Fall Burn Book- fragrance journal

Bonfire smoke, crisp leaves, damp woods, earthy spices and toasted marshmallows filled my home with the nature-inspired harmony of autumn. Highlighting a few melts and burns from the last three months below to wrap up the fall season.

Cinnamon Irish Cream– Bath & Body Works. I rarely go for purely sugar ‘n spice notes but this delectable combo won me over while in-store. Strapping pungent liquor, milky notes and hearty cinnamon sugar creates a room-filling aroma. My husband loves this one and our agreement on candles is few and far between, definite crowd-pleaser.

*Pumpkin & CardamomCFTKR. From this unassuming scent I discern layers of autumnal aroma. Fat pods of cardamom toasted on the hearth dusted over sweet cream, then dolloped upon thick slabs of pumpkin pie. Gently bittersweet, earthy bliss. *My favorite discovery this fall.

Smoked Applewood/Hayride– Ten Digit Creations custom blend. I prefer my apples smokey rather than sweet. Mingled with earthy dried hay, this unique atmospheric blend is just right, not to mention the wizened owl shape has me charmed.

Mummy Mademoisellecandied rose jam, sweet sticky saltwater taffy, creamy white vanilla. The Bathing Garden. The first note to surface is the saltiness. With lush rose jam, a tartness appears, giving the blend a sweet/sour candy-like fragrance.

Aunt Loretta’s Plantation House- Vintage Chic Scents. Rich coconut cream and pumpkin pie spices put a summery spin on an all time classic. Fleshy coconut, crisped cracked hulls and ribbons of lightly spiced pumpkin baked in a buttery pie crust. A happy summer-to-fall transition. Slightly disappointing in throw, however, long cure time usually improves VCS.

Dried Lavender & Oak- Yankee Candle has gotten lavender wrong for so many years that this new Fall fragrance is a lovely surprise. Woody oak captures my earthy-loving heart while dried herbal lavender slips in and out upon wisps of smokey incense. *If you don’t like smoke, this may be too much, but I love it!

Vanilla Sage- Bath & Body Works. A stand-out for it’s unique notes of herbal freshness. I’m smitten with crisp sage softened by silky vanilla; my only wish is that B & BW’s earthy scents throw as well as their bakery does.

Autumn Lodge- Yankee Candle. An old familiar friend that I light every November. Pipe smoke, charred ash, wet wool and crackling woods. Nostalgia in a jar. I have one back-up candle, but hope that Yankee never permanently retires this scent.

I experimented with several smaller indie vendors earlier this year. Golden Willow and Closet full of Wax have been extra impressive lately.

Beastie Boys Cafe- Golden Willow Wax. Coffee house buzz and Beastie Boys jams describes my 90s young adulthood; I knew this scent would equal a win. Creamy, nutty warm comfort of flavored coffee in a wax melt.

Merit Badge- Closet Full of Wax. Sandalwood & Suede, Shea butter and Mahogany Coconut. Whimsical hot air balloon embeds deliver resinous woods, and weightless shea rides a breeze of creamy coconut for a lovely nuanced scent.

Ouja BoardCloset Full of Wax. Sometimes, I crave a strong woody fragrance and I’ve found a contender with the cedar, nutmeg, voodoo vanilla combo in this easily blendable wax.

I gotta give cred to an amazing indie candle vendor who created a magical Harry Potter inspired line this fall. The Melting Library will be collecting my candle fun money for as long as this inspiration exists. Full review here.

The Christmas decorations are going up and I’m attending a live performance of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas today-officially entering holiday mode. Winter is one of my favorite fragrance seasons, and I’m looking forward to lighting up my home with them. What scents are you looking forward to? Any fall faves or discoveries that you’ve found?

3 thoughts on “Fall Burn Book- fragrance journal

  1. Your teenage coffee house sounds tres cool. Always park your rear anywhere there’s Beasties on the deck.

    So…it’s clearly been an eternity since I’ve been by your blog, as we’re back here in Fall scents? I don’t think I melted a thing this past Fall, and I’m way down even since we moved into our new house. Just haven’t been feelin’ that wax luv. Although I’m curious about this Irish Cream scent – sounds amazing. I bought just one candle from BBW this holiday – Marshmallow Fireside, of course – and one handsoap (VBN.) So way down on my consumption and living vicariously through you. 🙂

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    1. Buddy! It has been even longer since I’ve been by yours, but I’m planning a blog catchup day before the end of the month. We are treading water with so much in our lives atm. Speech has been near disaster, barely holding it together and taking care of Johnny has been a struggle. We are facing what you and Will did last winter. Plus I’ve been swamped in my new work role.
      One positive side effect is that wax buying has been on back burner. Still daily melting though, and it’s become a nice evening ritual. I understand your interest decline; your time, monies and attention have been devoted to better pursuits. I can proudly put one feather in my cap-no semi-sale candle purchases for me☺.
      And I admire your restraint.


      1. I’m more sorry to hear this than I can say. Last year was so unpleasant, and it was truly a self-perpetuating loop of misery. But if you can find that one single toe hold that’ll let you step out of that loop, it’s very liberating. I’m hoping for that toe hold for you, friend (almost said “toe hole” which…sounds kind of pervy? I mean, maybe that’s what you’re looking for right now as a diversionary tactic, but who knows?) 😉


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