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As the year grows old, it’s become time to anticipate the new one ahead. That cyclical feeling of a new year’s approach offers a fresh perspective, a chance to cast aside last year’s gains and losses and start anew. That is always the hope anyway, when I purchase a yearly calendar. More than a method for tracking the days or confirming the date at a glance, a calendar can make artwork accessible and bring beauty into daily view.

This year, rather than waiting until after the first week of 2019 to pick through leftovers, I pre-purchased my 12-month calendar from Sister Golden Shop. The Balancing Mother Nature 2019 calendar is $36 and ships for $8.95. Composed of sturdy high-gloss paper spiral-bound by black metal rings, it measures 11″ x 17″ and has an integrated hanging arch. Each colorful page features a photo of original works by artist and textile designer Vicki Rawlins.

All natural botanical elements are precisely placed to create an overall design. Petals, leaves, twigs, seeds and cones are re-imagined as landscapes, intimate scenes of nature, such as the tent in tall woods above, or single figures posed as animals and portraits. Even the appearance of outlines are achieved with twigs and stems, the level of minute detail is incredible.

This wildcrafted material art form has become a popular medium. From the pioneering floral designer, Flora Forager’s breathtaking skill displayed on Instagram (a must-follow if you haven’t yet), to simple nature walk enrichment activities for children, these 3D scenes offer limitless possibilities for creativity. The youth librarian who visits the library where I work centered a children’s program around making portraits from garden materials this past August and they turned out marvelously. Using marigold petals for hair and string bean noses, the children had a ball transforming garden finds into floral self-portraits.

I especially love the way the 3D effect creates depth to each art print. It’s fun to pore over individual pages and discover hidden elements and magical minutiae which form the charming scenes. Although more extravagant than I’d normally allow for a calendar, the quality is high and I plan to repurpose some of my favorites as framed art. The mother-daughter team of Sister Golden shop has a variety of curated art prints, notebooks, cards and textiles in stock and offer a second wall calendar inspired by the iconic Frida Kahlo. The promise of a brand new year has never appeared quite so pretty.

Do you display a yearly calendar, or utilize the 365 day-to-day style? Are planners or digital apps your trackers of choice? Utilitarian or fanciful motifs?

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  1. Beautiful calendar. I am loving all the new mediums that wildcrafting is infiltrating: perfumes, candles, art, hanging sculptures, soaps, tonics, tinctures and all sorts of bathing goodies. You have a lovely new way to track the upcoming year. ❤


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