Ohio Wick House- Cemetery candle

20181020_103610 (1)I was gifted a unique candle designed by Cleveland vendor, Ohio Wick House that sets the ideal mood lighting for this time of year. Although, I’ve yet to conjure anything more than a sweet fragrance from it, I’ll fire it up on Halloween and see what spooky spirits might be enkindled from this cemetery candle.20181020_103615A 9 oz. lidded jar filled with all natural soy wax
listed as having a 45+ hour burn life. The etsy description reads:

Cemetery-“It’s getting spooky in Cleveland! Especially with our tribute to Lake view Cemetery. Cemetery gives off the feeling of fall with its strong clove and cinnamon scent with a slight woodsy undertone. It truly evokes the feeling of an autumn day walking around the tombs and statutes of Cleveland’s ‘Outdoor Museum’.”

I love the scent inspiration, as the Lake View Cemetery is truly a Cleveland gem. Magnificent vistas, rolling hills and impressive landscaped grounds create an atmosphere of a park more than a graveyard. In fact, a landscape architect friend recently informed me that cemeteries served as the first parks when families used them for picnicking to be among their deceased. It’s not hard to imagine spacious Lake View Cemetery as a picnic site, it’s quite lovely. 

Lake View June 2015

My family spent a special day there a few summers ago, soaking up the history of the memorial tomb housing President James Garfield’s casket and searching out the headstones of local legends: Eliot Ness, Harvey Pekar and oil baron John D. Rockefeller. It’s also home to a glorious chapel featuring brilliant mosaics, one of the few left in the world designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s studios.20181020_103821 (1)Emitting gentle spices featuring a smoked cinnamon rather than sweet. It’s crisp with dusty breezes, light woods and old weathered stones. 

Projecting an average scent throw for soy wax, best for a smaller room. Cemetery is currently warming my bedside table. As much as I appreciate the snapshot of the cemetery I wish the photo label was sharper, I think that may be an image of former Browns’ owner, Al Lerner’s opulent tomb.20181024_120639Delivered in a well-appointed gift box with festive striped ribbon, they are regularly $14, but the Halloween collection was 30% off the last time I checked etsy. 

20181020_102533 (1)
Old Chalker cemetery

What are your thoughts about a real-life cemetery inspired scent? A touch morbid, a sentimental tribute, or all in spooky fun? What fragrance would you choose to represent a historic graveyard?

2 thoughts on “Ohio Wick House- Cemetery candle

  1. What a cool sounding scent. Right up my alley as far as scent notes go. And lovely photos. I enjoyed touring the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, so I am totally fine with cemetery inspired scents. I think of it more as a momento mori type of thing rather than a morbid affair. Death is a part of life.


    1. Shel and I had a nice morning exploring/capturing these photos. The cemetery was on a hill overlooking the road, you can just make out a church spire between the graves in the last photo. I used to have a better opinion of cemeteries, but they make me more melancholy these days.
      I loved the idea of this candle inspiration, but the throw wasn’t strong enough. I light in in the bathroom though and it gives off a fresh spooky vibe.


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