2020 Reading Challenge: Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid

Thank you for joining The Scented Library and The Redolent Mermaid for our third reading challenge! Julie and I enjoy reading and even better, reading with friends. Below are the prompts we created as a guide to reading outside the box. Feel free to join us in challenging ourselves to read them all or simply join us for one or two!

2020 Reading Challenge list:

1. Quickie- 200 pages or less.

2. On the briny- a saltwater reading experience.

3.  Ready set read- Finish a series, or start a new one.

4. Memory lane- a book you missed out on from childhood.

5. Name dropper- get proper with a titular character [named after the book’s subject].

6. Magical realism

7.  Make it the year of the lycan-read a wolfish book.

8. Eye candy cover

9.  A tear jerker- I’m not crying, you’re crying!

10. Get lost in time- book set in the future or past, or both.

11. A book you’d turn to when feeling blue.

12.  Cover Text Intertwined With Images: big 2019 novel trend.

13. Stay Golden with gilded pages or shimmering cover accents.

14. Do you have a nightlight? Read something spooky if you do.

15. Borrowed book- library, lil’ free library, or friend. Don’t forget to return it!

16. Seek the throne-heraldry or castle on the cover.

17. New-to-you author

18. A centenarian book, one that is 100 years or older. 

19. Our pets are the best of us. Read a story with a dear dog or cherished cat companion.

20. Colorless- a stark cover with only black/white

21. Forest Bathing- trees on the cover, in the title or as subject matter.

22. Generation Z- A teen or young adult author.

23. Book based on a real event- true story based fiction, or non-fiction. 

24. Reading rebel- a controversial book, or featuring a literary rebel.

25. Illuminated Illustrations: a book with photographs or art within.

26. 20/20 Vision. A book that helped you to see something clearer. 

27. Gold Star. You get one just for reading a book. Your choice.

28. The White Whale- book on your TBR forever, a weighty book, or one you couldn’t bring yourself to read before [or that you think will be the end of you].

29. Home is where the heart is. A house on the cover. 

30. Old Fashioned: A book with a table of contents.

*I hope you find this challenge as wide open and adaptable to your reading tastes as we do. This is the first year I don’t have many titles in mind beforehand, so send your reading recommendations this way.

If you join us for even one prompt please share your book and rating, mini-review, or simply a “what I am currently reading photo” on social media by adding the tag #bookishjayandthereadingmermaid. We hope that 2020 brings us all health, happiness, great opportunities and wonderful stories to read.

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