Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d like in my personal library

Barring a few exceptions, I'm not a re-reader. For my personal library, the books I wish to add are those I want to return to for the sake of recalling a meaningful passage or remarkable prose. The books I covet most posses a physical beauty that mirrors the wondrous words inside. 1.The Hogwarts Express cover... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge update part 2: from #bookstagram find to Out of My Comfort Zone

These 5 books could not be more different. A testament to both my eclectic reading style and to the variety of book prompts brought to you by the Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid's Challenge, co-hosted by The Redolent Mermaid and yours truly. Whether you identify with historical reads, epic adventures or risque Victorian ghost tales,... Continue Reading →

Netflix and Book Recs

Been meaning to write this post for ages. Ever since the meme appeared in my inbox fromĀ The Well-Thumbed ReaderĀ (I miss your posts, Mikaela) I've thought about it and finally gathered enough reading resources and hours of Netflix viewing under my belt to create my list. Rather than name a bunch of shows I've started, (I... Continue Reading →

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