Fall Fun Fridays: Autumn Outdoors

Every year, one of my favorite Fall Fun series prompts involves getting outside and exploring the splendor autumn has to offer. I wish I had done more, a woodland walk, a haunted hayride, maybe even a backyard bonfire, but our weekends were spent on other obligations. I did sneak in a few outdoorsy excursions with friends and family and hope for another before the season ends.20181006_125541Early October brought a much needed friends’ weekend get-together. We visited a special garden in Columbus known as Topiary Park. The shrubs were sculpted to replicate the image of one of my favorite paintings, A Sunday Afternoon on the Ile de La Grande Jatté by Georges Seurat. 20181006_130951 (1)

20181006_130600Standing on the easternmost hill provides visitors a 3-D perspective of the painting.20181006_130357The best part was exploring the landscape within the artwork. Glimpsing the background figures hidden behind the foreground sculptures. The rowers were stunning. That castle-esque building in the distance was the old deaf school that the park was built to honor, today it’s a gorgeous historic home to a private school.20181006_130220Saturday afternoon was quiet and utterly peaceful; you’d never know you were in the center of a busy metropolis. I recommend a stop there if ever provided the chance.Resized_20181006_130457Only one tree seemed to know fall had arrived.20180915_142417My husband’s cousin and his family came up from Tennessee in September, providing a chance for a family trip to a pumpkin farm. 20180915_142711Every shape and size gourd was available for the picking.20180915_143111I especially loved their fall craft goods, inviting displays were placed around the farm and market. 

For the second October in a row, my mom, sisters and I braved the crowds at the Pumpkin Twilight Walk on the gorgeous grounds of Mill Creek Park. 20181014_183723Wizard of Oz was this year’s featured display theme, which my mom and I adored. pumpkins (2)We have fun pointing out the innovative, quirky and classic jack o’lanterns all carved by park-goers in the days leading up to the event.20181014_182013Although, this year’s attendance was reportedly the largest yet and made for a crowded venue. I think if we go back next year, we’ll wait until later in the evening.

 A long walk in the woods is needed to blow away the cobwebs soon, also hoping for clear weather to catch some fall color. Since when has October become the rainiest month in the northern hemisphere, btw? This is farewell to the Fall Fun Friday series. With the onset of the speech tournament season tomorrow, my posts will be more sporadic, but I’ll be back with candles, bodycare, books and other goodies shortly. Until next time don’t forget to visit my blogging buddies below. 

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5 thoughts on “Fall Fun Fridays: Autumn Outdoors

  1. Your photos are just gorgeous, Jay. That rower topiary? installation? whatever the heck you call it is stunning, and it looks incredible the way you’ve framed it with the building behind it. Seriously, so, so good – you’ve upped your game!
    We had a similar sort of landscaping-as-art kind of thing at a park here in town during the summer – the whole place looked like Edward Scissorhands had been at it. I love the Wizard of Oz theming, though; that would inspire so much creativity and whimsy, I’d think.

    And with that it comes to an end. 🙂 As always, it’s been fun – Fall Fun! (wah-waaaahhhhh.) Now go off and do something great for yourself in celebration of your much huger milestone today.


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