Rosegirls- Summer pre-order haul

20180916_144213I promise that I wasn’t purposely holding out on revealing my summer Rosegirls haul, it just sort of got shuffled to September. This was the June pre-order, arriving right before a vacation in late July and when the bottom fell out in early August with sad events, I had to set it aside. I remember while ordering that each of these seemed such enticing combinations but it has been so long, I’d forgotten what some were. Thanks to the help of friends, I’ve pieced them together. (If anyone could create a thorough Rosegirls scent library, I’d be eternally grateful).

Single chunk muffins approx. 2.7-3.2 oz. each, 7 shipped for $34.25. I agree with fellow waxie, Abby, who noted, single muffins are a welcome option for trying out a variety of scents without commitment. Although, the two-packs were nice for splitting orders or sharing scents among friends.20180916_140708Trust Me (top)- cocoa, vanilla bean, graham crackers, sandalwood vanilla, myrrh and amber. I might have trusted my instincts and avoided a chocolate/graham cracker scent but was beguiled by all of the earthy oils included. Distinct cocoa powder is most prevalent while a gingery potent spice in the graham cracker provides rustic warmth which is unique without cinnamon. I’m glad to have tried it, but wished for the woody resins to appear stronger. It was mostly a light graham cracker with hints of earthy spice when melted.

Koopa Klaus Needs a Latte (right)- espresso, baked zucchini bread, royal sugar cookies and gilligan’s brew. Decadent coffee brimming with crisp spices, buttery softness and supreme creaminess. The espresso isn’t strong, it’s very much a latte that grounds the sweetness of the blend. Nostalgic baking mix of nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom melds perfectly with the iced sugar cookies, resulting in a gourmand note, not too bready nor too sweet. But oh how that coconut finish brings it home. A scent befitting for autumn, however, Koopa Klaus is a treat I’d desire all year-round. 

Campfire Marshmallows, Driftwood, Teakwood, Mahogany- the epitome of fall goodness for earthy lovers. A sweet camping tradition that’s become a fall fragrance tradition, sugary marshmallow toasted over a bonfire, deepened by exotic woods. The wet mustiness of driftwood plays well with intensely warm amber-vanilla mahogany and polished slyvan teak. I regret getting only one.20180916_142234Blue Peppermint, Gilligan’s Brew (center)- Blue sugar type, peppermint and coconut. I’ve said it before and likely will again, RG’s peppermint is a tad too strong for me. I find it overpowers a lot, however, Blue Sugar is stout enough to stand up to anything. Heavy powdered woods simmering with sweet licorice and tonka bean, unusual because it emits a cool spice rather than warm-perfect with frosted peppermint. Again coconut delivers the creamy supportive note one can count on with Gilligan’s.

I Love You and I Like You (top right)- blend of Hawaiian Hibiscus (B&BW type) fresh rain and spring violets- I admit to purchasing mostly on my admiration for Parks and Recreation, and that incredible line. Unfortunately tropical hibiscus flower, jasmine and creamy coconut compose the top notes and jasmine rarely jives with my nose, this is no exception. A sweet sourness that’s reminiscent of Pink Sands lurks underneath and enhances the freshness, but I’m just unsure on this one.

The Whole World (bottom)-*I can’t remember the exact notes, but I think Pink sugar and Olive branch dupes are present, or maybe it’s Olive you. (Sorry bout the fuzzy memory guys, I’ve been distracted this summer). If you’ve had the fortunate experience to step into a spa, it has that same fresh air fragrance of relaxing musk. A tart, watery citrus (bergamot?) and sweet fruit send background ripples through cool, uplifting and simply good-smelling air.20180916_145118Queen of Clean- luxurious lavender linen fit for the most royal of noses. Ordered during the height of my laundry scents craving, this satisfies that specific bed/bath need. Rosegirls’ sweet lavender (of which, I’m not a huge fan) works well in toning down the laundry notes. Crisply dressed linens that would be at home in a country cottage, spritzed with refreshingly sweet lavender water. A faded and floral scented clean of a freshly laundered quilt, it’s almost comforting. The strongest scent of the group.20180916_145617All would be repurchased except for Trust Me and I love you, like you. I will always order from Rosegirls, even if only once a year. Jenny’s scents are proven successes and ever expanding with the inclusion of mini-melter blends. The minis provide that RG fragrance fix, but I’m grateful the store moved to a pre-order model, supplementing with flash restocks. It’s the best of both worlds.

This may have been a summer purchase, but more than half will be melted in the heart of fall and even winter for that icy peppermint. There, now, I feel less guilty about the delay. Most followers are aware that Rosegirls is opening up for a ready-to-ship flash sale today, Tuesday the 18th at 9 am central and I’ll be excited to peep what everyone grabs. Have you ordered Rosegirls recently, what are your favorite RG fall/winter scents?

4 thoughts on “Rosegirls- Summer pre-order haul

  1. I love those little muffins, too, but mostly because they’re darn adorable – otherwise, I find it sort of unwieldy if you’d like to get multiples of a single scent (because a 12-muffin order just seems like a lot, doesn’t it?!) I love your descriptor of air that just smells good – that’s actually my favourite kind of scent, that unidentifiable soap? or fruit? or random spa? note that just plain old smells good without smelling like anything. I used to love this candle from Pottery Barn that had bergamot in it, or maybe it was just plain old bergamot, period – it smelled a bit like tea, a bit like a spa and a bit like fruit, and it was perfectly lovely and unobtrusive. Maybe it’s the bergamot?

    Are you partaking in today’s RTS? I abstained. I’ve got my eye on a larger (still only potential) prize – a little while ago on the FB page, Jenny was soliciting people’s opinions on a possible customs opening (with the clear caveat that it would not be like the old days, which I fully support, because that was madness.) But the opportunity to jazz up a few loaves or muffins or whatever of my favourites is enough bait to get me to just hold off on this one (especially since there weren’t too, too many scents that were calling to me.)

    And RG’s cocoa or chocolate is like their peppermint – very strong, and you either love it or hate it. And tends to overpower all other scents. Hot Fudge Brownies is one of the only MMs I have left because I’ve used it so infrequently, because it’s hella strong!


    1. You know me, the most multiple I ever get is 2 of a scent. But yeah, lotsa muffins take up lotsa space. I abstained, am abstaining since my SMT blow-out. NO wax goal of 100 days at least, maybe nothing till after the new year. I’m at day 40 and feeling good.
      I checked out the scent offerings on Tuesday and there was a woodland one that sounding like me and another Are You Ready For Some Football fruity spice that was incredible. Perhaps another time…

      Speaking of-Customs! I missed out on the days of RG customs, sounds like a mess, but now that you’ve spilled the tea, please keep me informed if the customs come to fruition. Wax ban be damned in that case!


      1. Forty days?! Way to go, you! That’s awesome, I know you were feeling the pull there for a while real hard (hmm, that all sounded a lot more sexual than I had intended, but what doesn’t?) I thought of you when I saw that Are You Ready For Some Football one – cute name aside, the scent notes seemed quite up your alley.
        I tried to place an order (one of my first ever, so way to go big or go home) during the last (and, it turned out, final) RG custom opening and it was a total gong show. Put me off the entire wax world for a good year, just madness. I like the pre-order method so much better than the old race to the cash deal, but the thought of customs is much too tantalizing. I hope they can make it happen without things turning into things, you know?


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