Sea Witch Botanicals- essential oil soap and incense

Sea Witch Botanicals are purveyors of natural home fragrance, cosmetics and bodycare. I discovered this shop when a potter I follow, Kelsey Star Stuff, raved about the incense and shared a follower discount code on her instagram. Nothing peaks my interest in a shop more than good word-of-mouth. Pair that with an introductory offer and I’ll gladly give them a shot. I purchased two incense packs and two soaps.

Incense was a fragrance trend I embraced during high school and college in the late 90s but forgot about for awhile until just a year or so ago. With the onset of my infatuation with small business wax brands, it was only a matter of time until my interest in all things scented turned back to earthy incense.

Since I like to believe I’m smarter than I was during my youth, incense free from chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrance seemed like the right choice. Sea Witch offers a variety of all-natural bamboo charcoal options, I chose two twelve packs for $6 each before the 20% discount.


Quoth the Raven-orange, cinnamon, clove. Alighting the incense brought an essence of bright orange oil warmed up by a winter spice cabinet’s worth of seasoned offerings. I sometimes shy away from orange for fear of an orange-glo cleaner scented cloud, but this citrus is just right. Irresistibly fresh and light, the smoke merrily enwreathed the room for over 30 minutes before self-extinguishing.

Winter Lodge-Siberian fir needle, cedarwood, atlas. Winter Lodge created a serene mood in my bedroom as the smoky tendrils rose and permeated the air. Soft, hushed evergreens emerged before relaxing into woody slumber. The atlas cedar-airy, not musky, with a sweet finish which lingered long after the glowing embers ceased. I prefer the more noticeable fragrance of Quoth the Raven slightly more than this one, but enjoyed the peaceful state of mind it created.

*For those who experience headaches from too strong smoke or fragrance, I think these natural aromas might be a good option. They provide that deep sensual smokiness I remember, but no harsh tones of inauthentic perfume. It is still a burning substance and will send puffs of smoke throughout, but promotes an air-freshening quality along with the relaxing aroma of essential oils.

Lavender Purple Haze soap

This enchanting bar of lovely lavender has cast it’s spell on me. 5 oz. of creamy vegan cold-processed soap, vined with striations of activated charcoal for deep cleansing. The stamped design is exquisite as the charcoal grains become a cross-section of a spiral nautilus shell. Scented in a natural herbal floral that provides concentrated comfort. My skin drank up the creamy emollient lather; as it’s my first experience with charcoal soap, I’ll have to get used to the inky streaks left behind and partake in some post-shower tub clean-up.

lavender soap

When I double-checked the price of this soap, I admit I was surprised to see $12. Pricey for a single bar, but the discount brought it under $10, not too much for a well-crafted natural and beautiful product.

Vegan body soap

Besides her artisan soaps, Alesia, founder of Sea Witch, crafts printed designs on body soap using soy inks. There’s an abundance of playful patterns from natural wonders to the magically macabre. My enthusiasm for Harry Potter paraphernalia was sparked by the House Sigil soaps. This ornate emerald serpent spoke to me most. 3.5 oz. organic and unscented, these would make terrifically unique gifts for $7 a piece. The design will dissolve in water when the clear glycerin layer erodes. 

Burning incense is an altogether different experience from melting wax; the earthiness of natural oils wrapped in a smoky embrace is a pleasant change. The scent makes me nostalgic for another time, I’ve missed it. Perhaps I should retire my cheap simple incense holder, although it goes back to my college days too and still holds good vibes. 

I believe I’ll reorder from Sea Witch Botanicals when I’ve finished these. I wish to try more incense, and the lip tints and butter balms look intriguing. I appreciate an aesthetic rooted in nature and applaud the shop’s commitment to quality products and to the environment as they move toward eliminating plastic packaging. It feels good to support a conscientious business, and I’m always on the search for those that achieve it. 

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  1. Of course I love the shop name, but her products look amazing too. I am almost out of incense sticks so this will be my next place once the New Year starts. $12 for a high quality ingredient filled bar of soap is about par for the course these days. Enjoy your smell goods!! xoxo


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