Notes from the Stash: retired vendors edition

As news of more wax shop closures spread this month, I've reflected on the many vendors I've seen come and go during my relatively short history as an indie wax buyer. Gathering my remaining wax piles from these vendors I pondered this phenomenon as the owners of one of my favorites, Southern Sisters' Wax, announced they too... Continue Reading →

July Superlatives

The bests, worsts, and "mosts" of the month for July. Most impressed with: No sooner had I posted my mid-year Top 10 melts than I immediately found new scents to love.  Biggest usurper: Snooze Button Aftershave blend by L3 Waxy Wonders. I popped this little guy in and fell head over heels. Creamy buttermints, sweet lavender,... Continue Reading →

186th Day Recap (aka Midyear)

If the 186th day of the year is meaningless to you, that's because it should be. It is not the midway point of the calendar year, that was July 2nd, the 183rd day. I wished to post my annual mid-year recap then, but was out of town a lot in June, pushing back my monthly... Continue Reading →

June Best & Worst: I’m still learning

"I am still learning"-Michelangelo I had a visceral reaction to reading this featured quote while at the New York Public Library. Unable to explain why exactly, but those four simple words feel so meaningful. Maybe it's because if one is still learning, they are still willing, still striving, still living. There's a freedom in admitting... Continue Reading →

Vendor Feature-House of Phoebe Wax

This kaleidoscope of color represents one of my absolutely adored vendors. I named HoP my favorite find of 2016 in my year-end recap. Recently celebrating six months in business, House of Phoebe excels in my favorite scent types-earthy, woodsy, masculine, smoky and citrus. The store re-opened last week after a hiatus and I'm eager to check out the... Continue Reading →

A Year in Wax

Time to reflect on the past year, in life and on the blog...this happens to be my 60th post and a good way to wrap up the year highlighting a clearly documented wax addiction. Candles: There's been a shake-up in my best and worst candles since July's mid-year recap post. Best tried and true candle... Continue Reading →

Fall leaves

Fall foliage is the focus of the blog series today and I was lucky enough to take an out-of-town excursion to beautiful Hocking Hills state park in Logan, Ohio this past weekend. Unfortunately, we visited before peak season so there wasn't as much fall color as I wanted, but the scenery is something to behold... Continue Reading →

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