Top Ten Tuesday: Page to Screen (The good, the better and the frightening)

Movies so good, they made me want to read the book: Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín. A sweet and relatable coming-of-age tale capturing the heart and resilience of immigrant life in the 1950s.Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. I must admit I've yet to read Crichton, but I recently re-watched the original film and have two take-aways:... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Inspirational Book-ish quotes

Books and authors inspire in countless ways, one of the most lasting is through a well-built quotation. Quotes that capture an ideal, an entire theme in a few brief words, or those which stand alone on their own power are the ones I respond to the most. My Quotes 10. “Maybe our favorite quotations say... Continue Reading →

Netflix and Book Recs

Been meaning to write this post for ages. Ever since the meme appeared in my inbox from The Well-Thumbed Reader (I miss your posts, Mikaela) I've thought about it and finally gathered enough reading resources and hours of Netflix viewing under my belt to create my list. Rather than name a bunch of shows I've started, (I... Continue Reading →

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