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Back in October, when I made my first wax order after a hiatus on hauling, I chose That Smell Good Shop. One reason for giving this brand a go is because the vendor offers custom wax options every other month. Creating customized fragrance is one of my favorite waxie pastimes. The blend brainstorming and scent scheming involved is a fun way to satisfy my penchant for variety while giving my creative juices a chance to flow.

16 piece packs of Blender Chunks total 6 ounces for $7.50 with up to three oils per blend. Ordered October 25th and arrived around 4 weeks later. Offering free shipping for orders over $25 is a major incentive for ordering both custom and ready-to-ship wax at once. And the zero cost shipping (U.S) makes custom blending feel nearly risk-free.

Patchouli vanilla + Spiced Teakwood + Patchouli Rose**

Fragrant with the smell of floral woods, I intended this creation to soothe the winter woes. The ideal was an herbal bouquet fit for a bright English cottage but the reality didn’t translate. An abundance of white roses overwhelms and doesn’t mingle with the camphorous patchouli as well as I hoped. Rather than calming and relaxing with earthy garden inspiration, a tenacious alcohol note resides where the woody aromas should be. Fortunately the sharpness dissipates upon melting as the rosy patchouli takes hold. Not a winning combination, but that is the risk one takes in stride when custom creating.

** I absolutely love to title my customs, but was unprepared for the option of naming them when I ordered and just picked the first thing that came to mind. I do appreciate this little perk by That Smell Good Shop and will know what to expect next time.

Embers + Blue Sugar + Marshmallow Fireside

Ooh, now this is much more like it; a blend that achieves those brooding winter vibes I am currently feeling. Initially I was worried the embers would be too smoky, instead they bring a softly smoldering background intensity, noticeable but not unpleasant. Harboring just the right amount of creamy marshmallow sweetened support to withstand the burly power of Blue Sugar cologne. Toasty, candied-sweet and cozy, I declare this blend a winner. I will note that unlike all of the TSGS pre-blended melts I’ve tried, this combo required 3-4 cubes for medium throw, perhaps it will improve with a longer cure time.

Egyptian Amber + Frankincense & Myrhh + Sweet Tobacco

Conjuring the holy celebration of the arrival of the Three Kings of the Orient to Bethlehem, I created this scent with my older sister in mind and surprised her by including it in her Christmas package. Velvety amber envelops the scent with deeply relaxing chords. Incantations of unique balsamic pines, mild citrus and exotic incense harmonize into a fragrant cloudy tobacco haze. Soft, lilting flowery essences of this blend create an elevating, refined fragrance. I’m so happy I made this one and hope my sister thinks it’s everything I do, and that she’s willing to share.

Also included with this order was a 2-cube sample of Cherry Tobacco, a tangy fruit-infused thick cigar tobacco scent. Between my previously reviewed order and these customs, I think I’m well-equipped to experiment with customs from this vendor again. I appreciate the availability of smaller amounts, the free shipping and the wealth of earthy, forest, resinous and woody options that comprise my favorite fragrance families. I’ll continue to seek out those notes and have fun playing with them. That Smell Good Shop opens for another round of customs on January 17th.

Have you dabbled in any custom scent creations in wax, candles or perfume? Any successful or unfortunate blends to share? I’m eagerly awaiting a large custom order from Sniff My Tarts which should be coming soon and I’ll have a few smaller orders to review at the beginning of 2019 as another wax purchase hiatus is on the horizon.

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