September Superlatives

My monthly bests/worsts recap with a new name (thank you, Jimmy Fallon). I'm saving my favorite scents from the past month for tomorrow's Fall Fun post, so look for it Saturday morning. September's been another strange month, but not as dream like as August felt... Saltiest: That's me, after my first salt spa experience, treated... Continue Reading →

CBE Ceramics Mountain burner

I know, here I am featuring another mountain-inspired pottery piece already. But this little beauty was too sweet not to. I received this Palo Santo/Incense burner by CBE Ceramics before I ordered the Mountain mug I shared by Pitch Pine Pottery. However, I wanted to experience burning the Palo Santo before sharing my thoughts.This mini-mountain... Continue Reading →

Pitch Pine Pottery- Mountain Mug

Well, this was bound to happen. If you read and follow The Redolent Mermaid for any length of time, as I have, you'll come across her pottery posts. Once finished ogling Julie's incredible handmade finds, investigating the artists' shops inevitably occurs. Taking a step on that path leads to another step of following the artisans... Continue Reading →

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