Christmas Craft Brew Tasting

 Few signs of the season get my festive bells ringing more so than the first appearance of holiday ales on the shelves. It’s literally my version of hearing-the-first-Christmas-carol-on-the-radio kind of happy. I’ve reviewed a few quirky tea blends lately and figured why not wax poetic about some adult beverages that truly put a winter’s flush to my cheeks. Of the three below, two are new to me, and one a favorite discovery of a few Christmases ago that I drink each year to kickoff the season. 20171207_093605

Pennslyvania TuxedoDogfish Head Brewery “A spruce-infused pale ale, Pennsylvania Tuxedo pays homage to the flannel-suited hunters and gatherers who dwell deep in the backcountry of north-central PA.” ABV: 8.520171207_194752Holy spruce tips Rudolph, botanical drinks are a growing movement this year and although my husband picked this one out, I applaud his eye for recognizing a trend. The Woolrich logo and flannel clad fellows on the label denote a collaboration between the Pennslyvania outdoor clothing company famous for flannel shirts and woolen socks and independent Dogfish Head brewery. Approving of the addition of spruce tips; excellent in wax, it follows that it must be in beer too, right? 

Ooh, this lumberjack’s s a pretty pour, a shiny copper penny with cloudy haze, minimal foam retention and stringy lacing up the sides. Sniffing the brew bears a blast of citrus rinds and green floral perfumey notes. 

A bold first taste with lush, full mouth feel. Described as grassy but I’d say twiggy. Fresh hops, sharp citrus and leafy flavors dominate with facets of bright spruce boughs balancing the sharpness. I think it can be improved by a greater concentration of resinous spruce, however, as the taste was mostly hidden. Less true woodsman, more of a Ralph Lauren plaid–wearing weekend trail-goer. Light and refreshing, it’s deceptively easy drinking, but at 8.5% ABV, knocking a few of these back will knock you back, too.

20171208_193201Snowdrift Vanilla Porter-Leinenkugel’s* Not really a craft brewery any more as it was purchased by MillerCoors craft division. “Winter seasonal inspired by dark, snowy nights in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Available November through February, brewed with seven malts and aged on real vanilla, delivering a creamy body and smooth finish.” 

Appears a deep brown-black with lasting foamy head. Aromas of roasted chocolate malts and vanilla bean provide a richly scented experience. A memorable first sip of SVP a few winters ago opened my palate to the world of dark porters; a rush of bitter malts and toffee tones with a creamy molasses finish. This is an acquired taste, boozy but not too heavy at 6% ABV, unlike coffee stouts or spiced ales (which I like too) SVP imparts a uniquely warm and inviting winter brew. 

I must apologize for the horrid lighting and glare. Not up for pouring and drinking in the only decent light I get with the morning sun, BUT check out that glinting metallic almost purple-hued beauty.

Jolly Traveler Winter Shandy-Traveler Beer Co. “A cheerful winter…wheat beer made with real orange, pomegranate, and holiday spices.” 

Couldn’t resist featuring my lil’ gnome, the epitome of a jolly traveler.

A shandy is a rare appearance for a Winter beer, usually found in summer mixed with lemonade (ew) and the like, and a limited release for Traveler brewery. Featuring good clarity for a shandy, it pours a ruby-hued amber with medium foam head and retention.

Juicy orange aroma with a bright spicy background. Bubbly carbonation yields a lively, refreshing mouth feel. A mixed bouquet of traditional and exotic spices lay softly on the palate, dried nutmeg, cinnamon bark and ginger come to mind. Curious and pleasurable, but perhaps too reminiscent of a seltzer to me. The orange and fruity pomegranate juices impart an astringent aftertaste, like a strong Christmas punch. Certainly festive and an easy session beer at 4.4% ABV but I’d stop at one and switch to something smoother.

Thanks for joining me on this spirited aside from fragrance reviews. After the last week of worrying about fraudulent credit charges (though fortunately handled right away) waiting for new cards in order to continue holiday shopping, and getting over the Speech season hump with an epic two-day tournament this weekend, I needed to imbibe a few cares away. No fear though, from here on till Christmas, it will mostly be holiday wax and decor posts. Do you partake of any adult brews during the festive season? Which raise your spirits?


Festive Candles

20171206_085928.jpgBarring the real possibility of a lost candle crate lurking in my basement, I’m surprised to see the smallish gathering above is the extent of my festive candle stash. But there ’tis. A good amount of evergreen, cedar and berries, with a scattering of winter rosebuds. 

Fresh Balsam by Bath and Body Works (last year’s freebie), Iced Pinecone, Yankee Candle, and Christmas in Paris, a favorite, from Yankee’s World Journey line satisfy that fresh cut tree feel. 2014’s Sleigh Bells Ring provides a heavy rose note peeking out from a blanket of soft snow, the current version of which appears to be a 180 degree difference of a cinnamon spiced vanilla scent. Nutcracker and Red Berry & Cedar are virtually identical, reviewed previously

Mixing it up a bit are the sweetly floral Poinsettia treasure and small jar crackle wick, Holly, which has such a pleasant sugary effervescence that I’m a little bummed it can no longer to be found. Gingerbread warms my kitchen with a spicy fruitcake essence, and a crowd-pleasing true to life fragrance. That baby jar of Holiday Bayberry is a New Year’s tradition and the Christmas Cookie was a gift. I’ve never understood the hype with that one, as it always reminds me of a generic vanilla cookie candle. 

As for my project wax update:20171206_091624.jpgThree jars doesn’t seem like much to write about, but oh yes I am, because those were three full jars at the beginning of Fall. It is the first time I’ve ever burned through that amount in as many months, yay to constant and consistent candle lighting. Those 180 hour approx burn times for Yankee candles are no joke; however, I could never get through a large jar in the month of December. I will shoot for tackling a couple of halfway started burns and pack up the rest, good thing for Yankee’s endless candle shelf life. In January, I gravitate to smoky marshmallow types, you’ll see some Marshmallow Fireside, Smoky Mountain Lodge and my first triple scented Wood Wick featured in an upcoming stash. 

Which scents make you merry during the holidays?

Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and Wizardry

20171203_134152When I proclaimed I’d increase my tea consumption earlier this year, I meant it. Notwithstanding the considerable slow down over the summer, as I require a chilly night to truly enjoy a warm cuppa, I have elevated my tea game and branched out with a few flavored blends. Why yes, that is the one ring to rule them all in the photo above. And now I should admit, this gorgeous boxed trilogy belongs to my husband for I’m ashamed to say, I have never read The Lord of the Rings. Feel free to mock and shun, but I do enjoy the movies immensely and saw them all at the theater on opening weekend. Not the same? Ah well, I’ll add it to my tbr.

Wizard’s Grey tea- sample tin, $5 for 5 cups. Earl Grey Moonlight, blackberry, chocolate

I find myself reaching for Earl Grey most often, preferring my teas black, robust and in the words of a fellow tea drinker, tooth-stainy. The inclusion of chocolate makes it a less-potent black tea that yields more of a dessert blend. Thick and rich, the frothy vanilla cream subdues the typical bitter notes of Earl Grey. After the creaminess ebbs, blackberry adds a playful character while the cocoa brings more nose than taste to the table. Smooth, well-rounded flavor makes this a swoon-worthy tea for both traditional tea drinkers and those craving sweetness.20171203_135300The flavor text on the tin is a lil’ squinty, it reads, “brews precisely when it means to”, such a perfectly Gandalf touch!

*If you want to try this tea, it is available on Adagio teas, in sample sizes, pouches and beautifully detailed larger tins. There is an abundance of fandom options available, including other LOTR blends.

Riddle’s Tea Shoppe and Curiosities

Aun-Juli Riddle (that is her real and true last name) not only creates the story-inspired teas, and bookish merchandise for her shop, but she is also an incredible artist who designs hand-painted labels, on top of submitting custom teas and art for Adagio, such as Wizard’s Grey above. Riddle’s Tea has recently gotten into the subscription box arena and I may have requested the premiere box as a Christmas wish; if Santa delivers, I will excitedly share the contents here. Riddle’s Tea Shoppe is having one last restock of goods Tues Dec. 5th at 9 am PST, noon EST before taking a holiday break.20171203_140508Starting with looseleaf Polyjuice Potion, a blend of green tea, orange slices, natural spices, natural vanilla, cinnamon bark, ginger, apple pieces. Second to black tea, I will partake of a green brew now and again. A fragrant green can be soothing while winding down at night or when fighting off a cold. 

 Gently spiced medley of sweet and tangy thanks to the vanilla and chewy apple bits. I portioned my usual tea infuser’s worth, but it brewed a light-bodied watery feel on the palate. With an ambrosial aroma I appreciate rather than the potpourri scent of some overly spiced teas. Clean and delicate, but too timid in flavor for my taste. It might provide a sweet pick-me-up for those who prefer a mild cuppa.20171203_150827If you’re curious about that eye-catching mug back there and where you can get one, the Magical Cauldron Mug is a Riddle’s Tea Shoppe original. I’m not sure if it’s available for tomorrow’s restock, I acquired mine from a pre-order in October. It’s $14, camp-style with black-rimmed smooth enamel and is pretty subatantial. The saying is fitting as I can just imagine any Hogwarts professor reciting such wisdom, not to mention Gandalf the wise wizard himself.20171203_141027

RTS sports the best themed business card, hands-down. These products would be right at home in Hogsmeade.20171203_143542Full ingredients are listed on the tea’s apothecary label, along with some helpful hints for brewing up a proper potion.20171203_141422The water-colored whimsy of the labels provide a detailed personal touch that I adore in this brand. Sample packets are $2.50 and make 3 cups.

I’ve yet to catch The Lucky Snitch for a taste as I wanted to tempt with these items before Riddle’s closes for the holidays on Wednesday. Since it’s a mix of some of my favorite flavors of black, peppermint and cocoa, I have full confidence I will enjoy sipping the stimulating blend.

Which teas or beverages provide you with soothing sustenance this time of year? Have a favorite Lord of the Rings quote to share and taunt me with what I’m missing? If so, do dispense, and cheers to more books and tea.20171203_183721

An Homage to Snow Mountain Lodge

Candle Love, Actually

Say it’s carol singers…

20171119_153839With any luck by next year

My candle stash will have dwindled and I’ll be able to acquire this many20171201_173833
 But for now, let me say

Without hope of perfect burns, or agenda20171130_084758 (1)Just because it’s Christmas (even better? it’s Candle Day)

 (And at Christmas you tell the truth)20171129_134349
To me, your soft smoky warmth and balsamic pine heart is perfect

And my wasted waxie heart will love your earthy spice20171121_195753Until you end up in a discounted outlet, having been repackaged many times over.
 Merry Christmas

If you haven’t a clue to what I’m referring, click the video link to the scene of one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Regrettably, Andrew Lincoln was unavailable for candle photos. Also if you haven’t seen it, watch this movie, it explores all the different forms of love imaginable. An epic holiday feel-good film at it’s finest! Plus, Martin Freeman♥

Hopefully, you enjoy this Candle Love, Actually mash-up and I don’t appear too utterly insane. Sometimes, you gotta have fun and not take candle reviews so seriously. Purchased 50% off online without ever smelling, but when I opened the package and took a whiff…I exclaimed, that’s perfect! And here we are.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, if looking at it from a reduction of candles standpoint, I won’t be available to shop on Bath and Body Works’ $8.95 Candle Day. Not until at least evening because of the speech tournament, in which case, all of the best scents will likely be gone. Godspeed to all those who attempt it, and to the poor beleaguered candle slingers working the sale today. Especially on candle day, candle love, actually, is all around us.


November Reflection


That’s me, standing on Autumn’s precipice inclined to slip-slide into Winter’s repose. Creating such moments of restful calm will be my mission next month amidst the festivity to come. 

November was filled with small sadnesses and disappointments, feelings of helplessness and humbling, also moments of unexpected joy and pride. In my life, I’ve witnessed some of my worst fears come true; experienced heartbreaking losses. But I have persevered, as well as all those who’ve been affected. One method of persevering and coping that I have is to ignore it, that pain. In doing so, I also get practiced at ignoring myself. November is “boring self care” challenge month, a focus on shifting mental, emotional and physical awareness to oneself. I realized this month, these self care reminders are exactly the little steps I needed to take in order to maintain consistent care of my personal well-being. 

A list of boring self care I practiced this month:

  • Drank more water
  • Paid extra bills (medical) 
  • Made overnight oats several times for a nourishing breakfast
  • Got away from the desk and ate lunch outside
  • Made a dental appointment
  • Remembered to floss
  • Lit scented candles
  • Gone to bed before 11 pm (a struggle)
  • Soaked in the tub with a bath bomb
  • Drank cups, upon cups, of tea
  • Curated my social media account to be more positive
  • Updated my résumé
  • Walked outside 
  • Read a book
  • Watched a movie (Beauty and the Beast♥) rather than planning, working or blogging

All of these little boring acts do add up to making me feel better, as well as help me become a better person outwardly. Most of this list was inspired by The Peaceful Prof, a bookish account I follow. Here are more self-care practices from Pinterest sources which I intend to continue:


*update: I’m participating in the blurt foundation’s Merry Calmness challenge in December. Check with the blurt foundation for more details.blurt foundationI’m choosing to focus on the ‘Bests’ of memories this month:

Attending a modernized performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the beautiful historic Hanna theater. Afterword, getting soaked in the pouring rain and laughing while running back to my sister’s car. Although, dodging fallen trees and electric poles downed in the storm on the way home from Cleveland was much less charming. 20171105_143907Shakespeare always uplifts the spirits. I’ve read lots of diverse material lately and was struck by the sting of this quote as I happened upon it in a little book of insights:


There will come a time when people decide you’ve had enough of your grief, and they’ll try to take it away from you. – Sarah Manguso, 300 Arguments

I know I’ve experienced this and have surely been guilty of it myself. Realizing it helps, as does coming to an understanding; I possess grief I’ve yet to acknowledge, I need to allow myself time, I must take better care of myself. That is what I hope to do.

I hope too, that you are practicing self care when needed, friends.

Festive Fun Gift Guide 2017

As this year’s Christmas present shopping list was coming into focus, I realized there are so many special small vendors I wanted to share that I thought it might be fun to compile a gift guide. Admittedly, these ideas are tailored to the age and preferences of my recipients, but it would be easy to adapt these gifts to various ages, besides, who couldn’t use new ideas when it comes to checking off that list?


Probably my favorite way to gift and may not be as difficult as it seems. Looking back over the past year and recalling the new interests that have occupied your loved one’s time is helpful. Any new hobbies, obsessions, or life events that could be mined for presents? It’s pretty likely and a good place to start searching for related items.

My husband and I try to stick to stocking stuffers only, that way we have a little something to open on Christmas morning without adding pressure to shop extravagantly for each other in addition to the already lengthy family and friends lists we’re scrambling to finish. An added wrinkle to this system is that his birthday falls on Christmas week and I don’t want to deprive him of a thoughtful present because he was an unfortunately timed baby.2017-11-26 10-1009320392..pngI think these will end up a birthday gift, but would make a memorable Christmas present. My husband’s favorite pastime this summer was working in the garden. Hunter-Gatherer Gift’s shears will be perfect for harvesting all of our viney veggies instead of the kitchen knife we used as a saw this year. These £25.00 pruning secateurs are made from copper plated carbon steel with ashwood handles which can be personalized for no extra charge. I added a simple message for a personal touch, and they should make it across the pond in time for Christmas. (Don’t worry, I will prevent my husband from reading this post to keep the surprise).20170925_081028Personalized wood burned items are a favorite small business shopping discovery. Forage Workshop provides nature-inspired wood burned and turned items which are ideal for customization. The ornament above is for my husband’s newly married cousin. I know his bride, especially, will love the foraged material as she thrifted all of her wedding decor and used succulent bouquets to replant later, not wishing a single flower to die for the ceremony. I’ll be featuring Forage Workshop’s handmade wares in another full post, as I ordered several items, but don’t want to reveal the presents quite yet.

Etsy is a treasure trove of independent sellers providing personalized items, last year I ordered mixing spoons with funny messages for friends, such as, I have a passion for not cooking. From jewelry, to tote bags, to artwork, Etsy is the first place I look for personal gifts and most shops are extremely affordable.

Personalized doesn’t need to be imprinted with a literal name, however. To me it means a gift that’s tailored to the recipient, one only he/she might appreciate. Case in point, these soaps below are for one of my sisters. Like most of us she appreciates Bath and Body Works’ soaps, what makes these personal is the calendar tag I wrote for each so she’ll have one on hand every month. This idea came to me last summer when, visiting for a swim, I discovered she happened to be out of hand soap, with none anywhere.  20171126_165814My sis works multiple jobs and explained she hadn’t had a chance to grab some. After washing with dish soap, I thought it would be fun to gift her some backups and started collecting seasonal soaps whenever they went on sale. It’s a little thing, but for her, it will be one less thing to have to worry about.20171126_165313Another cool personalized idea was giving my incredibly hard to shop for brother-in-law a Hometown Map Puzzle from L. L. Bean. A city councilman, he exudes home town pride and had a fun challenge working his knowledge of the area to put it together.


Knowing which fandoms your giftees support makes holiday shopping easier. Whether they exalt sports or entertainment, an item celebrating a beloved fandom will make a bang on present. Sporty gifts are abundantly easier, yet book, movie and t.v. merchandise is thriving at independent stores and small vendors.

Bookish:20171127_081104Books and scents are a few of my favorite things. Any bookish soul would proudly display and possibly even light these candles, if they could bear to use them. A few favorite fandom candle makers: The Melting Library (above) Nerd Wicks (on sale through today) Reverie Library, Frostbeard (current coupon HOLIDAYS2017 for 15% off) and In the Wick of Time

Book sleeves are darling covers for protecting the preciouses. I’ve shared my Book Beaus here and adore the hand painted fabrics in these versions by Sweet Sequels.


Sweet Sequels also carries hand-painted book blankets and prints. Speaking of which, the custom book shelf prints and paintings by Ideal Bookshelf are a literary lovers dream (25% off cyber Monday). As are all of the novel renderings gracing the stationary, mugs, and enamel pins♥♥. 

Fandom inspired tea blends can be such fun gifts (to give and receive), is there a better pairing than tea and books? I’ve enjoyed Riddle’s Tea Shoppe, and recently tried Grimoire Tea.

still a few blends available on the site.

I recommend following these small vendors on social media and getting their newsletters to make note of restocks (teastocks). For unbeatable selection and availability, Adagio teas is best. Type Fandom in the keyword search and be amazed at the varietea from Tardis teas, to Sherlock, and every t.v. show, book, movie, and video game in between. Hurry though, free shipping ends tonight at midnight. Of course, you can’t go wrong with giving actual books either.


Why are they so tough to shop for? Unless you have a literary teen on the list (see above). I miss the days when my niece and nephews would record scrolls of Christmas lists with everything their hearts desired. Teen interests are not one-gift-fits-all, but if they enjoy playing games, there are some fun options. I mean board games mostly, video games require in-depth knowledge of which platform is owned and required, in my experience teens usually instruct which video games to buy.

Games barring the use of thumbs.
Games to test your skills at making stuff up.
cat game
For cat meme lovers.


Bob Ross
And even competing against Bob Ross at painting. 

I’m not making these up! Actually, this sounds like a totally chill game night.

Hi-tech music mixing game, pricey, but creative.

Searching a few of these titles led to many interesting board and party game recommendations. Also, if you haven’t gotten Code Names yet, do so! It’s a family fave and adapts well to a variety of age groups.

Subscription Boxes:

We live in a fortunate age where large and small vendors hand-select themed goodies in a curated package and ship it to your door each month. I, for one, am a huge fan. For bookworms, Owl Crate obvs., also The Bookish Box with cyber Monday deal, sign up for 3, get the 4th month free and newly discovered, FanMail, the female empowered box for lady geeks.

I’ve gifted Loot Crate, for gamers, to my husband and teen nephew alike, with high acclaim. Crate Joy has pages of bath and body box options and though not a subscription, Euphoria Soap Works’ Holiday Gift set will give all the holiday feels and last at least as long as a 3-month subscription.soap box

For the crafty at heart, there are even handcrafted home decor boxes. I prefer the adorable sets made by The Little Green Bean. From shaving to socks, if there’s an interest, a subscription box likely exists.

As for me, I’d be ecstatic with any one of these gifts and I haven’t even touched on my love of pottery from indie vendors, I’ve looked longingly at handmade pots by Allison Fretheim Ceramics, Little Garden Pottery, and my much-obsessed over shop, Pitch Pine Pottery.

Are you shopping large or small businesses this year, or a mix of both? I only have one person officially done and will be trolling for deals today to get a few more, my two toughest are my brother-in-law and my boss, any suggestions welcome here too!



Fall Fun Series II: The Finale

It’s time to put the Fall Fun Series to bed with a countdown of favorite products and moments of the season, and a sleepy sort of season it was. After the leaves settled I can say, I celebrated in every Autumnal moment save two (Seasonal movies/songs/reads and Fall craft or recipe) but I did combine those prompts into later posts. Enjoy the rundown and remember to check out what the other FFS participants are up to at the close of the season.

Top 10 scents of the series:

Wallflower scent plug-in: Sweet Honey Bee  and Yankee Candle plug-in Haunted Hollow: I rarely mention fragrance plug-ins because they always seem to fade quickly and are rarely noteworthy. These are exceptions, the Bath and Body Works Honey scent was powerful and satisfying with four-week longevity, what a rarity. Yankee’s new Haunted Hollow didn’t make many waves but the plug-in smelled EXACTLY like Palo Santo smoke. I know because I’ve been lighting and loving the holy wood and initially thought it lingered for days until I located the source to my outlet plug-in, now I have to track this scent down so I can enjoy the subtle Palo Santo in other forms.

20171008_131325Peanut Butter Cookie: Small Flame Candle Co. I am recommending a cookie scent, how bout that? It’s crisp, crunchy, nutty and buttery. Check out this veteran-owned and supporting small company if you haven’t yet.

Anarchy’s Child: Willow Wax Craft. The scents and style really spoke to me. Though I loved most of my Willow Wax Craft Haul, Anarchy’s Child became the one I looked forward to melting often and thought so unique; a blend of nougat-y candy stuffed into a pillowcase, smashed pumpkins and fall leaves. Samantha is an innovative maker to watch and just released a Winter collection.

20171115_114036White Magic: The Bathing Garden. The favorite from one of my more popular hauls of the year and the only scent of the Halloween Mystery Sampler that I ordered in a clamshell: shaved cinnamon, orange tea, hints of spicy patchouli. The epitome of sweet, sexy and strong spice.

Thessalhydra: Bonjour Wax CoMandi from Bonjour Wax always delivers pop culture blends a little differently. This one stunned me with it’s complexity. A mash of dark amber, exotic guaicwood, cedarwood, cinnamon, burnt sugar maple offers a complete olfactory experience. I hope it makes a reappearance. 

Cosmic Caramel: Handmade in Florida. The thrill of discovering a caramel scent that I can not only stand, but absolutely love, has not worn off. It’s a creamy concoction of sweet and spice starring warm caramel and clove, from my personal favorite wax haul this Fall.

Cabin in the Smokies: Ten Digit Creations. Four words conveying a hard to capture concept, a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains, but Amber did it. Evocative of those ideal Fall days, wandering outdoors through brisk mountain air tinged with campfire smoke, twigs and leaves crunching underfoot. I’m looking forward to trying the new formulas and scents TDC is producing.20171112_163945.jpgIncense: Bath & Body Works 3-wick. The most enjoyable candle of the season with black pepper and patchouli essential oils. Pleased with the turn to natural fragrance in this collection, the warmth of this woody spice radiated through two rooms. I wish it wasn’t sold out, I’d love to have another one.

Ritual Lavender: Handmade in Florida. From the Earthy Surprise Me pre-order sampler, lavender, sage, rosemary and woodsy smoke billowing from the sacred ritual of smudging. Deserving of a second appearance on the list. Thankfully, I have more on the way from HiF’s flash sale last Sunday. Did I say I was on a wax buying moratorium? I mean it’s starting now.  20170927_124707Cold Barn Mornings: Dessa’s Homespun Scents. It should come as no surprise since I named this my favorite new Fall fragrance and it still holds true. I have more CBM on the way and no qualms about it becoming a winter melt favorite as well. 

Favorite Moments:

Into the Woods: The day spent hiking and exploring with my two favorite beings, my husband and pup, is a memory I’ll safeguard closely until we can get out and do it again, perhaps on a warm Winter day.

Favorite body care product: 

I’m honestly still glowing (literally) from my Euphoria Soap Works‘ giveaway win. The sandalwood scent sends me into fits of pleasure to use. However, I’m enjoying another body scrub this Fall that I haven’t mentioned yet: Bath and Body Works’ smoothing body scrub:20171022_111525 (1)It’s an oily formula due to the essential oil content, but my skin loves the way it exfoliates and hydrates, while I love the convenience of the tube and the manner in which the slick texture thickly coats during application. The Comfort scent fits me just right, too.

Sending a friendly little shout out to my fellow FFS participants. I know it’s been a busy time and we couldn’t touch on all that we wished to, but I’m sharing my favorite Fall posts from your sites below: 

Finger Candy’s pinspiration and Thrifty Polished’s Autumn inspiration (I miss you Amanda!) The Redolent Mermaid’s Farm and Pumpkin Fest, Angela Kay’s festive entertainment, and Fall Fun Series’ newcomer, Melting With Michelle’s magical honeymoon. Much respect to you Michelle, getting married and embracing a blog series had to be hectic, thank you for participating, I look forward to reading more about your fragrance loves and adventures.

Also a grateful shout out to my new followers who came on board during the series, thank you and hello:) Click the links for information on any of the products above and I must admit, I prefer Winter and the holiday season, I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s in store for those too.  Thank you for joining us in a celebration of Fall fun.