Mixology: Spring edition

My seasonal scent mixology posts are some of my favorites. One of the few times a year I concentrate on melting from my preposterous stash of Yankee tarts and votives collected over many years of sales and employee freebies. Since Spring has finally sprung here, I was quite inspired to delve into sunny scents. On... Continue Reading →

Mixing it up: Holiday Style

Just popping in to present my festive Yankee mixology blends and wish a wonderful Christmas to all. With two days until the big day, we're in the final hurried holiday push. Anyone else notice the recent obsession with counting the number of sleeps left before Christmas? How is this useful? It would be abundantly more helpful... Continue Reading →

Mixin’ it up

Inspired by a conversation with Kari, one of the sweet Yankee Candle Sisters, I'm showing off some mixology I've been melting this month. My endless stash of Yankee Candle tarts have nearly been forgotten since discovering vendor wax, but what else is a girl to do when she's on a wax ban and isn't sure... Continue Reading →

Fall craft-Reed diffuser

"What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you."  Sorry, all of this mulling over my less than abundant crafting skills caused Liam Neeson's speech from "Taken" to replay in my brain and I had... Continue Reading →

Finnick – Super Tarts

  What do you get when you combine good quality wax melts with one of the greatest YA series of all time?  One pretty happy fangirl!  For my first ready-to-ship Super Tarts order last month I had to indulge in the "Sniffing Games" collection, inspired by The Hunger Games books and movies.  The Super Tarts team is... Continue Reading →

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