Fall Fun Fridays: beauty, nails, scrubs, apples and hallows

Fall Fun Friday’s prompt is to include fashion, beauty and accessories that are seasonal favorites or special autumn pieces. 

In previous fall fashion posts, I’ve mentioned my plaid obsession and shared a wishlist for spooky inspired attire but the truth is, I don’t have much to feature fashion-wise. My biggest seasonal change may be swapping out my Indians tees for sweatshirts as the baseball postseason gets underway. Due to the extreme heat here this week, I’ve yet to even switch over my summer clothing for warmer wear. Boots, scarves, blazers and layers will come with cooler weather.20181005_081511One way I treat myself during October is to get a fall-centric manicure; darker colors, perhaps a playful or halloweenish vibe. Deathly Hallow-nails was my theme choice and I’m happy with how they turned out. The polish is Mood changing gel which shifts from metallic green to cerulean blue. 20181004_160159I wanted them to last a bit longer, also I don’t have the dexterity for line work, so I had gel applied. I imagine it would be simple to replicate with the right tools and better skills than I posses. My nail color stays in the blue zone except for when I’m at work, so either my fingers are colder, or being there brings more Slytherin out in me.

The onset of sweater weather may not excite me as much as it used to, but I embrace changing my body care scents for fall, just as I do with home fragrance. The Bathing Garden is my go-to once per season and released an unexpected (to me) apple collection addition in early August.20181003_124950Woodland Apple- $9.75 “An 8 ounce creamy sugar scrub with added shea butter. Smells of lush rosewood blends with canded green apples and vanilla.” The infusion of shea makes a looser textured scrub than other TBG versions I’ve tried. Dusted with tiny leaves and brimming with rustic seasonal charm, this woody blend could have sprung straight from a sleepy hollow glen.20181003_130025The choice of green apples emphasizes the brightness of the fruit gilded with a silky sweet glaze. A rustle of crisp air whirls by murmuring of cedar and comforting rosewood. A scent I’ll wrap myself in like a cozy scarf. I regret not grabbing a matching lotion, but a handful of these scrubs remain on the website.20181003_131705Bobbing for Apples- “Smells of sweet candy apples, strawberries, and hints of hay and dirt.”  First, I must say how much I appreciate Shannon’s generous sample sizes. A 2 oz. depth scrub is sold by some vendors and she gives ’em away. Secondly, I am in a fall fit over this scent! Freshly raked leaves, still green with earth and and wet with dew appear initially, before punchy vibrant pink apples announce their tangy presence. The scent of a glowing ray of autumn sunshine.20181003_131347Last I checked there were 3 of these full-size scrubs available, and if I wasn’t refraining from buying wax, I’d love to try the home fragrance too.

In retail body care news, I have all the heart eyes for the essential oil aroma trend edging out fragrance oils. When Bath and Body Works promoted new fall aromatherapy scents I got grabby hands and wanted almost all of them. 20180923_112729.jpgMy choices were Comfort– a vanilla and patchouli favorite and Bergamot, can’t get enough of that green citrusy floral musk these days. I optioned the buy two, get two event and stacked a coupon for around $20, but I’ll return for the Patchouli and Peppermint eo’s, they’re gorgeous scent standouts.

How about you? Any special products or accessories that you go for to get in the autumn mood? Please share and don’t forget to see what fun fashion, fragrance and beauty my friends are showing off this week. Find them below:

Julie @ The Redolent Mermaid

Sandra @ Finger Candy




7 thoughts on “Fall Fun Fridays: beauty, nails, scrubs, apples and hallows

  1. I love that polish – dark turquoises are always a great choice for the Fall. And who doesn’t love a bit of Harry Potter nail art? Certainly not I.

    Would you believe I STILL have TBG’s Sugared Pie Crust sugar scrub? I’ve only opened it twice, once to sniff it for the first time and the second time a year later to make sure it hadn’t gone off, and it hasn’t! Must really use that up one of these days (THAT’S how little bath and body stuff I’ve used this year, I’m still on a BBW scrub from last year!)

    Also, I woke up this morning at 4 am not at all because I was excited about the release of Trench. Okay, so it was mostly because the cat woke me up, but then I couldn’t get back to sleep, so why not get up and get down to the TOP? Have you heard it yet? Pre-ordered it? Pet Cheetah all the way and I have all the feelings about Leave the City.


    1. One can’t go wrong with the Deathly Hallows. Um, strike that; one can go really diabolical with them, but this was a fun mani for sure.
      Still? I thought I ribbed you enough last year about that SPC scrub, but I don’t blame you for savoring. I’m hoarding my Tea w/the Queen of Hearts till later too.

      Lol, you are a true fan, that’s pretty hype. Funny story, I work in a tiny library with a teensy budget, so we don’t get the hottest new music. My boss orders materials, but I’ve laid enough hints over the years w/the sly help of a few customers to request better cds, last year she told me to make a list, I did and she ordered most of them. When I noticed that no ONE in our system put Trench on order, I commented how unwise that was. She said she’d consider and I forgot to follow up. When I checked up, I saw she ordered a copy (there is a downloadable version coming too) but I dropped the ball and now I’m on the hold list:/ Plus, I don’t knw when the last time I bought an album was…Oh well, small victories.


      1. I don’t know, sounds like you work for a pretty fly library. I’m trying to picture the junky little library down by us, which caters – always has – to the under three or the over 80 set with Trench in its music section. If it had a music section, which I’m pretty sure it does not! It’s an awesome, awesome album – hopefully you will think the wait was worth it. 🙂

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  2. I love your nails. They look amazing. I have been peppering my lessons and quizzes with Harry potter references in school so it must be fall. Funny that you showcased your Bathing Garden goodies. I have not purchased from Shannon in a very long time and found myself over there picking up her Lavender sampler and some scrubs. I am looking forward to getting them. The Woodland Apple sounds incredible. I have such a weakness for rosewood. Hoping you are doing well. ❤


    1. Thanks, I do too. It’s been more fun than I even expected to look to my changing nails for my moods:)
      Shannon’s lavender is the best. That was tough to resist, but I’m not buying wax, so I contented with a shower scrub treat bc I didn’t have any fall-specific scents. I enjoy the uniqueness of WA, of Bobbing too-not your run of the mill apples. That rosewood is divine, rich and dark as all get out-I’m loving it.
      I’ve been a little stressed, but not overwhelmed. I hope you are too, I hear there’s yet another hurricane sweeping in. Stay safe!


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