Beezy Tarts-Spring wax haul

My previous and only review of Beezy Tarts till now was less than glowing. It could be said the opposite of that actually. After hearing feedback from friends and other Beezy buyers, I’ve learned the key with this brand is to be extremely selective.

Because the scents are composed of single fragrance oils, not house blends, what you see is what you get, not much chance of novelty. My second order on Jan. 9th was more strategic, I told myself–go for the foodie scents and don’t let anything unknown turn your head–and it paid off. 2 oz. cups for $1.85 ea., shipped within a week for $7.25. As always, these carried the mega-watt throw so characteristic of the brand, only the Lavender Milk needed more than a third of a cup.

Marshmallow Bread-Delicious Bread, topped with a Sticky Melted Marshmallow Sauce. Velvety soft marshmallows cling to the bread with a silky sweet sheen. An unexpected sour note finishes, the baked bread may be the culprit, but this resembles a pile of gooey marshmallow fluff with a hint of spicy batter more than a dough. A warm cozy twist on the ubiquitous marshmallow firesides nearly every waxie has in her stash.

Pink Sugar Bread-Amish Friendship Bread, blended with Pink Sugar. Flickers of fragrant Pink Sugar sweets with spicy afterburners tickle my nose. Sometimes a metallic background appears in PS fragrance oils, but the breadinesss wafts that away and replaces it with delicate touches of caramelized sugar, cinnamon, and clove. Hearty pats of butter and vanilla top it off for good measure, sweetly crowning the fruity mix. Oh what yum! Well-balanced, the lasting impression is one of pure freshness, which I love, a dreamboat of a scent.

Country Bumpkin-Apples, Candied Yams, Marshmallows, Sweet Cream Butter, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg, Crushed Cinnamon Bark, and Fresh Cloves. Featuring roasted flavors, from sugar to nuts, this bumpkin’s got a lot goin’ on. I want to love it, however, on cold, the cinnamon emits that particular robust clang that’s rather loud and bitter. A spiced fruit pops up reminding me more of oranges than apples. An altogether unique creamy fragrance in the crowded autumn spice family, I just hope that cinnamon’s bark is bigger than it’s bite.

Lavender Sugar Cookie-Sugar Cookie blended with a Sweet Lavender. Having received a lavender I loved and one I loathed from my last order, I was worried this would be of the overly powdery type which wrinkles my nose. Fortunately, melting proved it a crisp vanilla biscuit with a potent, unoffensive lavender. The floral flirts with the edge of synthetic, but is laced with enough sugar crystals to uplift it from knicker-drawer satchet status to the lavender-glazed icing on the cookie. A full-bodied floral bakery.

Lavender Milk-Lavender buds, Bergamot and Lemon, Vanilla Soy Milk with a hint of Tonka bean and Musk. I’ve spotted this fragrance from a few vendors lately and was curious to see how it would rate among the various lavender options. A more aromatic, authentic lavender bud than the above type, the silvery herbal nature projects a soothing quality of pleasurable aromatherapy. No curdled milk smell which appears in some milk, mousse and cream cheese oils, however, there’s an almost powdered white cocoa aspect to the soy blend. A soft pretty fragrance that I’ve been melting in my bedroom while dreaming of Spring.

Chamomile Tea and Milk- a tad sweet and watery, like a lesser-grade Diner tea with a packet of splenda, redeemed by fresh leafy crispness. Chamomile is a dusty, golden floral, it’s flowery essence toned down by warm milky cream. I adore the bergamot/lemon citrus background which buzzes with luminous springtime air. Agreeable as reading a Jane Austen novel near a bright window on a sunny afternoon.

Campfire Marshmallow– There isn’t much left to say about this classic scent. A sweet marshmallow with a liquid core of cool vanilla and the slightest thread of smokiness. It’s pleasant, and lighter-throwing, which holds true for Beezy’s samples thus far.

Deadly Weapon– a sporty cologne type that’s likely a dupe of something. It does carry that freshly shaven clean man appeal. Not overwhelming, rather on the light side and smooth enough, but I’m not into this style as much in wax anymore.

Sticking to the Beezy rulebook of breads, marshmallows, trusted dupes and the hype-worthy Mint Lavender, I’ll likely order again. It’s early, but Pink Sugar Bread is certainly in the lead for a top fragrance of the year. Beezy Tarts is currently open with ready-to-ship wax as of the 18th, are you stocking up? Have you ever given a less than stellar wax or fragrance experience a second go-round? I crave variety so often, it’s a challenge for me to stick to a few scent types. Any fragrance strategies that work for you?

4 thoughts on “Beezy Tarts-Spring wax haul

  1. Yay for your 2nd Beezy!!
    I just gave Moonbeams Wax Meltz a second chance. I placed an order when I first got into wax. I got mostly spicy, deep, dark scents that I loved, but something about the undertone of the wax wasn’t hitting my nose just right.
    This time around I grabbed a little variety of some other scent types and so far it’s going well- I’ve melted a couple.
    I really love Stephanie’s aesthetic, blends and her as a person, too. So, I really want to continue to support her business.


  2. Oh, I’ve gone back to the well more than a couple of times when I should probably know better, but being somewhat limited in my choice of vendors that deliver to Canada, sometimes I just have to swallow my annoyance. The only vendor I never ordered from more than once was an Etsy shop, name not remembered. The scents I got were awful; can’t believe I actually even continued on with scented wax after that, so yicky was it.

    I’m glad this order was kinder to you than the last. As I’d most likely say, can’t go too wrong with those foodie scents (oh yes, you can!) Pink Sugar Bread for the win!


  3. YUM!!! Glad you gave Beezy another go and actually enjoyed many of them! Lavender Milk does sound interesting. I may need to try that one next time. I won’t order right now but I will definitely give Beezy some more of my money down the road. I just hope John continues to make wax since it isn’t his full time job I don’t think. He reminds me a little of Ove sometimes. But in the best possible way.


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