Super Tarts Wax: Summer sale-duos, bam bags and clams

20180815_151524Lessons learned from my most recent Super Tarts order (the first since spring of 2017):

  • Be careful what you wish for
  • Less is more
  • My husband loves this brand

When Super Tarts’ admin began posting previews of a summer sale, after months of Instagram silence, I got major googly eyes over new blends, fresh pairings of popular scents, and even extra bam bags. It didn’t take much inner debate to break my July no-buy and order…twice. I’ve wished for Brandy to finally update on Instagram again forever, her doing so led to my order; lesson learned.

20180815_153728I’m referring to these as scent duos since they’re no longer on the site and I don’t remember what they were named. These new two-scent combos could be replicated with Potion Packs or clamshells if available. Ranging from $1.30-1.80 and customers chose their own shapes which was pretty cool. Can’t decide which mold I’m a bigger fan of, Nintendo game controller or garden gnome.20180815_155357Pink Sugar + Dr. Doom- If sugar and spice was epitomized in fragrance, this would be it. Super Tart’s pink sugar is on the spicy side and adding it to the heavenly patchouli present in Dr. Doom (Draco aka, LOM dupe-patchouli, Madagascar black pepper and vanilla bean) fine-tunes an exultant scent fit for Tibetan temple incense. All the peppery herbal richness raised infinite notches by candy caramel sweets. I thought I was over powdery scents until this reminded me how good they can be. *A his and hers pick for rare wax harmony in my home.

Twisted Peppermint + Vetiver- Love this concept. I’m picky about peppermint and often cut my mints with something else, vetiver is a brilliant choice. Lightweight sweet vetiver brings bright warmth to the chill blast of TP. The hint of lemon and soothing aromatic herbal quality uplift the heaviness of the mint just enough, but I’d amp it up even more. The twisted mint becomes fresh and sugary, and doesn’t devolve into syrupy cough medicine. Broke the slab into thirds, saving the rest for winter.

20180815_160350Waffle Cone + Chocolate Orchid- Another innovative pair I was keen to try. The chocolate orchid issues a flowery and milky cocoa concentrate on cold throw, that, it may sound silly to say, was unexpected. My previous experience with the oil was less chocolatey. On warm, the cocoa is slighter but veers into fruity floral territory, sneaky lil guy. Because the vanilla waffle cone is smothered by the the orchid, it’s not quite the special combination I hoped for, but the gnome is a cute grumpy fella.

Herbal Lavender + Vanilla Bean Noel- A pungent herbaceous lavender that carries a burnt sugar note making it strange, but enjoyable. Extremely aromatic, not overly powdery. Of course pairing anything with the vanilla sugar cookie marshmallows of VBN is a winner for me.

20180822_101045Amber + Seaside- a floral amber rather than woody. It’s soft and resinous with an oily, almost frankincense vibe. I’d seek this type of comforting amber out again. After the lightness of amber dissolves the dominant aquatic seaside takes over. Brisk, salty and ultimately too heavy-handed on the white floral bouquet.

Cider Lane + French Baguette- I hesitated to order because on it’s own Cider Lane is sweet for my taste, but I adore those warm bready baguettes. This scent pair works, not too sweet, not too sour. French baguette has a warm crusty base and airiness that stands up really well to the caramel and spice of Cider Lane. A warm comforting fall blend.

20180819_090423Beauty and the Beast (bam bag: wax chunks of 10-11oz, $13.44)- Sweet Blackberries and Magically Delicious. Intense blackberry juice that verges on too sweet before an amplified tartness injects the sugary marshmallow glazed cereal blend with dark fruity musk. Well-balanced, but the throw disappointed a bit. I used 3 small cubes to reach the desired strength. 20180819_102601Clamshells, $4.25 ea. and I believe it’s the first time all arrived intact. I always choose the more affordable medium bubble mailer option.

Dawson’s Creek- Lemongrass, Lavender, Sage, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Fresh Ozone. The newest release of the bunch and unfortunately not one I enjoy. Separately, these notes tick all my scent boxes; however, combined, a sharp soapy aroma emerges. Sometimes sage and eucalyptus can emit a harsh tone or perhaps the crackling ozone could be the trouble. I’m unsure if I want to melt it to find out, or pass it on.

20180819_101243Ballgame-crackerjacks. One of my top five Super Tarts scents which my husband melts often and I never fail to pause and admire how good it smells. Previously reviewed and still as delicious as it was two years ago. Sweetly salted caramel coated kettle corn with thick molasses and creamy vanilla. It doesn’t read popcorn to my nose, just incredible salty sweet stuff. This redesigned clamshell gets me right in the baseball feels too.20180819_103021PNW- Rain drops, Sweater Weather, Birch Beachwood and Washington Apples. The birch beachwood looms towering as the pacific treeline, enveloping the atmosphere in thick cozy woods and I love that. Crisp apples appear sweet, tangy and true, unlike the Mac apple blends that have an off-putting note to my nose. Dewy sweater weather and misty rain add freshness, yet it’s not an aquatic scent, it’s fruity woods shrouded in fog. I think Brandy created this fragrance for love of her homeland and it shows.

Almost all worth breaking a ban, although I didn’t need a bag of Beauty and the Beast, especially at the increased price. What I appreciate most is how Super Tarts is known for complex, occasionally offbeat blends, but the simplified less-is-more approach to the duos works incredibly well. I hope to see these scent shapes offered again. Speaking of, is anyone ordering the new Willy Wonka inspired gift box? What sounds most intriguing?

11 thoughts on “Super Tarts Wax: Summer sale-duos, bam bags and clams

  1. One of the reasons I read your blog is these wonderful descriptions. Your words convince me I’m smelling all the scents right off the computer screen.

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    1. Wow Lisa! That may be the nicest comment I’ve ever received and it means so much coming from a person who writes such touching and thought-provoking pieces, thank you:)

      I can go a little over board on description occasionally, but I’m finding that balance of imagery and practical info. And hey, if you ever want to try any wax melts (which I know isn’t really your thing) let me know, I’d be happy to send you some. Thanks for visiting.


  2. Hey, look at that, everything looks so lovely and unbroken and not at all like a smashed pile of crap! Sorry, still feeling a bit salty from my ST sting of last year. I just finished off my final cube of 28 Days Later (a cranberry bakery scent) the other day. Have actually been melting through EVERYTHING; I am down to some serious, serious dregs these days!)

    I had a good chuckle at the French Baguette blend, though – I think I just said to Julie yesterday that I can’t do the fresh bread scents at ALL. They’re totally nauseators for me (that’s a word, right? Well, even if it’s not, I’m making it a word!) I found the Magically Delicious blends quite bready, too, although I like a strawberry cannoli one (Hermione, I think) a lot.

    Those Nintendo shapes are so great, excellent choice! I like the stern sturdiness of the gnome, but the controllers are totally where it’s at (I’ve been reorganizing some storage recently and found an old Super NES controller with a bunch of Christmas stickers on the back and TEETH MARKS on the edges. I was apparently a very torked up gamer when I was younger! Hey man, don’t know what to tell you, Donkey Kong Country just brings out the wild nut in me!)

    Glad you’re enjoying your goodies, though, and that baseball clam is so perfect for your Summer of Softball (TM.)


    1. Well at least you’re not bitter, LOL. I know Super Tarts did you wrong, which is why I was more surprised it made it unharmed in a flat-rate envelope. Wonders never cease, I received a Fright Night collection order intact too! (Didn’t grab 28 days later but I love that movie)
      Oh no buddy, I’m sorry to hear bread is a nauseator for ya, especially bc I was setting up to send you some of my Beauty in the Beast-I think it’s a great combo and I usually abhor cereal blends. I seem to like nearly every wax scent you have an aversion too. I’ll have to think on what would go with your nose so you aren’t out completely while waiting for SMT…
      If there’s ever anything I review that you want to try, please let me know.
      Teeth marks, yikes dude! You legit lived the gamer lifestyle, I was a more casual (less-skilled) gamer. I would like to get back into it sometime though.
      Hey, I would TM that, but softball just ain’t the same thing as baseball-I’d be living a lie. I might keep my baseball clammie intact and just sniff it when I need to reminisce, it’s excellent.


      1. Eek, 28 Days Later is so friggin’ terrifying (I saw it in the theatre; why?!?) but I think the sequel is just…it’s so much scarier, and I didn’t even know that was possible. You can thank this movie, too, for introducing the trope, by now, of the crack-addicted, speed freak Olympic sprinter zombies. I liked them better (?) when they just lumbered.

        Aw, you’re too nice, pulling scents you think I’d like. 🙂 Not to harsh your buzz, of course – if you think I might like it, chances are I probably would, and that Beauty and the Beast one sounds delish. Besides, you never know what might strike your fancy, right? All that to say, I will gladly take your bready wonder-ifs. 😉

        I also realized my mistake as soon as the “soft” was down on the screen – two totally different animals. Also, softballs are, like, the size of grapefruits and I still can’t hit them. I’m total crap at most sports, but baseball is right on up there. Do you/can you play?


        1. REally? I will watch 28 Weeks Later then, perhaps for Halloween. I usually dismiss sequels with all new casts, but horror movies are a different beast so to speak.
          Oh I know! Zombies on speed are the craziest visual, it really throws you off when watching. Great stuff though.


          1. Robert Carslyle is in it, as is Jeremy Renner and a very, very young Imogen Poots (that name will never be anything but utterly adorable.) It’s less “humanity bleak” and more straight up monster terror. It doesn’t quite have the atmosphere of an abandoned London, but the scenery is quite despairing nonetheless. Anyhow, I recommend, particularly if you liked the first – it does it great justice.


        2. I played catcher in little league softball until the age of 14. But I couldn’t hang with the intensity of the 15+ level, those girls were insane. My sister was an all-star pitcher for a while but after she left, I lost interest and just wanted to hang out at the mall instead of shagging fly balls at nightly practices.
          I’m a sporto, pretty much into all of it except not a huge NFL fan (the Cleveland Browns will do that to you) ironically not an NBA fan either (you know I love NCAA) which is Ohio’s only claim to National fame. I generally root for underdogs.


          1. You’re not wrong, there comes a time in a young sporting lady’s life when things go from more-than-a-hobby to more-than-life, and you have to choose which direction to go. I had a similar sort of choice to make with dance when I was younger – like, now’s the moment I go all-in, or it’s the moment I continue on with it as a very intense hobby, but knowing that it’ll never go any further than that. I also backed away from dance for a bit when I was 15 because it took up so much of my time and I just wanted to chill with my friends instead of running off to rehearsal (or to shag – eee, that term is so awesome! – fly balls) every night and weekend. I went back after about a year and then was super duper into everything – competitions, community performances, exams, teaching – but it wasn’t a for-life thing.

            Good on your sister! I hope she left because she just wanted to, and not because she got injured or anything. Amateur sports are such a beast on young, growing bodies and minds.

            NBA? NFL? What are these acronyms you speak of? Oh, is this a sports thing? Okay, well, in that case – goooooo SPORTS! 😉 Facetious joking, of course, I know what the NFL is – the National Florist League. You should see them run an ichibana play against the clock – so badass.


          2. Mock if you will but I actually debated if I should explain the acronym or compare it to the CFL. Sports are to me what dance is to you, but I would LOVE to see a florist league in a flower arranging competition-that’s badass to me too.

            P.S. My sis did leave due to injury, took a shot to the mouth from a ball that hit the back stop on the mound. It deadened her tooth and made her afraid to play-the end of her softball era. Also, a boyfriend began taking up all of her time-typical!


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