Fall Fun wax stash: The Bathing Garden sampler

20180826_115304Last I checked, autumn was just around the corner and with the flip of a calendar page it’s upon us. The best part of that news is sharing fall goodness on this blog and participating in a fall fun series with my blogging buddies. It’s a modified version this year, as we all have loads on our plates, but expect a Fall Fun Friday theme for the next 6 weeks or so.

Today we’re featuring our fall wax stashes. I’m singling out new wax from The Bathing Garden and a few candles, although I have tons more from the previous two years of fall hauling and Yankee Candle wax tart hoarding before that.

When Shannon released not one, but three preview sampler bundles this summer, I dove for the #3 version of mostly earthy blends: 10 scents for $11. *I’m only reviewing those I’ve melted thus far, as I’m not ready for full-on fall melting yet, but I”ll share my thoughts on each.20180826_125007Deadly Sleeping Draught- French lavender, white tea and thyme. In garden folklore it is said, if you carry a piece of lavender with you, you will be able to see ghosts! Shannon’s lavender blends are hardy and true. There’s an extra herby punch from the thyme with a slight watery brightness.

Dreamless – A clean citrus with notes of sandalwood, spice, and fresh air. I should be keen on these notes but it performs like a powder room that’s been doused in potpourri. I’ve noticed ‘fresh air’ in Shannon’s blends is talcum-heavy with a hint of ozone, combined with the sandalwood, it’s too cloying when melted.20180826_125729Darkside – Sandalwood and rosewood blend with tonka bean and dark spices. A Lush dupe of Voice of Reason with which I have no experience, but I’m into it. Dusky and dry woody spice.

Nevermore Eucalyptus, red berries, and forest trees. Crackling leaves, earthier sage-scented rather than fresh eucalyptus to me. A resinous breeze of balsamic fir creeps in and mellows out the herbal sharpness. Capturing the dark and dreary tone of Poe’s tortured Raven character, yet is as polished and sophisticated as his prose. *Nevermore reminds me of Bath & Body Work’s Frozen Lake a bit; incredibly strong melted, lasted 3 days, and the tree resins almost overpowered me.20180826_124352Golden Nights – “Rich oak blends with warm amber alcohol notes for a complex whiskey scent.” Fragrant amber glows with golden hued warmth enhancing the oakiness with an exotic touch. The whiskey is thickly laced with sweetness and has depth for days. This blend is a winner, especially to those who enjoy earthy resinous notes with a hint of sugar.

Toxic Earth – Coffee, whiskey, caramel, cake, and lightly of beer…sprinkled with candy bones. Previously reviewed here, I enjoy this intense bitter sticky brew, but I probably wouldn’t reach for it often.20180826_123923Wolfsbane Bites – Rich holiday cookies, butter, and Moroccan mint. I’m sorry but this is a Christmas/Winter scent to me. Peppermint drops drizzled into batter, baked into a warm crispy cookie. It’s delightful (holiday) goodness.

Bubbling Butter Brew – Sweet clotted cream, salted caramel, rich butterscotch, and a touch of bubbling cream soda. Exactly like popping a butterscotch candy in your mouth and letting it melt away, making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A lighter strength melt.

The Spellcaster – Pecan pie, roasted chestnuts, and charred peaches dusted with brown sugar. Of all the scents, this one seems a little flat. I’m certainly not picking up the peaches or chestnut notes but I’m hoping for a warm glazed cobbler with a nutty crust when melted.

Monster Mash-Up – A top layer of brown sugar pineapple over a bottom layer of grape vanilla sugar. Sugary grape juice carries the scent on cold. Grape never translates as realistic fragrance to me, but this is nice and sweet with soft vanilla. A gorgeously hued pumpkin too. The detailed Bathing Garden designs never disappoint.

I chose one sample to review, but already reviewed two others in my Summer scents post. Since our items came together, my sister and I split them between us, there were 7 total samples I believe.20180826_130124Whiskey Apples- a strong mash of meaty apples coated in rich caramel sauce with a shot of whiskey. The alcohol is smoothed by the sticky caramel and enlivened with spices. A potent potion containing not too sweet apples and a warming mug of strong bourbon liquor.

New Fall Candles: I’m cutthroat with candles this year, I bought two in spring and summer and picked up these three for $10.95 or less (one was acquired through an exchange) for my only fall additions.20180919_121840I nestled Vanilla Birch into my copper tray with my other birch accessories by Yankee Candle and included some oversized velvet acorns, mini pumpkin, raffia and pierced metal string lights.

Vanilla Birch- white birch bark, Madagascar vanilla, warm sandalwood. After using and loving the Wallflower fragrance in this scent last winter, I’ve been waiting for a candle to surface. Calming woods and peppery sandalwood cologne tempered by warm vanilla. Birch is becoming a fast favorite to me.20180713_094819I avoided Yankee’s semi-sale but Spiced Berry Sangria caught my attention when I sniffed the fall scents. The 2-wick was on sale for $10 with any purchase making it a good risk.

A refreshing treat, sangria spiked with berries, apple, cinnamon sticks and ginger.” It’s simple yet decadent, as Yankee does fruity spice notes so well. This will provide warm festive atmosphere in my kitchen during the Fall and Winter chill.20180920_094038Lastly is the darling of the Bath and Body Works’ candle community at the moment, and I’ll admit, Evening Hearth is excellent. Notes of Cedar kindling, mug of warm cider, cashmere throw. Marrying the crispy crackle of a majestic fall day outside, to the cozy gratification of autumn evenings inside. I’m saving for Oct/Nov. lighting.

There you have most of my fall goods (with one spooky scent haul to come). I hope my followers are welcoming the season with some fun activities this weekend. I’ll be jogging a 5K and going to a baseball game, so you know, pretending it’s still summer.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Fun wax stash: The Bathing Garden sampler

  1. I just love seeing all those mini pumpkins with their colorful array and varied toppings. Shannon really does do a great job at crafting a nice wax tart. But what my eyes are really going crazy over are your two BBW candles. Those both sound like scents I would enjoy burning. I will be on the look out for some coupons and hopefully I can track them down. ❤


    1. The consistently prettiest wax around. I have some Fall bodycare by TBG I’m looking forward to.
      You would LOVE these scents I think, Evening Hearth is pretty special, but I could not pass up Vanilla Birch, the look and notes were too perfect-it could be a little stronger though. Another one I have on my radar is Autumn Trail, unique and outdoorsy is what I’m all about this fall.


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