Reading Challenge Update: Women’s empowerment edition

Back in March I disappeared down the tbr rabbit hole of women's empowering reads and have yet to resurface. Not all of these may seem to promote gender equality on the surface, but if one pays close attention, they encourage women to fight for rights inherent to any human being; from education, to the unrelenting... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday: I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

I generally don't tease a non-fiction read, but it would actually be criminal not to share a book of this caliber. I have spent the last five days inside this story, (it could easily be read in two) it has crept under my skin, meandered through my thoughts during waking hours and flowed through my... Continue Reading →

Book Reviews: Scythe, The Dry, The Power

Greetings fellow readers, time for another Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid mini-update. I have been in reading binge mode lately and felt the need to review a few so as not to unload them all upon you at once. Young adult--dystopian --apocalyptic vision --challenging --Science fiction, death --Skynet just became self-aware Scythe by Neal... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday: The Great Alone

**I'm sure I'm doing this backwards because I reviewed this book a few days ago, and it would make more sense to preview before giving a final analysis. But I had to share a little of the elegant prose drawing readers across the globe to The Great Alone, highlighting it's greatest asset, even though I... Continue Reading →

Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid challenge update #1

Time for the first update of 2018 in the Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid Challenge. Autobiographies--Celebrity--Young Adult--Mental Health--Dodie --Entertainers,YouTubers --me,too old for this Secrets for the Mad: Obsessions, Confessions, and Life Lessons by dodie ★★☆☆☆ I am not the intended audience for this book and that's okay. Twenty years ago, I would have eaten... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge Finale 2017

December is coming to a close and alas, so is the 2017 reading challenge I joined, hosted by the Redolent Mermaid. During September's update, I was doing dismally. Although I've since finally finished the Harry Potter series (feels), I was only halfway through the challenge goal of 24 books at 12 (Sad). Since then, I've... Continue Reading →

Book Challenge updates/ Mind-blowing edition

It's beyond time to update my 2017 Redolent Mermaid reading challenge. Books have been doubled, but as my GoodReads challenge tracker glaringly reminds me, I'm still behind. Scent pairing suggestions follow. Reading challenge #22. A book to make you belly laugh, guffaw or snort and chuckle along the way. "Lincoln in the Bardo" by George... Continue Reading →

Book challenge update/scent pairings

The most enjoyable book (audio actually) I read last year was The Serpent King, by Jeff Zentner. Just announced as the winner of the William C. Morris Award for a debut book published by a first-time author writing for teens. I recommend it as a modern, if sentimental, coming of age in the south story... Continue Reading →

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