Sniff My Tarts- Fall/Winter custom scents

I feel a bit apologetic for the delay on posting this haul, however, as much as I enjoy blogging; individually photographing a huge box of wax melts, subsequently melting and noting descriptions, then writing it all up can be a mammoth effort. Not to mention, I have wax hauls which arrived in November that I haven’t gotten to yet. These beauties showed up a mere 5 weeks ago, which was 5 months after placing the order, which was ordered 4 minutes after Sniff My Tarts‘ custom opening. It’s safe to assume a 6 month swing from purchasing to posting when it comes to SMT. All being fair in love and wax=no apologies, no regrets. (In fact, all is much more than fair-these are stellar). Behold my first of two Sniff My Tarts wax customs from the August 11th opening.

*Per usual with my SMT scent creations; I choose a scent title, list the overpour first and provide the scent notes in the descriptions.

mini chunky muffins- 9 oz. $11.70 (up to 3 oils)

“Snowmageddon”- The polar vortex has nothing on the crisp icy blast delivered by this blend. One of the most refreshing creations conjured by myself, or quite possibly anyone. Although, this Peppermint Swizzle Sticks, Marshmallow Cake Noel, Lord of Misrule combo was inspired by a similar, mintier piece sent to me from my dear friend, Julie. The LOM Lush dupe projects an ample incense note which isn’t upstaged by the metallic peppermint while the mallow cream smooths out the two fragrance heavyweights. I admit I’m quite choosy over mints, and prefer them not too sweet nor bold, but this blend is smack in the middle while still bringing the exhilarating vibes I wished for, blissfully chill.

brittle chunks- 10 oz. $13.50 (up to 4 oils)

“That’s What She Said”- inspired after a scented hair product from The Dirty Goat (in turn named after Michael Scott’s suggestive catchphrase). My attempt to recreate that fragrance wasn’t a perfect match, but this came out absolutely smashing anyway. I was worried about the wildflower honey, but I needn’t have been, it’s gorgeous. Caramel apple, buttercream frosting, wildflower honey with a twist of Meyer lemon adding just the right amount of zing. Tart, sweet, tangy and creamy, it checks nearly all the boxes. A jammy-sweet fruit that draws me near with springy citrus before dissolving into rich pools of honey creme caramel. *Melted twice, I’ve noted the longevity is short-lived in comparison to other scents, good thing I have so much of it.

“Hobbitses”- Like Hobbits, I too love ale and wanted to conjure a scent worthy of the Shire’s home-brewed barrels. Eagerly adding scents to Sniff My Tart’s Beer blend, I’m afraid I went overboard. Butterbrickle, Dried Apple Wreath, plus Twig and Berries supercharge the fruitiness in the already concentrated floral tropical fruit of the beer notes. Hoping for a buttery barley to emerge, however, the sticky Butterbrickle is no match for the boozy apples. Most noticeable, a sour fruit reminiscent of potent hard cider. Not quite the earthy fantasy flagon I imagined, but a robust and surprisingly enjoyable, if somewhat motley brew once the sinus-clearing aspects disperse.

no fuss chunks- 8 oz. $10.80

“Forbidden Forest”- An Enchanted Forest, Pomegranate, Frosty Pine combo that is the least risky, most ‘like-me’ blend of the bunch. The pine is needle-sharp, but sweet, with a dash of spice. Pomegranate fruits leap forth tart and punchy, while the cool greens of Enchanted Forest oil bridge the dissonance with a soothing finesse of woody perfume. Upon second melting, the juicy pomegranate pulp bursts out even stronger, making this blend less predictable than initially thought, but one never does know what she’ll find in the Forbidden Forest.

frosted sugar cookies-$5.40 ea.

“North Pole Barber”-Barbershop 1920’s, Bayberry, Vanilla Snowflakes type. Camphorous, green smelling mint, which isn’t at all candied, meets the full-bodied balsam fir of bayberry leaf. Enhanced by a brisk clean essence of shaving cream the composition flirts with the notion of steely aftershave. The only blend I wouldn’t consider a success because it’s icy bite is a bit too sharp to me.

“Cookie Camper”- Marshmallow Fireside, Sugared Spruce, Cookie Bread. First and foremost a cookie bread scent. If you snapped a piece of shortbread in two and held it to your nose, this is what you’d get, buttery sugar cookie. Sugared Spruce provides an underlying freshness on cold, which made my bakery-scent loving husband turn up his nose, but unfortunately (or fortunately for him) the spruce gets lost on warm. This happens to reinforce my theory that SMT’s customs always smell differently when melted than initial appearances. The thick crunchy cookie aroma needs a lil’ lightness to leaven the mix and the smokey syrupy tones of Marshmallow Fireside only intensify the bakery smells. I’ll reuse Cookie Bread, but contrast with something completely different next time.

“The Mango”- Sticky Rice, Mango Sorbet, Cider Doughnuts. I’m convinced there’s no scent which can’t be uplifted by the magic of Mango Sorbet. With a brilliant sugary tang fit for nectar-of-the-gods comparisons, it’s easily one of my top 5 favorite fo’s. (I forsee a mango sorbet/cookie bread in my future). How could I go wrong by adding sticky rice and doughnuts? I couldn’t, it’s delicious! Sticky Rice was a last second blend addition and as far as I can tell, imparts a barely there creamy base while the doughnuts create a cozy component laden with moist fruity texture and tempting spices. A mouthwatering mango which leaves me feeling the way George’s date felt after the risotto, glowing and bright;)

half large chunk pie- $22.60

“A little help from my friends”- aptly named due to this combination being the brain child of my friend Sandra at Finger Candy, with a slight modification. Apple Cider Latte, Buttercream Drizzle Bread, Vanilla Waffle Cone is my riff on the pie slice she sent to me with Ice Cream Scoop Bread. ACL is one of a select few scents in which I don’t mind a towering apple-y note, juicy, bright and bold as day. Celebrating the indulgences of hot cider and roasted coffee containing bittersweet tannins, layering with vanilla spiced cream and rolling into a toasty warm waffle cone makes a luscious nostalgic aroma. The fragrance equivalent of all things comforting and good-just like friendship.


A chubby macaron of Sweater Weather which I will blend with something warmer, as on it’s own, I’ve found the airy fragrance to be too thin and watery. A tree in Creme De Menthe, an enjoyable green mint suffused in liquer and one I will likely use as a custom scent starter.

Devising these with autumnal thoughts in mind, but am truly pleased with how well they turned out and translate to upcoming spring days, particularly those with Meyer lemons, mango and pomegranate. I took a few risks on out of the box combinations and am impressed by the results. I’d repurchase all but one and only tweak a couple more. Thank you very much to the Sniff My Tart’s vendor family for all of your hard work creating these scent ideas. *P.S. I’m a fan of the new wax shapes and new bakery bag packaging.

upcoming custom order:

As I was composing this blog post, I got a shipping notification for my 2nd order of Spring/Summer custom scents, which I’ll post after getting everything sorted out, and I cannot wait. Until then, Sniff My Tarts releases RTS flash sales in their Facebook group twice a month and if, like me, you aren’t a part of Facebook, they have a Mystery Dream Box available and a description of a monthly sampler that is available on the website the 1st of every month. How do these sound to you? Any future custom creations whirling about?

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