Top Ten Tuesday: 10 recent bookshelf additions

Sorry to disappoint, but you won’t find new releases occupying this list. I rarely buy a new book, preferring to check it out from the library or listen to audiobooks on free apps like Libby and Hoopla, and recently buying from Audible (grrr, they got me).

*My shelves are mostly thrifted or gifted. With an eclectic mix of acquired cast-offs one might expect in the household of a high school English teacher and a library specialist.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl since January of 2018. Jana writes, “it was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.” In that spirit, link up with your list at That Artsy Reader Girl and comment with your list, link, or thoughts below.

10. The Outsiders 50th anniversary edition- gifted by my sister ❤

9. What Would Dolly Do: How to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World. Another Christmas gift. I’ve only paged through this a few times and it’s already a source of inspiration.

8. The Splendid and the Vile. Hey, here’s a soon to be released title. I requested the arc from Edelweiss knowing I can’t go too wrong with Erik Larsen.

7. and 6. Rebecca and Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier. I actually think Rebecca is overrated but still couldn’t resist this gorgeous International Collector’s set. I’m a sucker for green spines.

5. Station Eleven. An intended read this year.

4. Harry Potter y El Prizanero De Azcaban. Don’t know what my plan was for getting this, but maybe I’ll challenge my high school spanish skills and attempt a reading.

3. Masterpieces of Terror. Total cover buy, however, it is a pretty cool story compilation.

2. Robert Frost’s Poems. This petite anthology called my name. The lines and furrows on his face speak as deep and everyday as his poetry.

1. In the Woods. If you’ve read my TTT on authors I can’t believe I haven’t read yet, you’ll know I plan to rectify the lack of Tana French on my shelves.

So, ten new-to-me shelf additions. Do you acquire older books too? What’s new, or new-to-you, on your shelf?

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 recent bookshelf additions

    1. Thank you! Unless it’s an author I can’t pass up (few and far between) I wait until a book achieves modern classic or super good word-of-mouth before I seek my own copy.
      And being a library specialist means I feel extra compelled to borrow via the library.:)


    1. Thank you, I appreciate a pretty cover and sometimes can’t let a quality book pass me by, even if I have no intention of re-reading. I figure I will pass them on someday.

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  1. I loved reading these additions to your bookshelf. I too have a weakness for those green and gold embossed spines. So beautiful. I love that you picked up the Spanish version of Harry Potter. I have the Scottish and it is quite the kick to try and read. Especially aloud.


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