Countdown: Top 9 scents of 2019

It’s such a fun time of year to look back and sort through my favorite smell-goods. I’ve gathered my top 9 of 2019 below:

9. Ten Digit Creations- Pink Berry Tonka/Let Them Eat Cake– Never tried either of these popular fragrance oils before marrying them into a custom blend, but it’s lovely, lush, and not too sweet. I’m tickled to have a bit more of this tart perfume to melt in the new year.

8. Sniff My Tarts- Blue Sugar Vanilla Lace/Ice Cream Scoop Bread/Vanilla Bean Noel. Pure thick n’ rich sugared musk. Heck yeah!

7. Closet Full of Wax- Wildings (Vanilla Oak/Smoked Vanilla/Charcoal Tonka/Black Coconut) By itself, Charcoal Tonka can be bitter. Joined by earthy oak and nutty coconut, it transforms into embered woodsy bliss.

6. Candles From the Keeping Room- Pumpkin Chamomile. I ordered tons of CFTKR this year, enough that they all sorta blurred together. However, any scent which makes me embrace spiced pumpkin bakery is a stand-out.

5. Golden Willow Wax- Coconut Butt. The union of coconut cream and amber smells of a sigh-worthy summer daydream.

4. Swanky Candle Co.- Palo Santo/Coconut Milk/Shave Cream. Swanky excels in ethereal, creamy, unconventional combos and this one has it all.

3. Bohemienne Life- Mabon– *gifted from a friend. I blanked on it for my Fall Burn book, but be assured I’ll seek out these deeply intense wood smoke and apple notes year after year.

2. Sniff My Tarts- Vanilla Sandalwood/Caramel Pipe Tobacco/Campfire Marshmallows. Actually at a loss for words on how yummy this smells. Trust me, it’s good.

1. L3 Waxy Wonders- Palo Santo/Shea and Santal custom blend. Silky smooth, alluring and instantly soothing. Edging out SMT by just a smidge since I turn to it to promote a sense of calm whenever I have a hella stressful day.

Most ordered of 2019: Candles from the Keeping Room. There was no holding me back when Carol began restocking more frequently AND most importantly, leaving the site open for longer than 30 min. I believe I ordered 4 times (3 since June) and I owe credit for even hearing about it to helpful waxies, Abby and Zia. The only issue with so much CFTKR is ending up with tons of scent multiples. Half-full cellophane bags everywhere.

Best new discovery: Closet Full of Wax. Ordered on a whim and became impressed with the scent selection, themes, unique blends and occasional sales. Not to mention the charming wax designs.

Said goodbye to these vendors in 2019: Wonderberry Wax, I’m already pining for Courtney’s shower scrubs. Gio & Turner–congrats on your upcoming family addition, Jeannie! Bonjour Wax Co. I will miss you most of all, Mandi. Ten Digit Creations (saying goodbye to TDC has been a roller coaster–Amber has closed her shop before) this time it may be for good; best of luck to all in your next endeavors ladies. Thank you.

Candle stats:

Purchased: Bath and Body Works-5, gifted-2. Yankee Candle-1, The Melting Library-2, Tookish Candle Co.-1

Candle empties-only 10 or so. Gah, little progress on dwindling my stash. Oh well, next year.

Scent trends of 2019:

Woody, crisp and creamy Palo Santo dominated, showing up in more and more vendor blends. Not burnt out on it yet and I hope to see more next year. Oud wood is another earthy up-and-comer, offered in high-end fragrance wares and small business vendor wax. It’s dreamy paired with misty rain notes.

Scent trend for 2020?

Any scent predictions for the new year, the new decade? The above trends parallel a shift in my favorite fragrance types too; from the fresher, ozone- heavy notes to earthy, herbal, and sensual. I’m eagerly anticipating this trend to continue. How about you, what scents are you expecting in the new year?

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