Farewell, friends (for now)

Currently, my life has much in common with the jigsaw puzzle above; it’s overly complicated, exhausting and feels half-finished. And like the two-inch wide black border around this design, I can’t seem to make the pieces come together.

With that, I’m taking a break from blogging for the first time in 3 years. It is unplanned and a bit unwelcome, but necessary. The issues I mentioned in January are compounding. Starting at a new position in the library has been a bigger than expected adjustment. To be honest, it’s kicking my ass. Learning numerous processes and procedures in a fast-paced environment each day has left me running on empty when I get home.

I’ve wiped my blogging calendar clean for the month of March even with
several reviews drafted for both products and books, I can’t commit to finishing them in the near future. My absence may be for a month, or it may be longer. I could pop back in to contribute a Top Ten Tuesday if a topic particularly entices me, but no promises. I won’t disappear completely, however. I will visit my fellow bloggers, friends old and new, when I can carve some time for myself.

A heartfelt thanks to my new followers gained since December. I declare the book blogging community is beyond generous and welcoming. It’s a pleasure being one small member of your tribe.
Even when the sight of endless unprocessed book stacks send me over the edge on some extremely busy work days (@_@) I won’t be taking a break from reading and recording books for my reading co-challenge, Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid, follow our insta hashtag #bookishjayandreadingmermaid to check out my current reads.

To my longtime friends, I’m not saying goodbye, simply, see you soon.

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  1. Take care of yourself and when you return we’ll be around. I’ve enjoyed the blog, but fully understand the pressures and feelings of accountability that go along with blogging. Remember to breathe!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and you are so right. I’ve had to remind myself to breathe lately as I’ve been so overwhelmed. I appreciate you visiting and I see you’ve shared new posts–I’ll catch up with your writing soon:)

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  2. I understand your sentiments and wish you peace and ease at this busy time in your life. Hoping the pieces come together in beautiful and unexpected ways for you. See you around, my friend! ❤ Hopefully we can catch each other on IG. Looking forward to seeing what you are reading. Cheers.

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    1. Thank you my friend<3 I'm slowly acclimating myself to this new lifestyle, I have been fortunate to have support from my husband and friends and wonderful supporters like you. Of course we will stay in close touch, love and cheers to you!

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      1. I get the need to be steady on your feet. Thank you so much for your comment on my last post. I took it down because my daughter has a tumor in her ear and is having neurosurgery. I was starting to question whether I should have blogged something so personal under such duress, as if the cracks in my foundation were showing:) I’ve been following the Violence against Women act very closely and when paying attention to National Govmt. became overwhelming, I focused on local Govmt. I was feeling incredibly defeated by both. The troll was the cherry on the cake. I get what you mean about satire not being satire. I’ve made that observation also. I also believe you are right about the bridge between the two which is disheartening because I have family on the other side primarily due to my coal mining upbringing and their religious views. Some of whom, no longer speak to me. Thankfully International Women’s Day happened yesterday and I so needed that. I can clearly see hope is alive. I have shut the news off for now and its been three days for a news junkie such as myself. I’m focused on my daughter and her healing right now and I just have to trust that whatever crusade is happening behind the scenes will continue onward without my attention. It sounds crazy but it’s not been an easy process dropping the ball for me because than I feel as if everyone outside of me is quitting also. I have other “work” to do, and it’s okay…thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone in this. Best wishes to you. I’ll be patiently waiting your return:)


    1. Oh, thank you so much April. I feel very fortunate to have wonderful support like yours. It makes the online community a nicer place to be–I’m here for you, as you are in my thoughts, if you need to reach out, feel free<3

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  3. You know when you get those feelings clear out of the blue that *something* has changed in the universe, but you just can’t quite place your finger on what that might be? I’ve had that feeling for about a week now as it pertains to catching up on MY blogging activities – like something big happened out there, and I’ve no idea what that something is yet.

    To that end, I’m sorry to hear that blogging is more of a burden than a blessing at this point. It’s a hard thing to explain to people, how you want this thing that you put so much work into – but receive no actual renumeration FOR – to succeed, but it can’t succeed if you’re being pulled in a million different physical and emotional directions at once. Cripes, there have been SO MANY times I’ve thought about just pulling the plug because of Too Much Life-ness, and I don’t have one-tenth of the stuff on the go that you do. Blogging’s a weird animal – a joy and a giant annoyance all at the same time. Like family. 😉

    So pop in as precisely as often as you’d like, whenever you’re so inspired instead of when you feel like you absolutely MUST. And who knows, once you settle into your routine a bit more and get more comfortable with your new position, you’ll come back a bit more because you want to. And we’ll be here. 🙂 I’ll be here – can’t keep this one down for long. Stay strong, friend, and best of luck getting used to the new ins and outs.

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  4. I really enjoy reading your blog and will look forward to your return in whatever capacity you decide.
    Blogging is a HUGE commitment but it’s gotta be a joy not a chore to retain its appeal both for reader and blogger alike. X


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