air fresheners during the Victorian era. Martha Stewart is always making them for the holidays too and I can see why. A festive fragrance possessing a blast of beautiful citrus-spice that warms the room. Capturing the stimulating essence of pine needles with a hint of cold air, the bright orange is rolled in a smattering of subtle clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and possibly ginger spice. One fourth of the tart made a cheery melt with loads of throw which put me in high holiday spirits.20171109_092520Dream Weaver– lavender + coconut milk + marshmallow cream + white musk ($3.19)

This lavender smells familiar, clean and astringent; made new by the foamy swirled coconut milk. I’m crazy about the luminous muskiness right from the top, as the creamy smooth mallow softens the lavender’s pungency. Very keen on this blend, but wish for a higher ratio of coconut cream to lavender. 

Samples:20171110_081632Black Raspberry Vanilla- Without hidden scent surprises here. A no-muss, no-fuss basic berry vanilla combination, not as tart as Black Magic Woman.

Baby It’s Cold Outside- No description, but there’s a delicious candy cane mallow cream going on and a really good one. I’d definitely purchase if available.
20171109_092706Sweetly packaged including pour/cure dates and crystal lunar label motif, I know I’m not the only one whose head has been turned by Gypsy Monroe. I even missed one of the scents that caught me eye, Mermaid Snack, as it sold out within hours; this vendor’s star is rapidly on the rise. Gypsy Monroe is restocking this Sat, Nov 11th at 2 EST and there’s a special custom wax giveaway entry with any purchase. As usual with Etsy, import taxes may apply for my international friends. I expect lots more loveliness from GMW in the future. 


Vendor review-Fresh Picked Scents

What is your deciding factor when selecting an online wax or body care brand? Being relatively new to the vendor wax game, I rely on word of mouth or reliable blog reviews. With no Facebook account, I am pretty reliant on Instagram and make most purchases to vendors with a presence there. Of course, when people I trust rave about a product, I’m likely to check it out. My sister is a big Etsy shop buyer, I learn about some unknown vendors through her, too.

I can’t explain the reason I ordered from Fresh Picked Scents, a new to me vendor. Their name showed up in my feed when they liked a photo of mine. In turn, I checked out their page when they happened to be promoting an upcoming restock. It showcased cleanly packaged, uniform wax melt shapes. What really kindled my interest were some of the multiple oil scent combinations. Two factors that I value in a wax brand are variety and complexity, with a 15% off coupon code listed on Instagram on restock day, I went for it. My order arrived within a few days* including a sample melt and approx 1/3 oz body butter sample.


Al Bundy– 4 wax cubes totaling 3 oz., $2.99. Raw honey, orange blossom, mountain floral and vanilla tied together with sweet country apple.

I do love a good honey scent and they aren’t abundant, so I scooped this one up hoping for the best. Al Bundy was peculiar and interesting.


There was a lot going on, maybe too much. Richness from the honey and vanilla mellowed the woody floral and fruitiness. The blossom notes were powdery and gave off a distinct soapy aroma. There’s a hint of apple peel but it’s overshadowed by the rest. The throw for 1 cube was powerfully strong, lasting about 6 hours in an electric warmer.


It’s Raining Men– 6 wax cubes totaling approx 4 oz., $4.50. After shave, pure rain, white sandalwood, and white jasmine. These notes should be a dream to a fresh scent lover like myself, but I could tell with one cold sniff this wasn’t for me.

When I worked at Yankee Candle, there was a scent called Wedding Day that reeked of aerosol hairspray. It sat on the shelves till someone needed a bridal shower gift, no one ever bought it for the scent. It’s Raining Men smells very similar to that. I suspect it’s the white jasmine blend, hopefully, not the after shave because it will put me off that scent for certain.

One cube had a medium-strong throw and the alcoholic aerosol quality thankfully settled down after 15 minutes.


I wouldn’t repurchase either, but I preferred the scent of Al Bundy. There’s a phrase I never thought I’d write, though I adore Ed O’Neil.

 My Clothes Smell, sample-described as pure, light and airy linen with a pop of fresh fruity tones. I considered ordering this one, and was happy to receive it as a sample. I quite enjoyed this impressive scent.


Juicy citrus is dominant, there could be a touch of something more exotic like mango, however, fresh orange comes to the foreground. I like the clarity of the orange note in this, it’s not syrupy or cleaner-like at all.

Like drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice wrapped in a warm blanket. I haven’t had many orange blends since I discovered I don’t like Creamsicle scents, but it is certainly one of the best I’ve tried.

FPS carries sugar scrubs and body butters, which I inevitably started to dabble in, as many vendors provide both. I added a 4 oz. sugar scrub to my cart as well, so I could sample from each product range.

Whipped soap scrub-4 0z. $6.50 Dreams– lavender, marshmallows, pink sugar

20170210_085710Upon opening, I was disappointed to see the scrub’s volume was a good 1/2 to an inch below the top, there was plenty of room for more, with it’s domed lid.

Even more disappointing was the scent. I know and love lavender pink sugar mallow, it’s a favorite. Whatever Dreams is, its not that. I don’t smell any lavender, only a plummy syrup, with an unnatural quality to my nose.

One unique aspect was the gritty scrub texture felt extremely wet and saturated with oils compared to others. Ingredients per the website; emulsified scrubs: e wax (no btmd) steric acid, yellow organic bees wax, vitamin e, 100% organic essential oils, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil & phenonip as our preservative 3 kinds of sugars (organic brown cane, white cane &brown).

The sugars don’t dissolve into the skin, and need rinsed off. But, the good news is that it was the most polishing of the four brands I’ve tried thus far. My skin was as soft as a newborn’s after use.

Fruit loops body butter sample (left) whipped scrub (right)

It was so effective that I might repurchase this product, in a different fragrance. Currently, there is a 40% off flash sale on some scrubs on

Overall, I would only repurchase 2 of the 4 items. *The shipping method was an aberration, the scrub sent separately in a manila envelope. Costs could be lowered if mailed in one package.

An announcement on the Fresh Picked Scents Instagram page declares they’re changing their look and scent collections soon. I wish the owners, Alecia and Rachel, the best of luck on their business.

Wax haul- Pour Girl’s Wax

The hallmark of a great wax haul is when you love every scent and wish you ordered two of each. My exact feelings for this order, which demand a Valentine’s Day post to express my love. Pouring wax since 2015, I introduced Pour Girl’s Wax in my year-end recap post as one of my new favorite vendor discoveries. 

Laura, PG’s creator, hadn’t had a restock since October but when asking for scent requests for a January opening on Instagram, you better believe I was ready. The greatest number of requests were for her Creamy Cotton scent, so smart lady that she is, she created a sampler around it.


Creamy Cotton Sampler: I always make an effort to try a brand’s signature scent when they have one. This was a 7 scent sampler of 1.5 oz. cups for 10.00 based on PG’s  much loved creamy cotton.

20170201_144435Creamy Cotton– An uncommon blend of fluffy cotton with vanilla orchid and warm musk undertones.

I have an aversion to those powerful detergent strength cotton scents. This is the opposite of those. It has a pure, soft and dreamy quality to it. Shimmering to the eye and the nose as it tickles the senses with powder, blooms with airy floral, and finishes with a puff of gauzy cotton.

Halved this one to use for a blend with another Pour Girl’s scent I had from October*, so not the full amount of throw. From half, Creamy Cotton provided moderate scent, just enough for an ambient mood in my living room.

* What did I blend it with? Fig, a “floral lemon-lime blend enhanced by coconut and bergamot w/a dry musky background.” Not sure if this is a candle dupe but I saw this combo recommended online and know a loaf of this mix was available last fall.

What a beautiful blend. Fig’s description is slightly misleading because no citrus notes come out, but what does is a dusty, spicy floral and stunning musk tone. A potent scent on it’s own, but when accompanied by the Creamy Cotton, a lovely coolness takes the edge off the floral. I’ll be getting this blend in larger amounts if re-offered.

20170201_144310Creamy Paix– Creamy cotton mixed with paix (baja cactus blossom). A blend of fresh flowers, coconut and rich vanilla; which is my kind of pie. It took a little while to notice the throw; however, I’ve learned not to doubt Pour Girl’s Wax. Even when on the subtler side, they still deliver.

After 30 minutes, the bright aroma of cactus blossom skimmed across the room creating refreshing ripples. My favorite on cold ended up too fleeting once warmed, however. It is a beautiful scent that I might buy again to melt in smaller spaces,



Cotton Oasis– Creamy cotton blended with guava and fig.

Likely my favorite of the bunch, I wouldn’t have put these 3 notes together, and now I’m obsessed. I’ve tried other guavas that were too sweet for my palate, this reads more like a yummy sherbet punch because of the creamy note, heightened by that gorgeous fig. Very vibrant throw from half, I didn’t want to use it all just yet, but the 3/4 oz. was the perfect amount.


Sleepy Cotton– creamy cotton + marshmallow + a touch of lavender


Another winning combination with the versatile Creamy Cotton. The marshmallow is not phony smelling or overpowering, but elevates the sweetness while the whisper of lavender perfumes the mix. I only wish the lavender was punched up a few notches to subdue the sugar.

A light to moderate throw in my bedroom, I can see this scent being popular if released on it’s own.



20170201_112323Cold throw reviews:

Candy Cotton – Creamy cotton + cotton candy. The ultimate sugar-coated confection spun together with fresh cream, lightened by a caress of cotton. I shouldn’t adore a scent that’s this sweet, but oh, how I do…

Cotton Dreams – Creamy cotton + bergamot + bedtime bath. Three harmonious notes that create an ultra-fresh fragrance. Snappier than the others due to the citrusy bergamot, it’s such a cheerful scent. Just waiting to celebrate the first sunny spring day with this melt.

Vintage Cotton – Creamy cotton + vanilla lace + peppermint. Leaning exotic from the oriental woods of vanilla lace. A cooling breeze of mint grounded by the posies of creamy cotton make a perfectly bold blend.

Barbershop Reconcile– an extremely popular blend of shaving cream chunks and olive branch type overpour. A $6.75 5 oz. wax cake.


I thought that I only liked a few Lush dupes: American Cream, Twilight; I guess I’ve been missing out on this Olive Branch fragrance gem. Lush’s description “warm citrus perfume of mandarin oil and orange flower absolute.”

If you caught my Band of Blogger’s post, you’ll know I wrote an ode to shaving cream scents. They are my silky smooth tonic of choice lately.


Jam-packed with shaving cream chunks, it is the dominant scent when melted. The talcum combines with amber and rum into a dapper, masculine spirit. Softened by the feminine touch of green vines and fragrant orange blossoms, a lovely and well-balanced elixir emerges.


Either my hands are too small, or this wax is too large, but you get the idea. Barbershop is my heartthrob. 

These samples♡


A sweet rosette in Baby Bath, which I surmise is recognizable if you have children, I don’t, thus it’s new to me. Tangy to the nose with relaxing aquatic tones. I would definitely purchase this.

Bad Romance– shaving cream + vanilla lace. Love shaving cream, love vanilla lace, love this combo.

The only downside to this order is that it is now the supreme yardstick by which I’ll compare all future hauls. Hoping for a restock soon and most ardently for larger batches. I’m kicking myself for not grabbing 2 samplers. It’s the valentine I much prefer to hearts and flowers.

Happy Valentine’s day, friends☺

Seeking Comfort

For those times when things don’t go as planned, when life twists and turns unexpectedly, your week feels too long and your to-do list longer, when you’re in pain, or as in the words of singer Daniel Powter back in 2005, you’ve had a bad day; what do you turn to for comfort?

Family, caring friends, cuddling pets, escape through reading, binge-watching and gaming can be sources of comfort. When my personal stress level is too high, I seek solace in solitude. In the past, I’ve dabbled with meditation, even taking some classes which I found helpful. Maybe I’ll pursue it again this year, as it’s a skill that requires practice to call upon in times of stress.

SAS haul from Bath and Body Works. Relax is my only full-sized candle purchase from after Christmas sales.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that home fragrance is a wellspring of comfort for me. It’s also one of the easiest methods I have to de-stress. Sense of smell can be a powerful force. Though I’m no student of aromatherapy, I believe that mental and emotional moods can be influenced by the senses.

I witnessed a fascinating example of this as I was waiting to take my dog into a veterinary exam. A cat with a broken leg was brought in, it expressed a lot of aggression and understandable anxiety in it’s crate. The vet tech sprayed a cloth with a pheromone spray, draped it over the crate and that cat was instantly calmed down. I thought, I’ll take a gallon of that to go!

Lacking access to a spray bottle of instant calm, these are the comforting fragrances that I’ve had on repeat the last few weeks:

Yankee Candles in retired scents, Do-re-mi (vanilla musk) and Sleigh Bells Ring (soft rose). Both are light but worthy examples of calming scents. Yankee used to have an aromatherapy line and I still have some of the single-scent oils. The cardamom oil adds warmth and spice when used as a mix-in with baking soda for carpet powder and is so inviting in an oil warmer.

I’ve tried two of the B&BW‘s wax melts purchased for 50 and 75% off during SAS. At $4.50 for 0.97 oz, I wouldn’t buy any at regular price, but I was happy to try them in some scents I haven’t had in their candles.

Pure White Cotton– extremely relaxing on cold throw, I started with one wedge, but added a second for the best result.

Walking past my warmer felt as if I was greeted by the sweetest spring breeze. There’s no laundry or starch to this. Just a hint of newly cleansed linen that’s been dried in the sunshine, folded into a basket still warm, filled with freshly-picked bouquets of Freesia and notes of white cotton blossom, anjou pear and soft gardenia petals.

Sweet, simple, natural smelling comfort of warm cloth.

Wine Cellar– as sophisticated as Pure White Cotton is simple. Wine Cellar is comprised of warm cedarwood, sugared clementine, red berry, and dark vanilla bean. To me, these four notes form a nearly perfect blend.

The rustic hewn timbers of the wine barrel, the full-bodied plummy fruit, juicy round flavor of citrus, the richness of vanilla bean skimmed from the fleshy pod. This wine has legs too, a beautiful abundant throw. Nearly as much of a creature comfort as an actual glass of red wine and zero calories.

The Relax candle from the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it aromatherapy line is saved for February, but I can tell you the black chamomile is a delicious essence of herbal tea refreshment. So spa-like I’ve almost forgotten the stress of wading through the store to get it the day after Christmas.

Which scents provide a comforting boon to your senses? Is it homey cinnamon or sugar cookie? Possibly lavender or mint soothes your savage beasts? Smoky patchouli send you off to a calm place? Do tell.





Fall Fun-New Etsy vendor

An Etsy vendor highlight is on the agenda today. In my search for a new-to-me vendor I found several that caught my eye, but I wanted to try a business that checked a few boxes. Scent variety, value and ingredients were the top three criteria in my selection.

20161110_093354MaryColette Candles is a small vendor, established in 2015, out of Indianapolis, Indiana and I like the idea of supporting a fellow mid-westerner. MaryColette boasts a nice variety of scents, with 50+ choices in the shop. The cost is a reasonable $3.75-3.95 per individual clamshell, although I’m not sure why the .20 difference for certain scents. The best part of this order was the Pick 5 sampler option, in which I selected 5 scents from the shop for a discounted price of $16.95. Score!

I received a response to an email question about shipping within two minutes of submitting it, on a Sunday. I’d rate the customer service supremely high in this regard. The shipping time wasn’t as fast or accurate as expected based on reviews, so I queried the company. The immediate response was a delay in the receipt of the order from Etsy.

The ingredients: poured in small batches with all natural soy wax and are dye and phthalate free. I couldn’t find weight in ounces in the product info but compared to other clamshells I own, these are filled smoothly and uniformly to the top, with deep wells. The wax slides out of the container ultra-smoothly too.


Ginger saffron- MaryColette’s description: Fresh saffron, ginger, and cardamom combine with notes of cedarwood, geranium and patchouli. My personal favorite! I feel that if a vendor puts a favorite house blend out there, it’s worth a try. 20161113_134930

Fragrance: In a word, invigorating. I’m partial to ginger but it can be too much of a good thing. An intense gingery cold throw warmed to a pleasant fresh ginger root with added depth from the patchouli. Not a sweet candied ginger, a bright spicy one. I have plans for mixology  with this scent.

Performance: Two cubes in a Scenterpiece melt cup warmer wafted through our entire first floor. A robust throw without being overwhelming.

20161113_141410.jpgKentucky bourbona lighter, sweeter version of our Whiskey scent with notes of bourbon, rum, rose and cedar that combine for a sweet aroma with a background of alcohol. I ordered this one for my husband, the bourbon enthusiast!

Fragrance: In a word, boozy. I’d call it a foreground of alcohol. I’m not surprised that I didn’t care for it because I don’t like bourbon, either. This scent cloaks the room in a rich molasses liquor. Too besotted for me, like a bourbon straight up.

Performance:  One cube was medium strength in my bedroom Scentsy wall warmer. I’ll try combining this with the Caramel tobacco below, and concoct a bourbon and cream, more my taste.

Caramel tobacco– This melt got rave reviews, so I thought I’d give it a chance; however, it bothers me that caramel is misspelled on the label! Usually, I skip past caramel anyway for fear of too much sweetness, but the description didn’t specify actual caramel in the fragrance notes. Warm, oaky tobacco and vanilla tones combine with hints of orange, lavender and musk sounded too lovely to pass up, even a spelling mistake couldn’t deter me from giving it a shot.


Fragrance: In a word, creamy. My favorite on cold turned out to be mighty similar to my recent ScentSationals wax in Cashmere Cream. I may not have placed the fragrance had I not melted Cashmere Cream the day prior, but they are pretty much a match. If you’ve tried it, you’d recognize the soft vanilla cream that swirls into an airy sigh of comforting scent. Caramel tobacco may be slightly fresher. I wish there was a hint of the oaky tobacco mentioned in the description, however, because I didn’t pick up on it and it was the reason I chose this fragrance.

At least this wax is dye-free, so it won’t stain my melt warmers like the ScentSationals brand already has, value lesson learned.

Performance: Unfortunately, Caramel tobacco falls victim to a common vanilla scent issue: too light. Vanilla creams always leave me yearning for a stronger throw. I think I’ll try using 3 wax cubes in my larger warmer to see if the performance improves.


Fireside- Fireside blends smoke, wood, cloves, amber and sandalwood notes for a spicy, masculine scent. Smoky and masculine unceasingly catches my attention, a must try.

Fragrance: In a word, marshmallows? After melting, I double-checked the description but didn’t find mention of mallow. I have a weakness for marshmallow scents, so it was a welcome discovery. The unmistakable intoxicating aroma of sugary marshmallow curled with light woodsmoke is always beguiling.

Performance: A delicate airiness of marshmallows prevails, but dissipates quickly. Melted one cube in the Scentsy wall warmer but it wasn’t enough. Two-three cubes are required for the maximum toasty campfire scent.


Pomegranate cider- Fresh summery pomegranate combines with fall cider to blend notes of apple, sugar, and cloves for a scent that is tart, tangy and sweet. Perpetually on the search for a wax substitute to Yankee Candle’s hard to find, retired Pomegranate Cider, I scooped this up.

Fragrance: In a word, tangy. In another word, yummy. MaryColette’s description perfectly depicts this fragrance. Layers of juicy sweetness come forth blending with delicately spiced fresh cider. I just delight in a blend that pulls off several scent categories, I think I’ve found my Yankee substitute.

Performance: 2 cubes in a tealight warmer resulted in a medium strength throw in my kitchen. *I may have lost track using so many different waxes in separate warmers but I believe I got 5 hours of fragrance from these melts.


Final thoughts: I would repurchase Pomegranate cider and Ginger saffron. These were all well-balanced blends created by a vendor who knows what she’s doing. Not the most distinctive types, but something appealing for everyone.

I appreciated the quick reply to my email contact, the available sampler options, the 2-cube sample I received (sugar cookie) and a ten percent discount coupon for my next order. I extol the quality of the ingredients, especially the dye-free wax. The only drawback being the lighter throw of the milder scents. Try MaryColette candles if you’re looking for comforting new combinations.





Mini melting series-Bubbly Pomegranate

Up next for review from the 2016 festive collection is the third cocktail-inspired fragrance in a row, Bubbly Pomegranate. With it, I’m beginning to think that Yankee Candle has a drinking problem this year😉 This scent is sort of a combination of the two previously reviewed festive scents in the series: it has the fizzy champagne of All is Bright and the sweet fruit of Alpine Martini. How does it stack up against those two?


Fragrance: Yankee Candle’s official description; “A festive mix of juicy berries and pomegranate on top of effervescent citrus.” I was hesitant to even try this one because I thought the pomegranate would be a cloying syrup note that I usually can’t stomach. Surprisingly, it wasn’t!

The sweet luscious pomegranate fruit has a sparkling undertone due the effervescence. I wish the fizzy note was even bolder because it would have tempered the fruitiness more to my liking. There wasn’t any identifiable citrus either, but I bet this would be great blended with a spicy clementine peel note. This scent reminds me of a Chambord liquer champagne my husband and I had at a fancy restaurant many years ago. Not quite as special as a handcrafted cocktail would be, but better than the average berry.

Performance: Pretty potent performer. I’d call it a 3-room filler, from the living room to the bedroom. Fortunately the scent was enjoyable without being overpowering. It went right up to the edge of emitting too much sticky sweetness, but not over it. I found it to be kind of refreshing.

Upon second melt, this faded quickly, however. You may only get 6 hours of throw out of it.

Recommendation: You can always tell which new scents are the breakout stars at Yankee by which are featured in the advertising and emails. With the autumn release, it was Crisp Autumn Night, a big U.S, but also international hit. Bubbly Pomegranate seems to be the early favorite because it has shown up in all the ads. A quick check on the website confirms it’s already listed as a “best seller.”

It’s easy to see why this is a crowd pleaser. I probably wouldn’t buy it in candle form, but if I wanted a different festive scent from my usual wintry pine mixes, I’d repurchase this one in tarts. Bubbly Pomegranate would make a good gift scent too because its less Christmas-y and more celebratory, which extends it beyond a seasonal candle.

One more installment in the mini melting series-then it’s officially holiday fragrance go time!


April Showers

April showers brings Yankee Candle news and maybe a Rainbow’s End?  It’s been confirmed here that Yankee Candle Company plans to change their labels, starting 2017.  I, for one, do not like the new design.  If it’s an attempt to make the jar designs more modern, then it looks like what a 1980s version of modern would look like to me.  I think the current label artwork adds to the design, rather than takes away.  Why even bother with artwork if they’re going to cut it to a sliver of the original size?  The new label font is much more of a presence on the jars and may reflect a change in branding trends.  It remains to be seen whether or not this design change involves a price increase.

On to the scent: April Showers melt cup

I feel slightly oblivious for not realizing that the new spring Carefree scent was a Pure Radiance version of the new house warmer fragrance, April Showers.  They even have the exact same color of wax.

2016-04-17 18.32.15
Scenterpiece #3, love it!

Fragrance: If you’ve read my review a few posts back, you know I loved the Carefree candle I tried.  It’s a spring clean, laundry type scent and it’s my favorite of the year, so far.

April Showers is slightly similar.  It has clean laundry notes mixed with a floral and strong fresh base.  In contrast, I’ve found that I prefer the Carefree version because it smells sweeter.  The April Showers is more bracing and I haven’t gotten any of the lemon citrus note one would expect because of the large lemon pictured on the photo label.

Performance: the product format does make a difference when it comes to enjoying Yankee Candle.  The throw of the candle was strong, but not overwhelming.  The throw of the April Showers melt cup was super strong and too overpowering for my space.* Thankfully, I learned a Scenterpiece melt cup trick awhile back, courtesy of “Andy’s Yankees” vlog.

I popped the melt cup into the freezer for five minutes, tapped out the wax and broke in half.  Put one half back into the cup, saving the other half for later. Then, I set the Scenterpiece near an open window and melted the now half-strength cup.  The resulting throw was lessened, which suited my needs much better.


*This throw was the longest lasting of any melt that I’ve tried.  I set the timer for 3 hours at noon and could still smell it when I got home at 8 pm, having been off for 5 hours!

Recommendation: If you want a clean fragrance with a powerful throw, go for April Showers.  Knowing that the melt cup is extra concentrated, I will likely stick to candles.  This would be great in the small jars and votives format.

Even though I prefer Carefree to this version, at least I can get a similar scent profile in tarts of April Showers.

A Rainbow’s End on the horizon?

Sightings of the highly sought after retired candle, Rainbow’s End, have been made at a few outlet stores around the country.  It’s also made more frequent and less expensive appearances on ebay lately.  That is a sure sign that the candle is in the testing phase and people have been able to get their hands on it.  I was lucky to get a Rainbow’s End tart in a mixed lot of tarts, so with the re-release of the candle, I may actually melt it.  Hopefully, the jars will show up in my area soon, I sure like the idea of a Rainbow’s End to this stormy weather month.


Any thoughts on the upcoming Yankee changes?