September Superlatives: low-carb diet update

September passed by like woah. It tends to do that as we get back to school around here, but this month felt as if stuck on fast forward and I’m still catching up, not yet close to settled into a recognizable routine. I even tried posting some monthly goals to hold myself accountable for getting stuff done. 20180930_1844111255087360.pngMaking a goal list helped, but I know I can do better. I completed five of nine and fell short on the rest.

Shel and I truly enjoyed making our own marinara with the last of our vegetable garden abundance. I’ve made tomato sauce before from all store bought ingredients but it doesn’t compare to the fresh homemade stuff. We even had enough to make a second big batch and freeze some for later, that’s a garden win.20180903_170508The best accomplishment was visiting with not 3, but 4 friends in September, a few whom I rarely get a chance to see. Making the time to nurture these relationships felt really good. Whether attending a production of Jane Eyre: the musical, catching up while feasting on an Italian dinner, a relaxing morning chat over lattes or spending a rainy weekend thrift book shopping, cooking and gaming, it was a lovely reminder to disconnect from social media and work/family obligations and connect with important people in my life. 

I finished 3 books, (one of them just yesterday) reviews coming soon. But I didn’t fare so well with my health or diet goals. I have some excuses, including my dog having an emergency illness that needed attention, but the fact is I dropped the ball when it came to diet, exercise and healthy meal prep. I intended to stay on the low-carb diet only until October, but decided to stick with it another month before I ease off of it.

I loathe full body photos, in a dirty mirror with bad lighting, no less, but I know that side-by-side transformation photos are helpful to those seeking weight loss results.

Only a few pounds from my goal weight, but you know how those last few pounds are the toughest, it’s true. I’ve checked out a few Keto diet books from the library and found out interesting information. Do you know that maintaining ketosis causes hair loss? Greaaat, I already have thinning hair due to genetics, chemotherapy and early menopause-not good news, but I’m not strict with achieving ketosis, so it likely won’t be a big deal for me. I’ve mentioned it before but it’s worth repeating: I modify my diet to carb restriction. I don’t measure blood or urine ketones or eat wacky-to-me keto foods, such as, butter coffee or bone broth. I did make a dish using pork rind coating the other day though,  never say never I guess.

I’m down another 3 pounds since the above photo in August, making total loss – 23 lbs. What’s been working for me is simply not eating foods higher than 11 net carbs, or a meal of higher than 20 net carbs. I don’t calculate as often, but my restriction is around 45 carbs per day. I do have a cheat meal every so often, but not a cheat day. I’d only recommend my style if you wish to achieve moderate weight loss, those seeking 50+ pound losses will need a much stricter plan. I’m running my own race with this, not attempting a drastic change and it’s worked so far. I plan to incorporate more exercise now that the days are getting shorter and with holiday temptations around the corner. screenshot_20181001-084031918093712.pngIn the spirit of “if you don’t succeed, try again” I hope tracking October goals and adding in the exercise I lagged behind in September will help to make the upcoming months less stressful. Any helpful methods on tracking and achieving goals? I’ll be back to my usual fragrance, bodycare and book wrap-ups next month, until then, happy first of October everyone and good luck with your goals.



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