Wander and Whimsy: silver Mountain studs

20181114_133602The last time I bought myself a pair of earrings was…so long ago I don’t remember, my guess is decades at least. I’ve been gifted a few pairs over the years, and it’s true that I prefer silver rings and stretchy bracelets. Occasionally I experience metal sensitivity which means my earrings languish in my trinket box unworn, but I’m making an effort to break out of my jewelry rut. Enter Wander and Whimsy PNW

Amber, the metalsmith, creates hand-wrought silver and copper jewelry. Etching, hand-cutting and stamping pieces inspired by her home in the Pacific Northwest, she brings to life scenes from nature through her art. Amber’s jewelry possesses sweet simple charm. I especially love the forest and camping themes, and of course am always drawn to the mountains.20181114_132450Is there anything cuter than a pair of petite snow-capped peaks? These nestle snugly and proudly in my lobes with traditional butterfly backs. After a few minutes of getting used to their presence, I’ve had no issues or sensitivity and usually forget that I’m wearing earrings until someone points them out admiringly.

Purchased during Etsy’s Labor Day Weekend sale (yep, behind on posting the goods, per usual) these were regularly $39, on sale for $34. Amber offers free first-class US shipping on all of her items and provides special gift-worthy boxes with each. Measuring 8.8mm at the base and 7mm in height, these polished sterling gems are perfectly sized for me; another pair of larger more detailed mountain ranges are available as well.20181114_133703Thank you, Amber, for the smart forest green earring case, and including a silver care card and polishing pad. Wearing these mini-mountains reminds me to have more fun with jewelry and accessories, to add a little whimsy into my wardrobe. And perhaps spark a feeling of wanderlust to my day-to-day routine, too.

I’m pleased to find an artist who creates quality pieces that are affordable for a small budget like mine. Have you treated yourself to any trinkets lately? Or have a favorite silversmith to share as I slowly add to my collection?

Mountain studs hand-size comparison

5 thoughts on “Wander and Whimsy: silver Mountain studs

  1. Those are so cute; I love a nice pair of studs. I also like that they’ve got a bit of heft and depth to them. When I was a kid I got this cute, but cheap, pair of painted metal studs shaped like mushrooms in a birthday loot bag (remember those?) They were so shallow, my ear just kind of ate them (ew) after a day or two of wear, and I had to be rescued by my grandmother, who somehow removed them without me screaming bloody murder. That’s been my lifelong fear with regards to studs!


    1. Yes, I also suffered a cheap party loot injury, of course I did! I got an adjustable unicorn ring (rather hideous upon reflection) and wouldn’t you know I hadn’t worn it ten minutes before reaching up to push hair out of my face and scratching my cheek w/it’s sharp horn. Not as traumatizing as ears absorbing the metal, yeouch, but I still have a tiny scar today, oh and I was also with my grandmother who treated my wound<3

      Those cheap party prizes probably caused untold injury and emergency visits in their day, but it was so 80s, you had to love it.


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