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On a mini-mission to sustain my natural deodorant use, I’ve tried a new-to-me brand that I discovered on Etsy. 20181003_123447Return to the Roots offers a variety of herbal teas, salves, oils and elixirs along with natural probiotic deodorant options. They are baking soda and corn starch free, which is most important to me in a natural deo, due to the severe irritation that commonly occurs with baking soda sensitivity. 

These products are apparent multi-taskers, described as “skin moisturizing multi function deodorant cream infused with herbs which assist in cleansing the lymphatic system with an added boost of pro-biotics. May be applied & massaged into areas of the body associated with the lymphatic system including under arms & breast.” I’ve personally only tried them under my arms, but they may provide a soothing massage boost to a person recovering from breast or lymphatic disease.20180929_173508*Dried herbs and chamomile buds were included in the package, prompting me to sprinkle them around as display, no actual botanicals are present on the deodorants.

All of the scented versions are made with organic essential oils, which I appreciate, especially in a hygiene product. The creamy texture glides on smoothly, allowing buildable layers. Compared to other natural deos I’ve tried which are stiff and paste-like, this slick formula took a little getting used to before I adjusted to it’s underarm presence. 20180929_180705Fern, the owner of Return to the Roots, features such a vibrant array of stones and crystals that I didn’t think twice about adding a few to my order. Above are tumbled Moss Agate (grounding stone) polished Opalite (transition stone) and Ruby Fuschite (heart stone). As an admirer of these tangible forms of thought and intention assigned to crystals, I also find them quite pretty to look at. 20180929_174458Rosemary Lemongrass & French Rose Clay – opening the cap revealed a strong bitter note that I didn’t particularly like. The scent improved greatly upon wearing, as throughout the day a burst of zesty lemongrass and fresh ginger greeted me before evanescing into herbs and sweet grasses. With a long-lasting fragrance which curbs odor, I lucked out by getting the largest size in this scent. 2.65 oz. for $9.09, the current sale is better yet at 20% off.20180929_175013The .75 oz travel size twist up stick in Patchouli Cedarwood & Activated Charcoal was a scent I looked forward to trying, but was ineffective to use. The fragrance reminded me of seasoned dry wood chips and seemed to fade soon after application.20180929_174203I grabbed a tiny trial size of the third scent, Clary Sage & Peppermint on sale for $3.55. This French green clay base smells the prettiest in the tube, woody sage leaves paired with bittersweet medicinal mint. However, I couldn’t discern anything when wearing, perhaps a larger size would provide more fragrance and protection.20181003_123809I’m encouraged by this experience and have decided to branch out with more brands as I continue my quest for the right natural deodorant for me. 


  • creamy smooth application in a stick form
  • leaves no noticeable residue 
  • essential oils
  • multiple sizes
  • readily available/fast shipping
  • affordable


  • 2 of 3 scents didn’t work for me
  • slightly greasy consistency 
  • average to light odor protection

Have you tried any new natural products recently? Which do you recommend?

5 thoughts on “Return to the Roots- natural deodorant

  1. Thanks for the new natural deodorant review! I had purchased a few Dirty Goat deodorants and they never seem to work for me. They get all lumpy and gross and become very difficult to work with in my environment. Then I was using ArtiSun and hers were fabulous but then they started arriving all melted. So now I am back to the I tried and liked ages ago, the Handcrafted Honeybee. But like you, I am always up to try new things. Sorry the peppermint one and patchouli ones didn’t work… those would be the ones I would want to try.


    1. It’s funny you’d mention TDG because before reviewing these, I did a pit-to-pit comparison and Return to the Roots won the day. The scent was the lemongrass one, which I know isn’t your favorite but I highly recommend it-it provided such a fresh feeling all day long.
      I’ve recently received a TDG deo that arrived melted (it was only 78 degrees and I know I’ve gotten them when it’s been hotter) which is a bummer:/ I wasn’t into the fall scents that Erica released, smelling like a pumpkin spice latte is to me what smelling like citrus is to you, so I thought I’d branch out.
      I do wish R to R had more scent options, the formula is nice. I bet you would do better with the Sage and Mint than I would, as I said it’s very pretty, but wasn’t as powerful for me. The patchouli was a disappointment though. I’ll have to give Honeybee a shot next:)


  2. I’m lucky to have found two natural deodorant pastes that work for me – Black Chicken & Woohoo. I like to alternate between the two. Neither are scented and both have ‘sensitive’ options. I’ve tried Schmidt & Native and found that the scents went ‘funky’ on me after a period of using and many other products just did not work!


    1. I’ve been a little nervous about trying the deo pastes bc I don’t like when the solids get all pasty on me. It’s probably a different experience when the formula is intended that way. I’ll be seeking out more natural deos when my supply runs out, thanks for the recommendations. Schmidt and Native were on my radar, but I know one of them has baking soda, can’t remember which.


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