In Lumos Libertas-Book Sleeve and Hogwarts Halloween mug

20181031_113007 (1)Book sleeves are not only one of the cleverest handicrafts I’ve found, but also make some of the cutest accessories. I’ve featured them from other shops before, Book Beau and Sweet Sequels, but am happy to discover more vendors who make them.

In Lumos Libertas, a play on the latin idiom, In Libris Libertas (in books, freedom) is a shop specializing in geeky bookish accessories. Husband and wife team, Elizabeth and Shelby design and create practical products with a whimsical style. Elizabeth works in a college library archives and has a passion for preserving books, I could not agree more. Working in a library gives one an appreciation for the proper care of materials; a quality this clumsy lady admits she didn’t always posses.20181030_091312Coffee spills and bent corners are a thing of the past nowadays, however, thanks to book sleeves. This is a large, which is roughly 10.5 in. by 8.9 in. for $19, I’ve learned larger dimensions are a better fit for my book needs. Roomy enough inside for fat books and can even hold a couple medium-sized, two books being better than one of course.

I’m moonstruck over this fabric. Various versions of Victorian mansions dwell in a foggy night surrounded by twisty trees, colonies of flying bats and a cold full moon. As a sucker for a classic haunted house, this pattern holds plenty of gothic ghost story appeal. Did I mention it glows in-the-dark? Every light in the attic and moonbeam casts a faint spooky glow.20181022_095140At the same time that I was searching for book sleeves, this mug pre-order caught me eye. It depicts the Great Hall at Hogwarts, on Halloween night…I was sold immediately.

The enamel Campfire Style mug cost $18, preordered in September and arrived about 5 weeks later. The featured art is the work of Shelby Robertson, the shop owner and designer’s husband. It’s vibrant and richly detailed, and getting much use as I sip almond milk hot cocoa with whipped cream and search the scene for hints of my favorite characters.20181024_134219At 10 oz., it’s lightweight and smaller-scaled, which I and my limited cupboard space appreciate. The mug itself is made from tin enamel and is white with a silver edging, the image was applied by a process called sublimation printing to ensure a long lasting color and finish. It is not microwave safe, but cleans up like a breeze with handwashing.20181017_115335A sticker of Shelby’s artwork was provided too, I truly appreciate receiving these kind of thoughtful extras. I can imagine it would be a fun image to sport on a laptop or notebook; I’ve passed mine along to a friend to help spark some holiday cheer, who could resist floating jack o’ lanterns popping off the scene to spread mischief through the hall?

I’ll be tucking the mug away soon for seasonal use, but know I’ll keep the book sleeve in rotation all year. I sent a sweet Jack and Sally sleeve to my friend Sandra and she had the great idea to use it to hold her Disney World plan notebooks for safekeeping while touring the park. Several fandom designs are represented on the etsy site, along with a few camp mugs still available. Best yet, a Christmas at Hogwarts box is currently on sale with a Holiday Great Hall mug in the works!

Did you treat yourself to any Halloween goodies this year? I’m glad I did and should delight in this spookiness for years to come.

7 thoughts on “In Lumos Libertas-Book Sleeve and Hogwarts Halloween mug

  1. Smitten with it all. Thanks for the heads up on another book sleeve vendor. I was looking at Book Beau the other day but nothing stuck out as desirable. I will check out this maker now. And that mug is pretty fantastic!! I freaking love it. I did pick up a couple Callahan mugs since you featured them a little while ago. I love them. they are officially my new Halloween mugs. ❤


    1. Agreed. I’m very happy to have found this vendor too, so much that I’ve gotten more as gifts. New designs were recently released with something for everyone. I bet your girls would love a few of their fandom designs too.
      Your Callahan mugs are so fun and will make precious keepsakes I’m certain. ❤


  2. I love my book sleeve you gave me so much, and you are right, it has come in great handy holding all my Disney paraphernalia. Plus it’s just great fun to have something people shout out “Where did you get that? Which store around here sells that?” about, and then smugly answer that it was a gift a friend found online. 😉 I’m a jerk.

    I have that sticker magneted onto the front of our fridge right now. It’s so cute as a mug – the floating pumpkin graphics are great. Thank you again, friend!


    1. I’m happy you’re getting good use from the book sleeve. I just saw that candy bar notebook you ‘re keeping in it, which looks amazing. At least you can say it’s from a friend, the International expression for, back off people, find your own cool swag.😊


      1. That book, with its little bite out of the corner, has a gold foil inner cover – total Charlie and the Chocolate Factory perfection. There was also one that looked like it had sprinkles pressed into the cover – it was a big time toss-up. 🙂

        Dude, aside from this book cozy, I also had to practically fight off people for my cauldron popcorn bucket, my Gaston ears and this Haunted Mansion card I bought for my husband for that game he likes to play in the Magic Kingdom. We actually had a guy follow us around for a while, I suspect trying to get his hands on that card. It was kinda creepy! Get yer own swag, man!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You can stroll with utmost swagger with all of that swag:) Disney lurkers have got to be the worst. You are in an amusement park, man. Go amuse yourself somewhere else!


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