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Oh what fun it is to open a package of festive melts and join in the Christmas spirit. And no one celebrates holiday grandeur like Shannon at the Bathing GardenRecently offering an accelerated seasonal shipping time of 2 weeks, I couldn’t resist the allure of a winter order with a few never-before-tried scents. Her lavishly decorated clamshells bring to my eyes as much joy as to my nose and inspired me to round up a few glittery bits from my decor to highlight their beauty.


Russian Ice Bath-Peppermint, menthol, spearmint, eucalyptus, lemon, and a touch of vanilla. Capturing the feel of glistening icicles upon winter’s windowpane, this beloved blend was the first to convert me to peppermint scents two years ago. The epitome of bracing, each element collides with icy crispness, coalescing until you can almost see your breath. Softened by that touch of vanilla and brightened by a drop of lemon, it is the supreme gelid peppermint.

Candy Cane Blizzard-Frosty air and frozen snow blends with icy sweet candy canes. Reminiscent of a previous TBG scent, Eye of Newt, the frosty air accord brings an unexpected element to the candy perfume. An airy freshness which emerges as green and leafy. It’s strange, Eye of Newt was popular, but much like this, it’s not my bag. I’ve sent it on to a friend who I hope will appreciate it more than I can. 

Salted Peppermint-Crystallized sea salt blends with cool, sweet peppermint. The salty marine tang imparts a slickness to the pure peppermint. A stand out from all of the candied mints out there; although powerful, I returned to the bowl repeatedly to breathe in deeply. Like a curative tonic, it’s cool, mellow and refreshing. A perfect year-round mint.


Toasted Coconut and Lavender-Rich vanilla lavender blends with toasted sweet coconut. Dense as a winter snowstorm, thick custardy cream blankets lightly toasted coconut flakes. A coating of vanilla-soaked lavender buds sprinkles in a hint of earthy sweetness. Coconut milk types can be hit or miss but this is not too sweet or sour; pairing with Shannon’s lavender oils nearly guarantees a winner, two cubes recommended.

Blackberry Balsam- I’ve been crushing on blackberry this year and have come to realize that The Bathing Garden’s is one of the best. Tip-toeing the line between sweet and tangy, the shock of juicy berry not only stands up to the rugged balsam, it waltzes it around the room. A long-lasting, straightforward fragrance of fruit and woods, although highly bedazzled, I was wiping up glitter for days afterword.


Frankincense and Myrhh-Warm and comforting! A soothing blend topped with frankincense resin and myrrh gum resin. A golden glow emanates from within this ethereal blend. Smokey resins descend on swirling clouds of  velvety powder. Heavy-handed on the talcum at first, before an impressive radiance shines from an oily-sweet depth. A bit sultry and romantic, I only wish the incense offered less powder, more woody warmth.

Magician’s Bonfire-Bonfire wisps, lavender, and chamomile sugar crystals. If the meeting place of forest, earth and sky had a scent this would be it. The finest lavender is enchanted by tendrils of gossamer smoke, scrolled with silvery sugar and cast with herbal charms. Lavender blooms drift in and out, weaving a spell of earthly pleasure, cosmic harmony and the magic of sweet fragrance.

Snowman’s Pipe-Fresh mint blends with cool breezes, and hints of sweet berries, rounded out with sweet pipe tobacco. Who would have thought mint and pipe smoke worked together, yet it’s quite refined. Peppered with winter berries and pockets of greenery, the overall impression is of spicy bay laurel. Absent any harshness and featuring old-fashioned warmth of an elegant smoking room, Snowman’s Pipe is pure nostalgia. Perfectly captured by the darling little snowman embed, for me this scent is all smiles.


The Bathing Garden’s fanciful bonbon samples are a joy to receive. I’m guilty of holding on to many petite bunts and swirled shapes, because they’re too pretty to melt.

Shampure Aveda-complex blend inspired by Aveda. Coriander oil, eucalyptus, lavender, sweet orange, bergamot and ylang ylang are blended together for an herbal, soothing scent. I don’t find this fragrance very soothing, it’s rather unpleasant. Yes, it’s reminiscent of hair care products, but reads more perm setting solution than herbal shampoo. Overwhelming sharpness with aerosol tones and powdery finish. I probably should have melted in a larger space than my bathroom because when my husband opened the door, he was almost asphyxiated, it was borderline chemical.

Violet and bergamot-Soft violet blends with sweet green bergamot. A beautiful citrus scent with hints of soft flowers. Delicate floral bouquets enhanced by unique uplifting citrusy notes of bergamot. Sugar droplets perch upon the edges before descending into a sweetly scented pool. I had no plans to make a spring TBG order, but this may change my mind.

Old Fashioned Valentine- A sugary sweet treat with vanilla, marzipan, dark fruits, and spices. OFV wins for most often received sample. A creamy sweet nutty creation, that’s nice, but not clamshell-worthy to me.

The Sweetest Thing– For me, this scent never matches it’s description of 
red berries, cherries, peaches and citrus and the faintest hint of a walk through a garden. Instead, I sniff Baby Soft perfume with crushed baby aspirin, someday I’ll bring myself to melt it and figure out if it indeed smells of the ’80s.

Red Velvet Jubilee- I believe this will be a new Valentine’s Collection scent and it’s pretty special, even for this non-bakery fan. Creamy smooth cake batter hand-mixed and waiting to be baked. The sugar tempered by a tartness from plums, dark cherries and maybe even a layer of rhubarb. I love the interplay of creamy, tangy and sweet, this jubilee would make Mary Berry proud.

A Snow Globe World-Buttermint candy canes, salted caramel, brown sugar, and roasted chestnuts. Melted previously, it’s a treat of buttery sweet candy. Rich and cozy for nights of nestling in against the chill.

And since I was making an order anyway…an 8 ounce shea sugar scrub made it into my cart too. Smelling of velvet cake blended with plum, strawberry, musk and pink jasmine. Inspired by Velvet Sugar from Bath and Body Works. A layered floral confection with ultra dense scrubbiness. The little 1 oz. (a change from previous 2 oz. samples) is in Brown Sugar Tea. Like a berry compote awaiting a plate of warm scones, tart and inviting, I believe I’d enjoy this scent in wax too.

Not only has this ranked as a top haul of 2018, but one of my favorite Bathing Garden order’s ever. I am partial to wintery fragrance combinations and Blackberry Balsam, Snowman’s Pipe, Russian Ice Bath and Magician’s Bonfire are forever loves. Have you embraced festive melting, or are you more of a year-round fragrance fan? 
What scents are you craving this season?

4 thoughts on “The Bathing Garden- Winter Collection

  1. Ooh, do you suppose the Magician’s Bonfire is Marco’s bonfire? 😉

    Salted Peppermint, you say? Well, that certainly sounds interesting. And I’m totally with you on the berry-and-balsam thing. Last year I had two different scents going in different ends of the apartment (that Pine/Sweater Weather/VBN Mario blend from RG at one end and a berry cotton candy scent at the other) and where they met in the middle, it smelled HEAVENLY. Those almost acidic sort of tree notes blend quite well with sugary berries, I was so impressed. But total accidental scent blending genius there – I wouldn’t be able to recreate that if I could!


    1. Yes! I’d say it is now, exactly Marco’s bonfire. It’s a pretty cool scent. I enjoy Salted Peppermint, but I think you’d have to tolerate Salty Sea Air, not sure how much you would go for it, but I like that it takes peppermint in a different direction.
      I remember you raving about that serendipitous combo, it seems I always prefer my fruit blends with a little woods on the side, makes them more natural by default.


  2. WOW! So many favorites and such beautiful photos. I love the crystallized spearmint and peppermint but I have never had it with the salt added. Interesting. The Russian mint one I always love but I wish it had a bit more throw. Maybe these will this year. Magician’s Bonfire is probably my favorite scent from Shannon. I simply love it. Enjoy your goodies!!!


    1. Thank you, I love using festive sparkly bits as props! (clearly) The Bathing Garden’s come through with some of the best melts this year, I get your obsession w/Magicians Bonfire now. I haven’t had an issue w/Russian Ice Bath, but I feel I’m more sensitive to strong mints, maybe that’s the reason I love it so. Snowman’s Pipe is also excellent and unique, seems as though Shannon has added sea salt to everything this year, rose, peppermint, lavender, I don’t know how much it adds, but I appreciate it, especially the lavender.


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