Book Reviews: Bird Box, The Hour I First Believed, The Sun Also Rises

Fiction--classics -Americans abroad -Hemingway is a real drag -the Lost generation -Pamplona, Spain -Um, perhaps I'm missing something The Sun Also Rises | Ernest Hemingway (read a Hemingway, Steinbeck or John D. MacDonald novel) ★★☆☆☆ "Published in 1926 to explosive acclaim, "The Sun Also Rises" stands as perhaps the most impressive first novel ever written... Continue Reading →

Fall Fun Fridays: to-be read, to-be-watched list

Fall Fun Fridays are upon us and I hope you enjoy what the FFF bloggers are sharing today, a subject close to my heart: what we're reading, watching, bingeing and hoping will entertain us this Fall. My tbr stack for Autumn 2018 is strange...a mish-mash of reading challenge prompts to complete, one intriguing advanced reader's copy... Continue Reading →

Netflix and Book Recs

Been meaning to write this post for ages. Ever since the meme appeared in my inbox from The Well-Thumbed Reader (I miss your posts, Mikaela) I've thought about it and finally gathered enough reading resources and hours of Netflix viewing under my belt to create my list. Rather than name a bunch of shows I've started, (I... Continue Reading →

Bonjour Wax Co. Stranger Things sampler

What you should know about Bonjour Wax Co.: An order from Bonjour is more than wax, it's an experience. Mandi cultivates a treasure trove of cool ideas that she turns into reality. Especially winning are her pop culture-themed samplers, everything is spot on, from the scent interpret ation to the packaging. Mandi also considers her... Continue Reading →

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