Beezy Tarts- wax haul

Well look at this, I’ve finally gotten a hold of Beezy Tarts wax. As another one of those old-school vendors who only promotes restocks via Facebook, I’m never up-to-date on when Beezy’s is open. HUGE case in point, as I was searching scent notes for this post, I visited his website and happened to find it open for business on Wed. the 9th–which was completely unexpected! I’ve caught mention of a sale and browsed the site a few times before, but there’s never been enough left for me to initiate an order, until this past Thanksgiving Day, when a waxie friend posted about a restock on Instagram causing me to take the leap and make a small purchase. But did it live up to the hype? Read on.

The 2 oz. cups are $1.85 with $7.25 U.S. shipping for 20 tart cups. (The plastic lids are a bit fiddly and ill-fitting on some). There’s currently lots of stock left on the website from Wednesday’s opening including a temporarily marked down section (but maybe read up on a few here first) if you’re interested.

Starting off with the least promising of the bunch, Hay Ride. Unpromising due to the scent being so adverse to my nose, I haven’t brought myself to melt it yet. A blend of mown hay, sweet balsam, combined with smooth vetiver and cedarwood sounded delightful enough that I ordered two cups, but the hay is not the sweet golden variety that I enjoy-it’s pretty much green grass, so fresh, if I had allergies, it would activate them. No allergies, however, any presence of strong grassiness can generate a fierce headache. Vetiver usually acts as a freshening lift, but this needs toned way down. I haven’t thought of what else I can add to try and salvage it.

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks-Crisp Peppermint & Sugared Vanilla. A scent I know I can count on as I’ve tested it from other vendors. The ultra creamy buttermint is present and accounted for, softer and sweeter than a candy cane. However, in comparison to the Peppermint Swizzle Sticks experienced elsewhere, this came off a bit on the weak side. Started with a quarter of a cup and worked up to 2/3rds before the scent provided that expected minty chill.

Pumpkin Peanut Brittle-Sweet Caramel Brittle, Sea Salt Peanuts, with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds bears some resemblance to food, but that’s the best I can say about it. Melting it, the aroma recalls a particular mishap of a distracted cook who’s toasting nuts on the stovetop and burns them until they stick to the pan’s bottom. Adding in molasses to coat the nuts, also letting that burn, then inexplicably covering the whole thing up with motor oil–it’s bad. Also, there’s no detectable pumpkin amid the scorched oily notes but there is a 99% similarity to Bonfire Bliss oil, which alone can smell like burnt plastic (it’s sharp, although not horrible if doused in marshmallow) oh, and it was mega-strong, a quarter melt was plenty.

*I’m under the impression that Beezy uses single scent oils rather than blends, so the issue must lie with the vendor oil source. Perhaps it went rancid? I don’t know, but I’d be wary of anything matching those notes.

Vanilla Butter Fudge- a rich buttery creamy vanilla. I’ve tried Blackberry Fudge before and enjoyed it and I wanted to like this too, but again burnt sugar loomed large. Not as disastrous as the PPB, but a little too reminiscent of milk and cookies when the milk has been left out and soured slightly and the cookies all have burnt edges. Safe to say, I’ve found no repurchase ground yet.

Lavender Pound Cake- Sweet Vanilla Pound Cake with a hint of Lavender. Reversing the order in the provided scent description would be more accurate because there is much more dominant lavender going on here than bakery. A strong powdery floral that quickly reached cloying level and one which I can’t seem to handle anymore without getting a headache. An underlying sweetness smooths the edges with sugary glazed cake; not horrible, but not well-balanced. The lavender reminded me of Barrett Wax Craft’s soapy version, if you are familiar with it, this is the closest I’ve smelled to that pure form.

Mint Lavender– Alright, now I get it. The degree to which people rave about Beezy’s melts made sense upon melting Mint Lavender (I was seriously beginning to wonder what I was missing). The lavender is full and woodsy with a hint of metallic gleam from deep within the base, completely different from the powdered floral kind above. The mint, cool and refreshing, a rosemary-mint type that glosses over the herbal potency with a wave of cheerful aroma. Sweet radiant mint entwined with calming meditative lavender, it’s a nearly perfect harmony.

Finally, a scent I can get behind and understand what all the buzz for Beezy is about.

Sample: That cute lumpy donut in the top photo was a sample scented in
Praline Brittle. On cold throw, I feared it was similar to Pumpkin Peanut Brittle but the ubiquitous burnt edge melted away and became a sweet, dry, somewhat flowery treat. Estimated at about an ounce, it was a light performer.

Okay, there’s no sugar-coating the fact that I didn’t enjoy this order. With the exception of one scent, I wouldn’t repurchase; however, it was only based on a small selection of what Beezy offers. Friends with noses I trust have praised his products for awhile so I know there’s good stuff to be had. Perhaps my expectations for Beezy’s were too high. I actually appreciate that the wax is offered in a single form with no decorations or sizes to choose from, it’s all about the scent for a change, but finding the right scents is the key.

Underwhelming order aside, I wasn’t deterred from trying again. Remember when I said that I happened upon Beezy’s store opening Wednesday? I wasn’t planning on purchasing but there were lots of delicious sounding breads and one or two that friends have specifically raved about–so a few more scents are headed my way. Good news is, Beezy’s ships fast, and as of this writing, the website is still open, try some for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Beezy Tarts- wax haul

  1. Oh, bummer – that’s no fun for such a highly anticipated order. 😦 The first wax purchase I ever made was SO bad, I very nearly packed it all in right there. Never bought from that vendor again (Etsy) but obviously I kept going with the wax thing. I’ve also heard nothing but raves about Beezy; I wonder what’s happened. I hope your next order makes up for this one – no more burnt edge cookies and soured milk (ye gods.)

    Now that I know you’re all powdery lavender-averse, that makes it so great that I’m sending you an entire frosted cookie’s worth of a slightly powdery lavender that just wasn’t ringing my chimes! Well, take a sniff and see if rings YOURS, but I just found it kind of meh. I like a really green, herbal kind of lavender scent, and this guy was kind of piddly. Oh, nice friend over here, sending you things described as “piddly”!


    1. No dude, if it’s Sniff My Tarts’ lavender, I can handle it-their’s is a bit on the weak sauce side. This pound cake had almost obnoxious levels of powder, Lavender Powder Cake would have been more apt. Also, this gal would never complain about gifted wax, even the piddly kind. Thanks for sharing your stash, I should get my SMT order up in the next, prob 3 weeks tbh, when I do, you call out anything you want.
      On a related note, how do you feel about SMT’s various apple scents, because apparently I created 3 apple blends!

      My second Beezy order arrived and was much improved, still one spicy scent I thought I’d like but don’t, otherwise it seems great. It also shipped in 2 days. Beezy don’t play!


      1. Yes, weak, that’s it – there’s not much there there, you know? I’m also sending on a chunk from my peppermint blend that I’m not entirely sure is successful either – on cold it smells a bit plastickey, but it seems to go away when it’s melted. Curious if you’re smelling the same thing. Looking forward to finally seeing your order, though, I really hope it’s awesome.


  2. Awwww….that is such a huge bummer. I had a completely different experience with Beezy, thankfully. I love all the scents I chose. The one issue that we do share are those cups that the wax comes in. I highly dislike those. Most of the lids on mine were cracked 😢 so I had to repackage everything. I sure hope that your next order is more enjoyable.


    1. I was a bit bummed, but I guess I just chose the wrong scents for me. I’ve already received my 2nd order and it’s much improved thankfully. I’m glad you loved yours!


  3. I agree about having high expectations about Beezy wax. I’ve heard so many rave reviews! I still have yet to place my first Beezy order and I’m hoping to love what I purchase whenever I do.
    I’m sorry so many scents were misses and not hits for you. I see you placed another order and that was better- yay!!


    1. I think because Beezy’s wax seems old school, not changing much and that people buy many multiples of scents that I expected extreme greatness. I should have held him to the same expectations of every other brand–hits and misses with certain oils. Unfortuantely I struck out here, but with my second order, no regrets! I will note that 5 of 6 had strong throw, so that’s something.


  4. Beezy is definitely hit or miss with scents. With John’s wax I tend to stick with what I know I like and what works: Amish Quilt, Apple Clove Butter, Lavender Mint, Marshmallow Fireside and may a handful of others. I never feel the need to “explore” his scents. He does use just straight up FO for his blends. Bummer that most of the ones you picked weren’t winners. :-/ It happens.


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