Fall Fun Fridays: Autumn dreams

Summer is the season when I let my travel dreams run free. Or, while suffering cabin fever in the occasional blizzard situation, I’ve fantasized winter daydreams of escape, but I don’t think I’ve ever properly imagined an autumn fantasy trip. Enter today’s Fall Fun Fridays series prompt: If money and logistics were no problem, where would my dream autumn destination be?

Spending fall in a glorious den of New England color comes to mind, but where exactly? Someplace literary, someplace cozy, and it would have to be spooky too…

I’ve scouted out the entire Hudson Valley Halloween experience and would sell a little of my dark soul to attend these two yearly events: 

Photo from hudsonvalley.org/halloween
  • Horseman’s Hollow tour at Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY. It takes the tale of Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to its darkest extremes” when visitors get to travel Ichabod Crane’s fateful path through the sleepy hamlet and across the wooden bridge, complete with a haunted schoolhouse of horrors and perhaps an appearance by the horseman himself. 
Photo from hudsonvalley.org/events/blaze
  • The Pumpkin Blaze at Croton-on-Hudson which showcases “more than 10,000 individually hand-carved, illuminated jack o’ lanterns in this elaborate walk-through experience.” Visitors can meander through an 18th century riverside village lit up in a stunning display of blazing pumpkins while a spooky soundtrack provides the right touch of Halloween ambiance.

Sunnyside, Washington Irving’s historic estate in Tarrytown, New York would certainly be paid a visit, as would all the apple orchards, wineries, fall foliage vistas and harvest festivals from the Hudson Valley to New York City. And since I would need my peeps with me and money is no object on this glorious fall fantasy tour, I’d treat my friends and family to join me.  20170601_175852After spending a sunny day in New York City’s Central Park, eating warm waffles drenched in cookie butter affogatto from Wafels & Dinges, the entire party would jet on down to Orlando, Florida. Upon arrival, the weather would be unseasonably crisp and cool, perfect cape wearing temps for when we’re whisked to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (nearly all my fantasy trips include a stop there). We’d stroll down Diagon Alley enjoying Halloween festivities and sipping our butterbeers in satisfaction.

I challenge anyone to find a more idyllic autumn outing for a literary, history lovin, cookie butter enthusiast like me;)

What might my blogging companions dream up?

The Redolent Mermaid

Finger Candy

6 thoughts on “Fall Fun Fridays: Autumn dreams

  1. Oh, I love this! Excellent, excellent choice of the Wizarding World – I know Julie would certainly agree, now that she’s all passholder’d up. I would LOVE to go, am actually jonesing pretty hard to get back to Universal, but Will’s completely mental for Disney at the moment. I’m thinking maybe next year for Halloween (I agree, it’s the perfect stop in the autumn, the Harry Potter world just lines up with the Fall) or maybe even California to see Disneyland. Never been there either. Have you?

    Oh my gosh, that waffle – just gimme, gimme all the waffles with cookie butter. And since you’re paying, after all… 🙂

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    1. Nope, Shel and I went to Universal pre-Potterworld. We had so much fun! That’s been my single trip, he went to Disney a couple times, and unlike Will, is not into it at all. He enjoyed Epcot, and I know he’d love Avatar, but Disney is not his scene.
      Btw, my boss and her elderly parents are there now, say hi if you run into them for me-they’ll be in super sensible shoes!


  2. YES! Sleepy Hollow?? How cool. And the mere feat of collecting thousands and thousands of carved pumpkins seems like something almost impossible. Here in Florida a carved pumpkin lasts all of two days before it wilts of heat and mold. How long does a typical carved pumpkin last in a temperate climate?

    Salem would be fun in fall too. Probably crowded but still cool.

    THAT WAFFLE!! I ate that same exact cookie butter waffle and I still have dreams about it. So dang yummy.

    Yes, please do come have a toast of butterbeer with me at Universal. I must say how refreshing the frozen ones are in this heat. ❤

    I love that you really went all out for this one! Sky's the limit.

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    1. Wafles and Dinges should be illegal honestly, I’ve been craving it ever since.
      But ew, never thought about the havoc that Florida heat wreaks on a pumpkin. If we have a cool fall, a jack o lantern can last two solid weeks here, a month before it’s squishy, but the squirrels get to it first.

      Someday, you, me, frozen butterbeer-it’s a date! ❤


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