Fall Fun Series: Halloween Decor

The Fall Fun Series prompt this week is Halloween traditions, recipes and decor. I’ve struck out on the first two, so decor it is! Much less than last year’s, however, and majorly less than displays of years’ past. I’ve done just enough to be manageable and illicit a smile when I see it.20171025_131726My copper tray is not the look I originally intended. Somehow, my metallic skull light set broke in storage. Not only did one of the glass skulls break to bits, the wires separated from the switch housing and I can’t weave it back through the plastic to allow the light switch to work. My plan for next year is to restring them into a garland. Still, I’m partial to the skull motif, so I threw the broken string in there with purple fairy lights, my lit wax skull, mercury glass bottle featuring skull head with super reflective teeth, and the Bath & Body Works mini candle in Creep It Real (Flannel scent).20171025_122827This set up is referred to as the Poe table, though I keep meaning to add a photo print of Edgar in a frame, making it more of a Poe shrine.20171025_122738-COLLAGE.jpgA haphazard mix of ravens, books, dried bouquets and candles conjures Poe to my mind. The Raven Night silhouette window holds tealights and is my single Halloween decor purchase this year. I picked it up at Yankee Candle and I think it’s currently on sale.20171025_123510Nothing provides more Halloween mood than a classic jack o’ lantern. Luckily, I acquired this antique store blow mold a few years ago and since I’m lacking a plant in the plant stand at the moment, old Jack looks right at home there.20171019_104632These dancing skellies are my favorite piece this year. From 2016’s Boney Bunch line at Yankee Candle, not only do they have a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies feel about them, they represent the fond memories created this summer as the hubs and I stumbled our way through ballroom dance lessons. Plus, the gravestone reads “Dead On My Feet” and I’m a fan of hackneyed puns.

The only other member of the Boney Bunch to make a spooky appearance (I own double digits of these dudes) is my absolute favorite, the Headless Horseman. As you can see, I go with the more is more approach when it comes to the legendary carousing spectral character. 20171019_104324The next few days are punishingly busy, but I vow to drop in for a late Halloween post if possible. Until then, Happy Halloween weekend, any festivities or frightful fetes? How about a scary movie binge-a-thon? Staying home for a low-key spookfest sounds mighty enticing right now. 


Bonjour Wax Co. Stranger Things sampler

What you should know about Bonjour Wax Co.: An order from Bonjour is more than wax, it’s an experience. Mandi cultivates a treasure trove of cool ideas that she turns into reality. Especially winning are her pop culture-themed samplers, everything is spot on, from the scent interpretation to the packaging. Mandi also considers her customers’ feedback, reworking and fine tuning her formulas and recipes, not to mention, constantly planning and sharing her process with us. It’s these details which stand out as special and make Bonjour Wax very popular with a loyal customer base. 

  • Mandi assures that she uses sustainably sourced palm wax w/o petroleum by-products, which releases easier from melt warmers.
  • Shipping is a flat rate of $7.50 (awesome) though International doesn’t appear available.
  • Restocks are typically every other Friday at 12 pm EST, and many products will sell out. That time doesn’t work for me, luckily she also offers occasional preorders such as the one below:

The World is turning Upside Down sampler


I mean come on, the packaging alone is reason enough to purchase, AND a free bookmark? Be still my geeky heart. Containing 9 Stranger Things inspired scents for $20 of major wax melt eye candy.20171008_141646There is a sweetness to the show due to the characters’ interrelationships, but also an undercurrent of brokenness, an edge of pain and pang of misery to their lives, even Steve’s (who redeemed himself, yet I still can’t help thinking a return to douchey behavior is imminent. UPDATE: or maybe Steve will become a wounded but hilarious sidekick). These scents are sweet and edgy, based on iconic moments from season one and previews of the upcoming season two, premiering tomorrow night. 20171008_141158.jpgEleven-vanilla crunch waffles covered in maple syrup. Representing the mysterious interdimensional traveler, El, whose powerful telekinetic abilities are equally useful for helping locate missing children and procuring Eggo waffles. Light, buttery batter swirled with vanilla extract topped off with pools of maple syrup floating inside all the little ridges. Not into maple scents this season, I melted one, recommend two for light-medium throw. Evenly composed of maple and vanilla, not overly sweet. 

Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation-coffee beans & cinnamon sugared donuts. A straightforward coffee scent with a light spicy note. Based on the morning motto of haunted Hawkins’ Chief Hopper, who I’m not gonna lie, is my favorite character and this, my favorite quote from season oneI literally live by this motto. Not as potent as dark roast but still a comforting cup of familiar warmth. A crunchiness comes out reminiscent more of graham crackers than donuts. Smooth, balanced classic American coffee that one can swig (or sniff) all day. This medium scent had major longevity, I used 3 mornings in a row for around 8 total hours.20171025_134355The Pumpkin Patch- pumpkin, ginger, brown sugar, patchouli & clove. Featured in a preview of a season 2 episode, there’s more going on than pumpkin picking. Patchouli introduces an earthy tone and musky finish underlying the sweetly spiced fragrance. The hidden creamy pumpkin just peeks out, or was that a pollywog? Light throw. 

One of the most clever and cult follower generating aspects of Stranger Things is it’s homage to pure geekiness. The young foursome at the show’s heart are unapologetically geeky; AV club members into strategy gaming, ham radios, and electromagnetism. Their curiosity and conspiracy theories provide comic relief and nostalgic innocence. The following scents are unapologetically sugary and brightly colored. They’d surely be eaten up as the boys gamed away their weekend.20171008_142724Demogorgon-blood orange & patchouli. This scent is as powerful a mix as the demonic Demogorgon is a monster. Wickedly bright and juicy orange with a hint of grapefruit, actually more sweet and tangy than tart. Effervescence emanates, creating a fizzy backdrop to the pungent patchouli highlighting the radiant citrus. This is a stunning combo that has grown on me more and more. 

When I asked my husband if the Demogorgon was a creation of the show or actually appeared in the Dungeons and Dragons game, he answered with “It’s real (in D&D) and it’s alignment is chaotic evil.” So there’s that.

The Flea and the Acrobat-black licorice, mandarin orange, sugar cane and fizzy soda. Intrigued by the blood orange above, however, this is similar to opening a fizzing orange soda, gulping it down and grimacing as the bubbles travel up the nostrils and the tang burns the throat. It’s akin to Mentos candy popped into a bottle of Coke, maybe crushed Smarties in Fanta, either way, too much for me.20171008_142853Dragon’s Lair-Creme soda, Skittles, sweet and salty popcorn. I cannot wait for the arcade scenes this season, such a perfect 80’s homage interlaced with seriously scary footage brewing outside. Careful fellas, those video games may just lead to real danger. As spot on as this scent is capturing junk food offerings at arcade snack counters, Dragon’s Lair may cause a toothache. Fruity grape soda and buttered popcorn, totally gag me with a spoon;)

The Upside Down (netherworld, Vale of Shadows) Guess which are my favorite scents? These embrace the darkness of the show, the lurking horrors, spooky goings on in the woods, the shed, and, gulp, the swimming pool.20171008_144335 (1)The Vanishing of Will Byers-autumn leaves, patchouli, balsam, vetiver. Fall in Hawkins, Indiana is a spooky, atmospheric place. This scent captures crisp autumn nights, crackling twigs and leaves, resinous balsam fir. Stillness descends on the woods bestowing a sleepy stupor of cooling calm. A creamy sweetness comes through when melting, just wish the woody notes were stronger. 

Thessalyhydra-dark amber, exotic guaicwood, cedarwood, cinnamon, burnt sugar maple. The biggest, baddest shadow monster happens to be my favorite, who knew? A complex blend of as many scents as the creature has legs. Here the maple has crystallized from syrup to a yummy burnt sugar glaze atop the crisp cedarwood. The spicy guaiac wood carries sacred oud and incense, alight with sharp cinnamon bark and warm fiery amber resin. Saving this one to melt for the premiere. 

The Upside Down-smoky woods, patchouli, a pop of effervescence. Darkness closes in around like a veil with no escape from the thick musky patchouli. Heady, disorienting, the fragrance almost reaches out and takes a bite. Perfect. 20171008_145925Mandi always delivers in the little extras and the sampler was no exception. Thanks for the candy and sugar skull samples!20171008_140422When pre-ordering, I  had to take an opportunity to grab a few cups from the 80’s nostalgia single scents. No show pays tribute to the iconic movies from the 80’s more than Stranger Things.20171008_132433I’ll Be Right Here-Moon shadows, cedar, oak, amber, vanilla and musk. Admittedly, E.T. was never my fave, my 6 year-old brain couldn’t relate. I relate to these scent notes though. On cold, an ethereal musk is all that appears. I’ll update after melting,  and maybe rewatching.

This House is Clean-Cleansing white sage & fallen leaves. Spoiler alert: my house will never smell this fresh and clean. Fortunately, Bonjour Wax does spa scents so well, it will never need too. I admit to getting this for the name and label, but totally love it. Crisp, clean and uplifting, the white sage oil has a subtle cooling musk and is the fresher version of the smudge sticks. Must get more.

Cabin in the Woods-fresh air, cinnamon, nutmeg, amber, sandalwood, white cedar, and vanilla. This Sprucey, woody blend is amazing, verdantly herbal, possessing beautiful depth when warmed.20171008_132942 As the 24 hour countdown begins for Stranger Things’ 2nd season, I have high hopes it delivers as superbly as the first. I love to discuss, but won’t be binging the entire season, we might have time to catch 2 episodes this weekend. No spoilers!

If these scents caught your eye, Bonjour Wax is restocking this Friday, the 27th noon EST and is rereleasing many from this sampler. Also, there’s a new minty Barb inspired scent! #neverforget




Fall Fun Series: It’s the Great Pumpkin post

Back in the swing of posting for Fall Fun series with pumpkins aplenty, and combating the sadness of this week for my family with as many happy pumpkin pics as possible:

Starting with a family trip to a pumpkin twilight walk in a lovely park about 40 minutes’ drive from home. The pumpkins were carved into jack o’ lanterns for days in advance and set up in pathways stretching far and wide across the park grounds. 20171015_183010

Whether designed simply, 20171015_181852-COLLAGE

or intricately,20171015_175405

happy-go-lucky, 20171015_181439-COLLAGE

or morose…20171015_182427these festive gourds brought a sense of wonder and a smile to my face.

I spy Willy Wonka, who do you see?

A few favorites:20171015_181719






Chilled to the bone by this one, those eyes followed me everywhere…

I’m curious, what’s the best jack o’lantern design you remember viewing, or making, if you are the artistic type?

Melted Crayon Pumpkin craft:

Last week’s FFS prompt was to share a new-to-you fall craft or recipe, I decided to include both in this week’s pumpkinfest post.

We did the crayon art craft pumpkins a few weeks ago: Pinterest link found here.20170923_163443Peeling those crayon wrappers off was surprisingly difficult, my tip: use a boxcutter, slice lengthwise down the wrapper, super carefully, and get those little fingers a peeling.

Glue the crayons so that the pointy ends face inward, less flying wax from the blunt ends, though slightly less fun.20170923_173506Use the most powerful hair dryer you can get your hands on, we started with two, but the less powerful one took forever to start the melting process. If the crayons aren’t melting after 2-3 minutes, increase the heat.20170923_183310It was fun channeling a little Jackson Pollack. The results could be left as is, or sprayed with a coat of varnish.

Mini roasted pumpkin with applesauce

pumpkin bowl
photo from Allrecipes.com

This pie pumpkin recipe is beyond easy and couldn’t get any cuter presentation. Actually making this one today, will update after a taste test. 

Pumpkin Melts

Any Fall Fun post certainly wouldn’t be complete without a few pumpkin scents or shapes in wax melts. Below are those I’m melting through this month:20171019_122240.jpgCandles From the Keeping RoomFrost on the Pumpkin “A warm, delicious recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting.”20171019_122402Pumpkin Festival- a heavily cinnamon-spiced, fresh pumpkin and juicy apple tart found at the Yankee Outlets.20171019_124315Halloween Pumpkin Sampler from The Bathing Garden, I still have several to try including Tombstone Dust, Black Magic Laboratory and Phantom Queen.20171015_143600Lastly, this little baby yellow pumpkin is currently growing in our garden! Sure, we may have thought it was a cucumber plant but that’s actually because my father-in-law tricked us into thinking he gave us four cucumber pots, meanwhile he sneaked in a pumpkin. Not much of a trick because nothing grew all summer and it choked the cucumber plant nearest to it, but alas, this gourd is growing, here’s hoping it’s full sized by November?

Hope everybody’s gotten up to some pumpkin fun this season, please share below🎃



Small Flame Candle Co. vendor review

These items were sent to me in exchange for an honest review.20171008_125939 (1)Back from a short hiatus and rather excited to share a new vendor discovery. Occasionally, I receive blog requests to review a product, which is how I came in contact with the owner of Small Flame Candle Co. Selective over which products to review, when I looked up the brand I was pleased to find the candle creator, Michael, is a U.S. veteran who donates portions of his profits to veteran charities. There was no doubt this brand deserves a shoutout. 

Also an opportunity to continue this year’s blog goal to feature more “little guy” vendors and the chance to review actual candles, which I’ve been lax on and uninspired with lately. These cute 4 oz. tins hold an approximate burn time of 20 hours, are 2.5″ diameter, 1.75″ in height.

Michael sent some of his top selling scents and personal faves:
20171008_131325Pumpkin Crunch Cake-The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling surrounded by freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice. One of Small Flame’s best selling scents and I can smell why, so cozy and inviting. Cinnamon blooms in the creamy cake batter as it rises concocting a warm and toasty atmosphere. Pumpkin spice mingles with golden pats of butter melted into liquid pools, creating a gourmand twist to the heart of the scent. Pleasantly surprised by the medium strength throw in my living room. 20171008_131229Peanut Butter Cookierich, buttery, freshly baked aroma, make everyone in the house mad when they find out there are no real peanut butter cookies. PBC is the vendor’s favorite and I love the unique scent profile. A savory balanced blend of salty and sweet. Yummy aromas of freshly roasted nuts, vended piping hot in their crinkly paper bag. Crunchy peanut shells, lightly salted to perfection combine with velvety smooth peanut butter and dollops of rich buttery dough. The best part is true to life notes of sugary browned and toasted cookie bottoms. Strong throw in my living room, I also burned this in my sister’s large open floor plan and it performed well. This cookie delivers a classic crowd pleasing fragrance, definite repurchase. And now I’m craving a nutter butter.20171008_131009Black Raspberry Vanilla- a scent favorite of the vendor’s wife, Katie, and as it turns out, my husband’s too. Bright berry top notes bursting into a tartly sweet and sour combination. Luscious raspberries intertwined with sweet honeyed vanilla, more so rich honey than cream. Nuances of musk and wood provide surprising depth, almost a blackberry wine rather than a dessert. The lightest strength of the tins, however.

Formula Onehits you with the scent of exhaust from high performance engines, delivering a wonderful smoked petroleum scent. Some readers might be surprised to learn I used to be a zealous racing fan; traveling hours to catch qualifying races, standing in long autograph queues, touring garages and cheering on pit crews, final laps, and racers shutting the door. I know, doesn’t seem like me, but it was a fun period of time around ’05-’10 when I followed the sport. My interest has since waned and nowadays, I can’t watch a race without taking a nice long nap, but I still love the sounds and smells of being at the track. I requested this fragrance and I’m happy I did.
20171018_124301Formula One is inspired by open-wheel racing and I was into stock cars but this candle captures all motor sports. The penumbra of flame dancing above the black wax looks like a glistening oil slick. Deep and dark with smoke, leather, petrol, oily metallic notes and hints of burned rubber and woods. Surprisingly sophisticated, better warmed than on cold, medium throw. 20171008_130043Butterfly Gardens-summer dandelion, refreshing verbena, and soft heliotrope; followed by middle notes of spring meadows, lily of the valley, and weeping willow; all sitting on base notes of sweet pea blossoms and Kentucky blue grass. Unfortunately, fresh cut grass scents are not for me. Clusters of robust white flowers provide a base without soapy notes, soft tones of verbena and spring breezes come forth when warmed, strong throw.

Fresh Brewed CoffeeThe aroma of strong black fresh brewed Arabica coffee beans. Can’t imagine starting my day without a steaming mug of joe, but I prefer mine Cuban strength and this is more diluted in scent. Aromatic coffee beans appear, weakly reminiscent of a flat-bodied decaf. Nothing offensive here, just neutral, not the full-bodied bite I crave in coffee aromas. I plan to use the rest as a blender.20171008_130246


Started in 2017, there’s limited wax melt fragrance availability and no house blend offerings as of yet.

The wax melt texture is extremely sticky making removal of the cubes difficult.

Couldn’t find any international shipping, but Canada is an available option. 


The scent list is expanding, including a fall candle bundle of 4 for $20 with adorable festive fall photo labels found here.

Affordable. Candle tins are $6 a piece and there’s a large selection of 12oz. jar candles for only $13. Wholesale discounts offered too.

Soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance which is becoming rarer in the vendor world.

Unique scent offerings like Craft Brew, Fireplace, Motor Oil and Drag Strip. I’m thinking stocking stuffers for dudes, done.

*Feel-good company* 10% of all sales go to Homes For Our Troops, a nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes for severely injured post 9/11 Veterans.

Thank you, Michael, for giving me the opportunity to try your products, I love that Small Flame Candles has a big heart.

Brickyard 400 2008

A Very Harry Shelfie Part 2: Additions and Conclusions

Some books are special due to the life circumstances in which they are read, other books are special due to the life affirming circumstances created by reading them; rather than being ‘of a time’, they are books of all time. 20170927_110835To millions, the Harry Potter series are such books. To me, they are both. I didn’t read my first Harry Potter book until I turned 34*. I was a few months out of cancer treatment and scarcely able to refocus my attention enough to enjoy reading fiction. Life and my future were uncertain. I’d always thought I’d get around to reading them but I remember literally thinking, I guess I should start these, just in case I don’t make it. I read The Sorcerer’s Stone in two days while on vacation, but rather than binge the entire series, I pledged, to myself, to read one every summer for the next 7 summers, finishing the year of my 40th birthday. Reading each one became a small reward and private acknowledgement to surviving another year. There were a few setbacks, in reading and life, but my 40th summer has passed, my health is stable and I’m finally finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (Of course, who knew 7 years ago there would be a continuation of the series in an 8th book?)

So yes, it’s another Harry Potter focused post. In celebration of the conclusion, because life is short and it helps to surround yourself with possessions which bring joy and meaning, I’ve picked up a few more Harry Potter items since my first shelfie post in March. Unfortunately, Funko Pop Fred is still George-less, as I focused on more portable, practical(?) merchandise to exhibit my HP love.

Starting with the stunning piece of miniature art in this enamel Wizard School pin by Happy Hello Co. I showed off my HP-inspired bookmarks from this etsy shop last time and when this pin debuted, I knew immediately it was needed. Only 1.5 inches round, the crisply detailed enamel and gold plating create a scene filled with dimension, beauty, scale and movement. I adore the polish, the crescent moon and tower spire peeking over the top edge, and especially the perfectly captured owl in flight (did everybody tear up over the loss of darling Hedwig, or just me?). This pin is in stock for $12.39 US and ships in about 2 weeks from Canada. 

J.K. Rowling brought such richness to her novel world and I appreciated the merging of magical facets to the classic boarding school story line. Hogwarts classroom settings are a favorite aspect from the books, making this 6 class sticker set a must. Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes based in Glasgow, Scotland, is the whimsical little shop behind these stickers and the Auror Office notepad in the flat lay photo above. HOYFC specializes in patches, pins, jewelry and stationary sporting geeky, retro and always colorful designs.

The attention to detail in the stickers grabbed me and I’m delighted with them. Each vignette is saturated in color and features objects significant to that course of Hogwarts study. Defense Against the Dark Arts (a story point favorite) depicts animal relics under glass, a mirror, skeletal hand and stag patronus. Potions portrays a bubbling cauldron, half-filled beakers, toadstool specimens, bright vials of liquid and a splattering spill. Astronomy illustrates stars, scrolls, telescopic instruments and glowing armillary with the shadow of Hogwarts spires in the distance.

Herbology, another favorite from the novels, houses terrariums, curling vines, mortar and pestle, spiky and dangerous looking flora and every student’s must for handling mandrakes, pink fuzzy earmuffs. Care of Magical Creatures warms the heart with glowing lantern, peering snowy owl, pumpkins, feathers, colored eggs and curious critters. 20170927_130823If you caught the mention of 6 classes in the set but notice only 5 stickers, that’s because my husband chose Transfiguration and made haste in applying it to his laptop before I could photograph it! It’s shown in the top left corner above, adhered to the back. I can’t blame him, it is cool with its perched raven, slinking cat and glowing globe. (I always wished for more story time in Professor McGonagall’s classes). These were £10 and shipped with the notepad for £5. Sally, the designer, also offers Hogwarts class notebooks.20171004_104532I prefer non-house specific merchandise but have my character favorites. No collection would be complete without an ode to hero/anti-hero Professor Snape. The pattern above is featured on a book sleeve by Book Beau. Book sleeves are designed to protect your books from damage and wear when transporting them. Working in a library, I’m a constant book borrower and have paid for a few due to clumsiness. I protect them in ziploc bags but these fabric beaus are much more fun.

20171004_105024The doe patronus pattern was actually my substitute choice. I supported Book Beau’s Kickstarter campaign in April with a $22 pledge originally selecting the design in Quirky Wizards (cute cartoonish versions of HP characters/symbols). There was an email at some point during the campaign that the Wizards pattern was no longer available and this Always doe was being offered instead. Disappointed at first, I’m now satisfied with this elegant tribute pattern. Two issues to consider if ordering a book beau: the manufactured versions have some fabric wrinkling which I attempted to iron out, but  returned when sliding the book inside. The indie size is too small to fit most hardback books. Ironically, no Harry Potter novels fit inside except The Cursed Child. (Not sure if that counts, I have mixed feelings on reading that one). The Book Beau on the right is the hand sewn version, also indie sized, which is smoother. If I reorder, it will be in the XL size.

I met Benita at Book Con in NYC this summer and she was cool and smiley. I’m excited she’s put her dream to work and successfully launched her BB website.

When it comes to bookish merchandise, bookmarks are irresistible. The selection and materials are mind-boggling. Marked by Mary has achieved positive fame with her wood-burned designs. I liked the idea of a more permanent showpiece bookmark to commemorate the series conclusion. It arrived smartly packaged with two stick supports wrapped in tissue paper, packed inside a sturdy padded envelope.20171004_105840Regularly $19, on sale for $17.10 with free shipping, Mary’s shop restocks every Tuesday at 6 pm. Other than the Kickstarter, this bookmark took the longest to ship after ordering, about a month. As much as I enjoy its stark graphics and iconic symbols, I’m a little hesitant to use it because I’m afraid the balsa wood could break. Currently sitting in a place of honor on my HP shelf.20171004_105942 (1).jpgMy Hogwarts house watercolor print was ordered several months ago from Lucy in the Sky Creations. Lucy’s etsy shop features literary gifts of unique art. I admire her artistic watercolor renditions of classic characters, authors and quotes. My only complaint being, it was packaged in a thin manila envelope without any cardboard backed protection, therefore, the corner was bent in transit.20171008_174953Recently, articles in the Huffington Post and other publications reported some research questioning the impact Harry Potter has had on encouraging reading. “For instance, research by the National Endowment for the Arts in the US has found no increase in children’s reading levels in correlation to Harry Potter.” I’ve read arguments posing rather than reading more books, children keep reading the same 7 books over and over. 

Trends can be measured, but impact upon individual readers cannot. I know what Harry Potter means to me as a reader and to those I come in contact with daily in the library. As I’m sure I’ll go on to re-read the series in time, it’s a wonderful feeling to think Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.

*A dear friend did read some of The Deathly Hallows to me during a week long stay for treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. I believe it was the story of the three brothers, but my memory is foggy.

Share any collection additions, Hogwarts or otherwise, and your thoughts on HP’s legacy below.

October-Band of Bloggers

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, it was a dark and stormy night. So dark and stormy, in fact, the power had gone out, and you had naught but a handful of scented three-wick candles with which to light your way. As you crept down the darkened hallway of the cabin in the woods along the picturesque shores of Crystal Lake that you and your randy teenage friends rented from the eerily helpful maintenance man back at the abandoned service station with all the weird pelts hanging outside, you caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of your eye. Whirling madly about, you brandished your glass jar of Pumpkin Cupcake Crunch, set to square off against any number of undead, masked killers with nothing but the three-wick in your hand and your own blazing moxie. Then, with a chuckle of embarrassed relief, you realized it was just your lucky Chucky Doll figurine – must have fallen off the shelf when that puzzle doodad covered in all the bizarre symbols you found in the basement behind the walled-up root cellar tipped over. Pressing a hand to your fluttering heart, you shook your head as you contemplated the massive, flammable waxcident that nearly was – heavens, THAT certainly could have been messy!

And then THAT’S when one of your friends came banging through the swinging door of the kitchen, catching you square in the back, throwing you forward and the candle up, and out, and then eventually down, where it exploded in a geyser of molten wax, covering everything in the livingroom with burnt orange pumpkin spice, including the creepy two-way mirror and the snarling wolf head affixed to the wall. Congratulations; now you’re really in a horror movie!

Oh, we’ve all been there, and not just waxies, but anyone who enjoys a hobby that occasionally errs towards the messy and dangerous (jest not, glitter glue burns are a real thing!) So this month, in honour of Halloween, we’re taking a look at our most monstrous pastime nightmares – the waxcidents and beauty blunders and crafting calamities that haunt our hobby dreams. What’s the worst hobby hazard you’ve ever suffered? And do you have any magical tips for cleaning Pumpkin Cupcake Crunch out of carpet fibers (or wolf fur)?

How I wish I had a corresponding tale to the brilliant send-up of at least 6 (?) horror movies in the above prompt written by Sandra, the story-spinning virtuoso of Finger Candy blog, and fellow BoB. However, I don’t have enough crafting experience under my belt to rack up many calamities. Up until last December, I can remember having done zero crafts; though surely as a child? Nope, coming up empty. The crafts I’ve since done on visits with my niece have gone fairly well. I even shared one, the little mason jar snow globe scenes we did last Christmas, on the blog. Of course, they’re sweetly flawed in a handmade way and there may have been 1 or 2 minor glue gun burns, but nothing qualifying a hobby hazard. I’ll be featuring another quick and cool craft we completed in an upcoming post, but no big blunders then either, though there was a lot of flying wax…

20171005_083838Like any waxie worth her salt, I’ve suffered a few waxidents over the years. I remember  knocking over a cooling red candle onto the griege carpet of our first newlywed apartment causing wax splatter, but I also have a vague memory of my husband cleaning it up for me. It must have been okay, because we were refunded our security deposit. Sorry, not much help there. This past July, I did break my wax burner dish as I dropped it while removing from the freezer (is that everybody’s go-to method?). I substituted with the hanging bowl from a tealight warmer for a bit. It worked, but the thinner curved bottom got extremely hot and burned the scented oils from the wax so quickly, I felt I was wasting my melts, especially my lovely longed-for custom blends from Sniff My Tarts. I finally bought a replacement warmer just for the bowl because I’m really attached to my little Yankee owl warmer.

I’ll be sure to wax on and craft on in the future and post the inevitable mishaps.20170708_185109-1

If you have a story to share about the worst hobby-related catastrophe you’ve ever suffered, please leave a cringe-worthy comment in the section below! And we hope you’ll visit these Band of Bloggers blogs and help support the blogger community.

Amanda at Thrifty Polished

Jaybird at The Candle Enthusiast

Julie at The Redolent Mermaid

Lauren at LoloLovesScents

Liz at Furianne

Sandra at Finger Candy

If you are a blogger and would like to join us for our monthly Band of Bloggers posts, please feel free to contact us.


One Lovely Blog Award


Hi there. Katie, the sweetie from Katie’s Cottage Books nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award a little while back and although sometimes I grow embarrassed by bloggy attention, I’m giving it a go. I do appreciate it, thank you so much Katie ♥ I’ve mentioned her blog before, https://katiescottagebooks.wordpress.com a cozy spot for teasers, hauls, and book and classic movie recommendations.

Rules ~

~Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog.

~Post about the award.

~Share seven (7) facts about yourself.

~Nominate up to fifteen people.

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7 Facts About Me ~ (I think it’s supposed to be info I haven’t already revealed)

1.) I may be the biggest klutz in the world. Not a day goes by without me spilling something, while I break something every other day and accidentally injure myself once a week. Soon I’ll need to be put in a padded room for my own protection.

2.) Katie mentioned her love of the film Casablanca, and although my favorite classics are musicals, I too love Casablanca and make it a tradition to watch it after Christmas every year.

3.) It’s probably unwise to engage me in conversation before I’ve had my first cup of coffee, but…

4.) My Starbucks drink is a London Fog Tea latte and I’m drinking one as I type this post, so soothing.

5.) I’m a dog person. Okay, not exactly new information but I also mean I’m not a cat person, though they aren’t always mutually exclusive. Most cats I meet are strange, untrusting and skittish with the exception of a stray, named Spike, my family adopted when I was a teen. Spike was cool. (Hope I don’t lose any friends over that one, I think kittens are cute.)

6.) My heroes are my dad, my husband’s grandmother and late grandfather, and victim rights advocate, John Walsh. 

7.) Night owl (aka insomniac)

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