Pin Pal and partial pin collection

I've made no secret of my penchant for pins and pennants, and if I have, well, the secret's out. Collecting these little enamel tokens of my favorite fandoms truly brings me joy. But what's a fan to do when her burgeoning pin collection out-measures the length of her library badge lanyard? Enter Ardent Adornment.┬áThe perfect... Continue Reading →

A Very Harry Shelfie Part 2: Additions and Conclusions

Some books are special due to the life circumstances in which they are read, other books are special due to the life affirming circumstances created by reading them; rather than being 'of a time', they are books of all time. To millions, the Harry Potter series are such books. To me, they are both. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Fall Fashion Favorites

My version of, On Wednesdays We Wear Pink is: In Fall, I Wear Blazers. I don't wear a lot of pink, and am a pretty conservative dresser most of the time. Blazers instantly complete an outfit, hide a frumpy blouse, serve as an easy removable layer and go with everything from skirts to skinny jeans. I... Continue Reading →

Book pins and a reading challenge

It is said that the way you spend your New Year's Day will predict the way you will spend your year. I don't know if there's any truth to that old saying, probably passed down by grandmothers and mothers advising their children not to overdo it on New Year's Eve. But if so, I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

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