Sniff My Tarts-custom blend list

Beads of sweat appeared as my hot little hands hovered over our laptop keyboard on Saturday morning. Months of dreaming up fragrance blends, list making and revising all led up to this moment; the Sniff My Tarts 30 minute custom opening.

20170521_080552As a first time custom wax customer, I was anxious about ordering for many reasons, from computer glitches to untested blending skills. Luckily, I wasn’t going into SMT completely nose-blind. My lovely blogger friends shared some of their custom blends, giving me a generous taste of SMT’s scent offerings. I’d also have been much more in the dark if one of my besties hadn’t joined the Facebook group just to keep me updated on the custom news front-that’s friendship! She is very welcome to any of these, assuming they work out.

Order 1: The Spring/Summerish order

8 oz chunk pie:

*Barbershop overpour, Aveda rosemary mint, pink sugar

9 oz muffins:

*Blue Raspberry overpour, Sweet lavender, Cotton candy, Rosemary mint (inspired by a scent from Tori’s Tarts, not sure what the raspberry note was exactly but hoping this comes close)

10 oz No fuss chunks:
*Sun ripened raspberry overpour, fresh basil, spearmint (a collaboration w/my friend for a nice summery blend)

*Salty sea air overpour, Barbershop, Sandalwood

4 oz frosted cookies:

*Japanese cherry blossom, juicy grapefruit, pink cotton candy
*Apricot, swt lavender, angel food cake
*Sugared violets, vbn, blueberry noel (inspiration from Furianne, Liz’s blend)

Single scents:

Pink coconut
Lavender vanilla coconut milk
Vanilla baby powder

You can tell I started devising my customs during Springtime, with lots of herbal mint, floral and current favorite, shaving cream blends. I’m most excited for the chunk combos. I debated between blackberry and raspberry herbal mint, but thought the blackberry I tried was a little soft and might end up overpowered.

Noticing a lack of marine notes in the previous scents, I was overjoyed when Salty Sea Air popped up in the updated list. I have high hopes for that one.


Loved this divine blend of Mango sorbet, Coconut cream pie and Vanilla waffle cone. I would have ordered it too, if I hadn’t pre-ordered the exact same scent from The Fakery Bakery wax, coming in July.

I made two separate orders hoping to get my summery blends sooner and to be less overwhelmed with a monster pile of wax all at once. Time will tell if this method proves successful.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake when transferring my paper list to the online cart and forgot to include my Creamy coconut, Chai tea, Coconut latte blend. A bummer as I really wanted to try SMT’s new Creamy Coconut, also because I planned it with my husband’s scent preferences in mind. I couldn’t get to the second, later time slot opening and thought 3 orders would be a tad excessive.

Order 2: The Fallish/Winter order

8 oz chunk pies:

*Buttercream sprinkles overpour, peppermint swizzle sticks, cream soda

*Marshmallow Fireside overpour, Sweet lavender, peppermint swizzle sticks

10 oz No fuss chunks:

*Barbershop overpour, Dragon’s Blood chunks

*Pie crust overpour, fallen leaves, marshmallow noel (inspired by Super Tarts’ Misery scent, with added mallow)

9 oz muffins:

*Lord of Misrule overpour, sugared violets, pink sugar, vanilla smoothie (inspired by Electric Love by Bonjour Wax Co)

4 oz frosted cookies:

*Cranberry spice, apple cinnamon, whipped cream

*Toasted pistachio, vanilla sugar

Single scents:

Eggnog Bread


The above melt was a Lord of Misrule, peppermint swizzle sticks blend from a friend’s decorated wax cake. Melting it prompted me to include a second swizzle sticks pie. The little snowflake was revealed as the wax meltedūüėä

Though I wanted one badly, I chose not to order a decorated wax cake. I’d rather spend the money on another combination instead, but I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty of these cakes as others receive them.

Now the long wait begins for my creations to be made. So does my summer wax ban, but at least it will be filled with visions of custom scents dancing in my head.

Okay ladies and gents, if any combo catches your eye, I’m very willing to trade for Creamy Coconut!

Project Wax-candle countdown

In May’s BoB post, Lauren, of Lolo Loves Scents, posed the project wax question; essentially asking if we’ve ever had so much wax product that we felt a purge was needed before acquiring more. My answer is~oh yes, yes I have. It’s been ongoing at a snail’s pace since January and I’ve finally acquired enough ’empties’ to update.

Note that I don’t normally post my empties because I don’t like to see them myself. Something about viewing all of those empty plastic bags, cups and jars makes me cringe at the conspicuous consumption. Inevitably, I start to wonder if all of that plastic is getting recycled, which leads to worry about the environment, which leads to overwrought visions of apocalyptic doom, and honestly, people don’t need to hear about my neuroses. I recognize the benefits of posting photos of one’s empties though, it absolutely holds you accountable, as it’s hard to deny visual proof.


I started off with a 5:1 ratio of using up jars to adding new, the baby steps approach. With only one semi-sale purchase from Bath and Body Works, I was feeling good. My winter candles lasted through most of spring, but at least I burned my quota. Then one night in March, I got an email for a random $9.50 B&BW’s candle sale and ended up with 3 unintended additions. Major impulse buys that I’m mostly happy with. At least the 3-wicks can be used quickly, compared to the single wick jars from Yankee which take FOREVER.


I can’t really explain these last two buys, except I got all squealy when I spotted retired, masculine¬†Evening Air for $13 at TJMAXX and this DW home scent is the first Eucalyptus I’ve enjoyed. I didn’t want to chance passing up that lightning in a bottle (jar).

I’m pretty satisfied with this progress actually, because many of these are retired scents that would be hard to repurchase. The old Jay would have burned these 2 or 3 times and packed ’em up for next year. The old Jay foolishly thought she could keep buying candles without finishing them and it would cause no storage/hoarding issues whatsoever.

Tell me I’m not the only one who struggles with so much wax, be it melts or candles, that a “project wax depletion” is required. I’ve since graduated to 10:1 ratio. I declare I won’t get another jar till I’ve used up 10 older ones. 10, I say!

Scentsy spring/summer haul

2017-05-12 18.19.55

A good friend hosted an online Scentsy sale in April and naturally I picked out a few spring/summer offerings. One from the new 2017 line-up, three new-to-me scents and one repeat buy. If I sound slightly surprised below about how these turned out, that’s because I am. I’ve sampled Scentsy many times and bought a couple clams occasionally, but with the exception of Hemingway, I’ve liked few and have never been wowed by any.

Needing to narrow down my selection from the dizzying number of options on the website, I answered a fun little preference quiz designed to help customers do just that. The results assigned my preference as green scents, which suits me fine as it’s my favorite color.


The first fragrance to jump out at me was, Lime & Sugarcane-Lime and sugarcane cooled by an accord of frozen mint.

I may not be the biggest bakery fan, but I’m secretly crazy about sugar blends. Sugar milk, sugared lavender, rainforest sugarcane, pink sugar, blue sugar, there’s truly no wrong way to take it in for me. I predicted that lime sugar would be no different and I was right.


This is not a margarita style without salt crystals or booze to it, but a rather unexpected and authentic smelling blend. Mounds of freshly grated lime zest, muddled with sugary syrup punched up ever so slightly by sprigs of fresh spearmint serve up a mojito vibe. One cube was all that was needed for strong throw throughout one level for about 4-5 hours.

White Tea & Cactus-A clean, crisp, and refreshing floral mix with green notes.


I love tea blends, especially without the cakes or lemon, but I’m learning tea fragrance varies widely. I don’t understand White Tea and Cactus at all, because I prefer my tea scents to smell of tea. Not a single tea leaf present, but what comes through is a watery floral, pear and then cucumber?

Even if there was a little Bath and Body Work’s Baja Cactus Blossom, I’d be happy, but I don’t think this is a dupe. The floral is a generic white flower, possibly jasmine, with a strong herbaceous lean. If it’s sage leaf, it’s reason enough for my nose to reject it. I’ve never melted a scent that was curiously sharp but bland at the same time, however, this achieved it.

When perusing the website, I couldn’t stick with only green types, so I ventured over to my beloved fresh scents and gathered those into my basket too.

20170507_160111 (1)

Dark Harbor-A romantic, exotic fragrance of kaffir lime and blue-green mint with notes of watery ocean lavender and mysterious amber.

A-hoy, do I like this. If this be the scent of a port where pirates smuggle their booty under the cover of night, then I’d set sail there any day. And what precious cargo is found within the ship’s holds? Barrels of cologne, by the smell of it, the good stuff.

Sinus-clearing at first, but when the alcohol burns off after a minute or two, deep¬†pools of marine notes remain. DH develops a lush rainforest essence that had me sticking my face right up to the wax pool to breathe deeply. No citrus from the kaffir lime, just serene waters. Not overly strong, I’d recommend 2 cubes and would repurchase.


Coconut Cotton-Sun-warmed cotton, creamy coconut milk, bright citrus, and white sandalwood transport you to a cabana on a tropical beach. 

This smells more poolside than beach cabana due to the astringency of the cotton. Freshly laundered pool towels softened and sweetened by an ultra rich pina colada makes a well-balanced cocktail for summer days. I love this combination with a tiny squeeze of lemon, although I adore nearly any appearance of coconuts. 2 cubes recommended.

Bonfire Beach–¬†Toasted marshmallow smoldering over white flint and sandalwood harmonize with salty sea air and ocean spray.


A repeat purchase after picking one up at a vendor show last year. Mallow is one fragrance type where I enjoy a liquer note and this has it.

Crackling firewood lures as the marshmallows roast into carmelized sugar sublimity. Smoky embers rise and mix with a gentle hazy ocean breeze as a bottle of spirits is passed around for a glug of warmth. The sandalwood is noticeable and adds to a complexity rarely found in a marshmallow scent.

One cube threw strongly in my bedroom* and filtered through to the living room. The performance was also rare for a marshmallow. *Melted this in my wall plug-in Scentsy warmer, which is nearly useless for vendor wax, but gives the best results for Scentsy cubes.

Overall pleasantly surprised with my order of much needed summer fragrance. Do you have any Scentsy favorites? What category type might you be sorted into?¬†Any special plans for the weekend? I’m headed to explore some gorgeous gardens.

Monday Miscellany


Inspired by gathering my Spring candles for May’s band of bloggers, I briefly considered sharing my entire candle collection. Upon further consideration, there was no way I could capture all 100+ of them in a single photo (not even on panoramic) not to mention the destacking and unpacking of crates, hauling up from basement storage, lining up jars that would rather roll away, taking multiple photos, repacking, trudging back downstairs and restoring the various bins I’ve pulled out, all of which brought a change of mind.

I decided to show each seasonal collection when I pull those out for burning, instead.

What I’m sharing today are really my likes and interests more than official collections, hence the miscellany.

A Gathering of Globes 


This kooky collection isn’t anything special as most are from secondary chains like TJMaxx or Tuesday Morning. Chosen for their size and neutral shades ranging from $5-$16. I couldn’t pass up the ‘mercury glass look’ accent lamp because it fit my metallic theme so well. It was purchased at TJMaxx for $39.¬†The largest was a flea market find and it exhibits some historical significance with Russia labeled as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.¬†

My globe love sprang up sometime in childhood and has been constant ever since.


ISO: a smallish illuminated globe, a lunar globe, a pre-WWII piece and a Replogle metallic.

A Family of Fiestaware 


These pitchers sit atop the space above my kitchen cabinets. A friend has the entire rainbow of colors, but with limited space one must pick a palette and I chose warm. 

Fiestaware is easy to find, especially in my area because of the proximity to the Homer Laughlin factory. I like the simplicity and bright variety. I have place settings, crocks and server-ware pieces I use daily.

ISO: Marigold, Tangerine and maybe this skull & vine pattern

A stockpile of WWII tomes



Not an active collector of war books, yet I can’t seem to stop acquiring them. Most of these were library donations, when I started looking up the stories behind them, I brought them home. Modern history is one of my favorite eras and I feel compelled to preserve a personal collection of soldiers’ accounts from that significant time.¬†

The Ernie Pyle is copyrighted 1943 and was one of the very first personal accounts by a war correspondent only 6 months after Americans joined WWII.


ISO: none, but that won’t stop me from picking them up.

A study of Holmesian keepsakes


I admittedly got a little lazy here, featuring a past library display rather than taking a current shelfie. This was a shared collection with a friend who owns even more Sherlockian tchotkes. All but two of the books are mine, mostly gifted by a reference librarian. Of the rest, I can claim only the smallest ‘Sleuth’ Toby jug and one of the printed tile boxes.

ISO: I’m old school about my Sherlock fandom but I would love that 221B illuminated house too.

I’ve shared a few of my owls before also, but they’re currently scattered or packed away due to lack of display space.¬†

What else would I collect if money, time and storage were no object? International HP editions, teapots, more globes, jadeite, McCoy pottery, Tiffany glass, old board games, stamps (I’m the nerd excited over new stamp designs) classic books with fabric/leather bound covers, oh, and soup tureens. I’m obsessed with soup tureens!¬†

What’s in your dream collection?

Band of Bloggers-May

¬†May, May, May. Welcome back, ol’ friend! May is a turning point in the year for a lot of people. The school year is almost over, summer is coming soon, and those mild months will soon become scorchers. The birthstone of May is the emerald, which symbolizes love and success. This month, we’re focusing on those two things!

We all love something with all our hearts, so tell us what you love the most. It could be the story of how you met your spouse/significant other, where you got your pet, or a nod to your parental units.

~*Yeah, so, this was a challenging prompt. In a way, I already share what I love the most by writing this blog, particularly in my monthly Best/Worst posts. Of course, I love my husband, family and friends and write of them often.

I decided instead of focusing on the ONE thing I love the most, I’d dedicate a credo poem to my loves. This provides a rounder picture, still creates a challenge and avoids having to choose only one. I adapted a credo, or “I Believe” poem to an “I love” poem:

I love…

I love fighting for the underdog,
Browsing through my library’s catalog.
I love the rhyming poetry of Ogden Nash,
Pulling out my winter coat to find a pocket of forgotten cash.

I love receiving a package from a distant friend,
Stimulating conversation you never want to end,


ice cream,

craft brews,
Smiles on the faces of my niece and nephews.
The sound of my grandparents’ old hall clock when it used to chime,
But never the feeling that I’m wasting my time.

I love watching a live production on the stage, A book that stays with you long after the final page.


leisurely morns,

the sound of summer thunderstorms.

I love the soft snores of my sleeping pup,
Pouring myself that morning cup.
I love the emotion of laughter through tears,
And the feeling of conquering my fears.*~

In terms of success, and keeping it blog related, have you ever participated in and/or completed a successful “project wax” or spring wax/perfume/makeup/scented product purge? Have you ever had so much product you felt the need to use it all up before you bought again?

*~I’m not a hoarder, but I’m not a purger either. I’m guilty of keeping make-up past it’s expiration, clothes past their prime and accumulating stashes of candles and wax larger than I could ever use.

In January, I claimed I would burn more candles than I would buy and I plan to update the status of that claim soon. Spoiler alert, I’m failing horribly. Letting stuff I love, or loved, go, can be a struggle for me.~*

2017-05-03 22.44.12
Spring Candles
 This month I plan to redouble and triple my efforts to get through some of my spring candles. 
Please, feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below!

I’m looking forward to reading what my blogging friends love today.
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Wax Haul-Super Tarts


There’s been a lot of Super Tarts action around these blogging parts. I may have been mightily influenced by Jess from The Meltdown Blog, Julie at The Redolent Mermaid and an IG friend who places a weekly (!) order. But for the frivolity of 3 orders in the space of a month, I have no one to blame but myself. Actually, maybe some blame is portioned to ST for having a bajillion scents I want to try, but never all in stock at the same time.

Pictured below is my first order since last summer, 6 clamshells from what I could catch of the Wizard of Oz release plus a couple I snagged for a friend. I must have been feeling blue with my mid-month clamshell order pictured above.


Brandy offers a mind-boggling array of scent choices, notice how few repeat notes occur in the massive ST line-up. The scent collection is listed after each description to help with scent searching if inclined to visit the website. All clams are $4.00. Now then, let’s get to these 3 (gulp) orders, grouped by fragrance type:


Masculine: a restock of these motivated my 2nd order last month.

Hades-¬†Blue sugar and fireside¬†(OUAT) If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ll recognize two of my current scent obsessions here. Brandy masters the masculine scents. Blue sugar is fresh, delivers both sweet and manly notes with an added touch of smoky mystery…mmm.

Isildur’s Heir-¬†Frankincense, Myrrh, Green tweed, camu camu¬†(LOTM) Frankincense is a hard to find scent. Lemony verbena refreshes while oud and amber transform the room with resinous spice. From the tweed, a dapper gentlemen’s soapy inhale emerges, then fades to a downy powder. Melting this felt very zen.


Merlin- Silver Birch, Cashmere & Vetiver (OUAT) I adore woody cologne combos and Silver Birch is one of my favorite Yankee Candle scents. Merlin is grounded by exotic vetiver grasses and crisp green twigs, softened with lush amber vanilla cashmere, creating a magical blend.



Iron Islands- (Game of Tarts)¬†Dune grass, sea salt and teakwood. Grassy notes can be too harsh, and this one is for me. I wish it had a hay-like or cooler, beachy vibe, but on cold it’s a callow turf-like meadow. Those who love a dry grass note might enjoy it, though.


Medusa- Sea Salt, Driftwood & oak moss (Olympian) At first pungent, the aged driftwood started pulling me in like the flowing current. The oak moss is perfumed, clingy, but not sharp. The presence of sea salt appears and disappears as does the rise and fall of the tides. Melts medium strength.

Posiedon-Blue Sugar, Cotton Candy, Sea Salt & Beachwood (Olympian) ¬†Fabulous on my first impression melt of an hour, but by second melt, I don’t know what happened. Swifter than an angry ocean swell, an unpleasant sharpness cut through the sweetness; has anyone else had this happen? It hasn’t occurred with blue sugar or sea salt in other ST scents, so I suspect Beachwood is the culprit. I’ll experiment with melting a cube and timing exactly when it sours, maybe it can be saved for short melting stints when I don’t have much time.¬†

Likely wouldn’t repurchase any of the three above.



Briarcliff-Mac Apple, Shaving Cream & Sea Salt (AHS) I had such high hopes for this due to my love of Super Tart’s shaving cream and sea salt blends. Unfortunately, I forgot how dominant the macintosh apple can be. Its sweetness overpowered previous scents I’ve had, like Amityville, and I fear it will overpower again. Reserving final judgement till after melting, but I believe I’ll stay away from the mac apple in the future.

Dorothy-Cactus & Sea Salt, Camu Camu & Guava (Golden melts-currently sold out)¬†Camu camu lends a splash of fruity juice to this ultra fresh blend. It’s clean with a tropical island vibe. Guava provides pink tartness, as refreshing as Dorothy’s retorts in the Golden Girls. The only repurchase in the bunch (ever from ST for me, actually, too many good choices).


The Mindy Project- Blueberries, Mango chunks and a crisp White Sangria (Prime Time) Surprised that I haven’t heard any mention of this gorgeous scent. Crisp and refreshing as a berry cocktail sipped poolside, it’s sparkling but not fizzy, intoxicating, not boozy. No single note overpowers. This will be perfect on those scorching summer days.

No Ordinary Girl-Coconut cream, vanilla oak, tangerine and daisies (Wonderland Wax, currently sold out) Loved this so much on cold, though a little light. I thought it would be perfect after a hot spring day at a baseball game, however trying one cube, then two, it’s barely noticeable. Not sure what to make of it because it’s an anomaly for the usually great throw I’ve come to expect from ST.

When leaving the room and walking back in, a faint creamy coconut could be detected. If any readers have tried this scent with better results, please let me know. *I think it’s possible the oils leached into the packaging, because a plastic note resides where the scent used to be.



Sirius-Blackberry, sandalwood and a hint of black pepper (Wizard’s Wax) With the famous blackberry, this fits into the fruity category but one cannot ignore the black pepper which is quite spicy. Warming releases a delicious plummy blackberry. Perfect choice for our movie night featuring Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Hey, there’s a collection I’d like to see Brandy formulate, maybe for the next installment.


Wizard-Toasted Mallow, Fireside & Cinnamon Sticks (Oz) Another unsuccessful Oz melt to me. Excited about these notes, but overwhelmed by the cinnamon sticks on cold throw. It’s the burn-your-nose-hairs kind I find too powerful to enjoy. Maybe the mallow comes through on warm? I’m sending to a friend who enjoys spicy cinnamon instead.



Countess-Pistachio & Chai Sugar Milk (AHS currently sold out) Ooh, sweetened, spicy sugar milk is a favorite and this version is yummy. Nutty pistachio compliments but the sugar melts as thick as frosting. It’s so warm and comforting, love.

Cujo-Warm vanilla sugar, brown sugar figs and blackberry jam (Fright Night)

An incredibly accurate Warm Vanilla Sugar dupe. No blackberry that I noticed, but the vanilla sugar is so concentrated, it dominates. Soft musk enhances the carmelization from the brown sugar hitting all of my sweet spots. Down to my last cube of this, will repurchase.


Rosemary’s Baby-Bedtime Bath, Rosemary Mint and Herbal Lavender (Fright Night) Regretting not ordering this baby earlier, because of a bad first vendor melt with Rosemary Mint. After a year of vendor wax, I’ve mad for these soothing notes. A bright mint balanced by the clean, romantic bedtime bath and punched up by the woody lavender. Well-balanced, not overly sweet.


Unfortunately no longer updating except Facebook, I’d heard through others, bambags were announced as returning.

A handful of scents in $11.00 Bam bags are released for preorders for one day only, if you want a large portion of a scent you have to be quick to get it in the bags. I’d never gotten a chance to grab Tate or Violet separately, and I thought, what’s one more order?


Tate/Violet– A blend of 2 highly sought after scents; Tate: Sweater Weather, Cotton Candy & Blackberry
Violet: Peppermint, Cotton Candy & Blackberry (AHS perpetually sold out)

I sneezed every time I brought a wax chunk close enough to sniff. Process of elimination led me to the peppermint. This makes sense because I sneeze any time I pop in a piece of peppermint gum, it just hadn’t occurred with a scent before.


The same juicy blackberry is present here, but so too is a medicinal note that is amplified when melting. Again, I believe it’s the peppermint, combined with the cotton candy and berry resulting in a muddled cough syrup. This blend may be popular, but I don’t get it. I might try Tate individually if offered.


Sample cubes with each order: 

Flame Princess-a generic fizzy fragrance

Ginny– happy to try, but it turns out I’m not keen on the Poppy perfume dupe.

Radley-Pear slices, brown sugar and chamomile, a glowing sweetness I enjoyed.

I’d love to say I have enough Super Tarts to last a year. But with the solid performing throw (in nearly all cases), the creative blends and irresistible nods to fandom, Super Tarts is my kryptonite. My to-try list keeps growing.

As always let me know your faves and which vendors you can’t resist, gotta rest my typing fingers now.

April: Best & Best

20170429_165904 (1)

This mish mash of fragrant goodness represents some of the best melts I’ve experienced in quite awhile and they couldn’t be more different! Spring has carried lovely scents my way, ergo these melts are a must for April’s recap.

Best fragrances of the month year:

20170419_143152 (2)
I only melted the tail if you must know.

Balance and Glow- Candles from the Keeping Room (gifted) Delicate honey blossoms kissed with sunny citrus, infused with lavender and Echinacea blooms. Ribbons of raw vanilla and honeycomb wrap the scent in sheer delight.

Not explicit in the description, but this is an amazing tea scent. When melted, my husband searched me out just to tell me how good it was. Not dripping with honey, but lightly sweet and invigorating. Imagine sipping a green tea Starbucks refresher, but better with added herbal essence. No tea scent I’ve tried comes close to this uplifting brew.


Fresh cucumber and Pink sugarRosegirls chunks.

Though I’ve melted this beloved vendor before, I made my first official Rosegirls pre-order last month. Honestly, they all rocked my world, but this simple blend became a fast favorite. Cotton candy perfumed berries and carmelized sugar twines with crisp, crunchy garden cucumber. Though cucumbers may not be for everyone, this blend works. And I’m not the only one who thinks it, as I’ve read others rave about it’s distinctive scent. Fresh, identifiable, sweet and relaxing.


The Golden EggThe Bathing Garden reviewed here. Sugared marzipan atop dainty almond pastry filled with vanilla bean rose cream. I doled these eggs out like a wax easter bunny. They were such a hit with my entire family and melt like a dream.

Speaking of The Bathing Garden…


Sugared Pie Crust- The Bathing Garden

This exquisite pie-shaped sample didn’t last 24 hours in my house before I had to try it. My nose was rewarded with warm flaky dough, baked to golden perfection, sprinkled with a dusting of sugar crystals. The blue-ribbon worthy top note is a dash of salt, just like in an authentic pie crust. SPC is the current scent of the month bundle for TBG and the first I’ve had to strrrugggle to resist.

Spunky Monkey Bread-¬†Lasting Scent Candles¬†reviewed here, SPM was the winning scent from my not totally successful LSC haul. And yes, I have no shame in admitting I’d snap this up in a loaf if I ever got the chance. Pure peach perfection.

White Gardenia fragrance plug-in-Yankee Candle Peach, Berry, Clove top notes, with Gardenia, Jasmine, Lily, Freesia and a base of musk.

I’ve never touted a fragrance plug-in before, but this performs too well not to. Diffusing near the garbage bin in my kitchen and every time I walk by I think, who gathered the bouquet of fresh flowers? Dizzy, intoxicating botanical perfume tones.


Water Garden- Yankee Candle (gifted)¬†water flowers, melon and musk. This takes me back to the floating water gardens of Jardin Botanique in Montreal. Green pools, misty droplets of hothouse air, water lillies, aquatic hyacinths and delicate fern fronds. The epitome of a fresh spring scent. I can’t say how long it’s been since I was excited about a candle from Yankee.


Way to chisel my heart of stone:

At our annual Speech Night fundraiser held in early April, our graduating seniors surprised us. Whereas, typically after the performances my husband, the coach, gives a few closing remarks on the individual seniors and their accomplishments. This year, the seniors delivered brief letters to both of us, acknowledging how speech has changed their lives, what they’ve gained and how they will miss it, us, each other.

I can’t express how it touched my heart to hear those heartfelt words of admiration and gratitude for the commitment we make to our team. I’ve spoken an awful lot of them because they are so special to us. Painful as it is to see these students go, I’m honored and grateful to be a part of their successes, their failures and a cherished piece of their teenaged lives.

New method of Easter egg decorating: Using shaving or whipped cream, who knew? 

My niece did (those are her hands) and suggested using as an alternative method for dyeing eggs. It takes food coloring, some practice and a lot of cool whip! All worth it to create these artistic eggs. Tip: for a marbled pattern, skim the egg across the swirls, don’t over blend. For a soft watercolor effect, submerge the egg in well-blended colors.

Read: “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. Listening to the audio of this tightly woven book kept my mind focused on the workday commutes. I plan to review sometime soon if I can do it justice.

Throwback to the early days of dating:


After striking a deal to fix up his old acoustic guitar, my husband’s been breaking out in impromptu serenades. Not since the days of early wooing, ages ago, have I been treated to 90’s classic renditions of “Glycerine,” “I’m Free” and “Please Do Not Go” by Bush, Oasis and the Violent Femmes respectively. It’s been sweet, mood-boosting nostalgia and I think it’s kinda cool.

I’ve already touched on the lows of this month and sense a slow shift towards feeling more like myself. It’s been a hard climb, but I’ll take it because I have to.¬†

What have you treasured lately? Any new beginnings or bittersweet endings on the horizon?