Super Tarts- Fright Night Fall haul

20180905_100205Halfway to Halloween seemed like the right time to share these Fright Night themed melts, even though they were ordered from Super Tarts back in July. Clamshells are $4.25, shipped for $7.35 and all arrived unscathed in about two weeks.20180905_100639Annabelle- Brown Sugar Pecans, Pie Crust, Blackberry and Marshmallow fluff. Sticky candied pecans beckon with lingering warmth from the oven. Super Tart’s beloved blackberry enhances the toffee with dark bursts of juicy drupes. The prominent berry is subtler under a marshmallow glaze and hint of malty finish. It’s quite yummy, medium-strength melted.

The doll’s head suspended in red wax has to be one of the most twisted clamshell decorations, saving that piece for when I need a gleeful delight.20180905_101015Chucky- Vanilla bean and Honey Covered Clementines. I usually avoid orange scented wax but was hoping for a dupe of Yankee’s Honey Clementine. Chucky had no resemblance to that jammy fall fragrance, instead a powdered orange pervaded the room like a sinister presence. Inauthentic citrus and vanilla smelled of vile fruity sports drink, which I really did not like, but my husband didn’t mind. He pointed out a different problem; these scents have little relationship to their inspiration that we could figure. I know Brandy offers 500 blends and it would be tough to link them all, but I was expecting more fun from this collection.20180905_102810Rocky HorrorWhite Pumpkin, Sea Salt, Teakwood, & Fern, Lilac, and Agave. A creamy floral spice which starts promisingly, before it devolves into a solo flowery fragrance. I wanted this to achieve a salty pumpkin butter aroma with rich woods, but those notes lose out to grassy fern and powdered lilacs, synthetic ones at that. Medium throw from one cube.20180905_102447Paranormal- Mahogany Teakwood, Sequim berries, and Sweet Tobacco Leaf. Flint gray woods soaked in berry juice, unsure what kind as it’s not ST’s blackberry or lingonberry, but that tart component is the difference maker in this.The juxtaposition is harmonious, not jarring, while the crackling tobacco leaf provides a seductive edge. Conjuring a cool misty evening in the mountains at the heart of autumn turns what could have been a ho hum cologne scent into something special. Two cubes threw medium strength, and I’d repurchase.20180905_101156Middle-earth- Lush Dirt dupe, Rosemary and Fresh Mint Leaf. There was a time when this scent reached such popular heights it was nearly impossible to grab in an ST restock. Since Brandy increased production over the last year, and expanded to larger sizes, Middle Earth has become more available, and I finally got my hands on a clam. 

A surprisingly fresh and wholesome scent for one with dirt listed as the first ingredient. Lush’s Dirty dupe to be exact, which is an earthy sophisticated herbal. Yet the sandalwood and tarragon base does come together to smell like dirt, that’s still as clean as can be. Paired with the natural organic tones of rosemary and mint (similar to Aveda?) it’s a refreshing revelation. Imagine a clarifying spa treatment with soothing mud wrap. I kinda love it, but must be in the right mood. From the Lord of the Melts collection, one cube is all you need. 20180905_102109Dr. WhoRed Roobios tea, Shortbread Cookies and Creamy Custard…minus the fish sticks! Here is a well-matched inspiration to scent, from the Tartis collection, that’s been on my wishlist. I’ve fallen so far behind on my Dr. Who seasons that I’ll never catch up, but I’m ecstatic over this blend, famously inspired by the 11th Doctor’s snack.20180905_102322A real unique combo, this one. Tangy-sweet aromatic tea accompanied by crunchy butter cookies is the perfect pairing for creamy thick vanilla custard. I turned the warmer off after melting one cube before work and my husband commented how good the house smelled when he came home for lunch an hour later, the throw and longevity are out of this world.

I’d rank this order at a fifty-fifty success rate, which happens with an overwhelming amount of scents to choose from. But it’s worth it for my new favorite discovery of Dr. Who. A scent this rapturous and comforting is bam-bag worthy, which I ever rarely do, but might have to go big next time.

As the weather turned chilly last weekend, melting these provided a festive atmosphere for watching creepy horror tv while finally succumbing to the lure of cozy fall nights. 

4 thoughts on “Super Tarts- Fright Night Fall haul

  1. Orange – there’s your link to Chucky, tenuous though it may be. His frayed, 100 percent polyester mop of orange hair. I’m in agreement with you and your husband, these scents don’t seem to derive a ton of inspiration from their, uh, inspiration. I found that with my order – like, what do creme brulee and pecan pie have to do with Nightmare on Elm Street? Any particular reason that Psycho smells like coffee cake and raspberries? Not that I’d take the alternative – who wants these things to actually smell like their inspiration (Chucky smells like doll plastic and stale beer, you know it.) Also, that scent sounds disgusting – I no likey fake orange smells or flavours either.

    Glad you found one to knock your socks off. I loved Luna so much, but that was kind of the only one (lavender and lemon, it was yummy.)


    1. Yeah, orange I guess. I wouldn’t be so sure there was no plastic doll smell in it though.
      My husband likes Luna (he favors ST a lot) but I’m sensitive to strong lemons, so I passed it along.


  2. I love your photos. I know you had to be getting some leaves on your knees for this one. But it was worth it. ❤

    I must say that I agree with you and hubby. I rarely ever feel like ST or VCS really captures the scent of a pop culture reference. I feel like it is pretty much just any scents blended up and named after something popular. It used to bother me but now I just ignore it.

    Middle Earth does sounds really good though. It has been so long since I placed a ST order. I ended up grabbing a few from VCS today but I might need to check out ST here one day.


    1. Oh, this restock list looked marvelous, but I’ve practically given up on VCS restocks since failing on my last two attempts. Haven’t actually managed to order since Oct 2016. They’re always held while I’m at work and I can’t online shop there, how do you do it on weekdays?
      I tried enlisting my sis to order (also at work, but she’s the boss in her office, so…) but she refuses to open a Paypal account like some sort of dinosaur, alas VCS may be a thing of my past.:(

      Thanks, I used a trusty towel to kneel upon for photos, the real issue was that it was a 91 degree day as I trudged through my sister’s back woods-its a miracle the wax didn’t melt bc I surely did. Middle Earth is surprisingly refreshing-I enjoyed it!


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