November Superlatives

Phew! Made it through Thanksgiving. I feel relief for not only enduring the emotionally guarded family holiday portion but also guarding against the oversized food portions for someone on a low-carb diet. I ate a lot of cauliflower, nuts and cheese (so much cheese) and indulged in a glass (or two) of red wine and slice (or two) of pecan pie, but was overall satisfied with my low-carb: to splurge ratio.

Until this past weekend that is. Unforeseen poor choices stacked up between the two-day speech fundraiser, in which we sell concessions at the local high school play and the Saturday speech tournament, whose hosts spoiled the judges with breakfast pizza, fruit cups, holiday doughnuts and Starbucks cappuccinos (I wasn’t turning any of these freebies down). In forty-eight hours, I’ve had countless sugary baked goods and at least three slices of pizza, regrettably gaining two pounds. My first real gain since starting the diet back in May.

I surprised myself with going so far off track, but I’m honestly glad that I did. I was becoming complacent; sneaking a bit of breading,
a piece of candy, or a french fry here and there for weeks without consequence. I needed a kick in the (tightening) pants to realize a re-commitment to my low-carb diet might be in order.

There’s no denying the upcoming holidays will be a test.
On Sunday, I spent a much needed day with my sister baking old-fashioned pizzelles for Christmas, just like our grandma used to do. There are about 30 g of carbs in each, but man are they worth it. I’m a little surprised we could make anything so yummy having never practiced it. My big sis also spoiled me by grabbing one of my favorite candles on Bath and Body Works’ candle day (Wine Cellar), knowing that I was tied up all day and had no chance of shopping. We baked, sipped homemade flat-white espressos and watched football. It was a laid-back end to a hectic week, I’m so grateful for my sisters.  

My sister’s idyllic park-like backyard on a late fall day

Perhaps because Thanksgiving fell early this year, it seemed November came and went in a blink. As the year grows old and winter settles in, I am reflecting on the idea of slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures of winter. It helps immensely that I didn’t feel as beat up by the end of November as I did by October. To honor the oncoming dearth of daytime and upcoming solstice, rather than lament the scarcity of light, I’m sharing a reflective winter poem I came across this week on Book Riot:

To go in the dark with a light is to know the light.
To know the dark, go dark. Go without sight,
and find that the dark, too, blooms and sings,
and is traveled by dark feet and dark wings.

To Know the Dark–Wendell Berry

I shall be around a little less with one large and maybe one small wax review this month, along with all of the end of year recaps and countdowns which are such fun to write. Until then, I’m taking time to not only celebrate but contemplate the light and darkness of the season. 

4 thoughts on “November Superlatives

  1. I know you’re not pleased with your moderate weight gain, but heavens, you did so well at such a trying time of year. I swear three-quarters of the diet advice out there is about how to maintain your diet during the holidays. Congratulations, friend, you’re doing much better than I! I’ve put on about 25 pounds since Labour Day, 10 of it in the last week alone. Apparently I eat my feelings. And everything else that isn’t nailed down.


    1. Looking back on the emotional hellscape of 2018, I’m most proud of that 25 pound loss. Just gotta maintain through the holidays.
      And I’ve been there on emotional eating, actually I can drink my feelings heartily too, so I guess eating them is slightly better? So sorry friend, it all sucks. (Man, I’m in a mood today).


  2. Hoping the holidays were kind to you. Lightness and darkness indeed. I have felt that this year. Wine Cellar huh? I didn’t get a chance to look for that one. I might have to swing by the old BBW today for the SAS.


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