Death Eater’s Tea Club-quarterly Summer box

Ahoy there and welcome back fellow Death Eaters. Riddle’s Tea Shoppe has done it again with the latest Death Eaters Tea Club box, and how. Sporting an assortment of summer flavors and accessories full of whimsy and kitschy detail that makes my summer-lovin, death-eatin, tea-drinkin heart soar with glee.20180811_163453As in the previously reviewed DETC boxes, from winter and spring, each one-time subscription box contains: 

– 1 novelty tea item [Caffeinated]
– 2 small tea samples (10g each) [1 decaf / 1 caffeinated]
– 1 enamel pin
– 4 additional surprise items and Story Card

*All items inspired by the darker arts of the wizarding world are curated exclusively for these boxes. Ordered June 29th for $30, shipped for $7 and arrived on August 6th.20180808_144507Even death eaters need a vacation. A break from cursing their inferiors, not to mention the stress of living at the constant beck and call of the dark lord by a single touch upon the marked forearm. Summer provides the time off to let their hair down, slather on what must be at least 85 strength sunscreen and hit the beach or the pool.

Aun-Juli, the artist and creator, always channels the season with her chosen tea ingredients and these are brimming with summer fruits and flavors.20180812_113435 (1)Peachy Pettigrew:simperingly sweet sip in deference to the dark lord. When I think beach romp, Peter Pettigrew isn’t the first to come to mind, nor does he rank as my favorite animagus, but someone must scamper around filling cups and retrieving wayward volleyballs. And goodness the aroma is beyond tempting. Fresh sugary peach, apricot and rose oolong tea with cocoa nibs and apple pieces make a tasty brew. A sweet and soft flavor profile in which the absence of spices commonly paired with peach shows off the fruity flavors. The peach lingers smoothly on the palate and finishes oh-so-mellow. Yummy.

Seaside Snape: (decaf)- A coppery colored rooibos boasting hibiscus, rose, apple, vanilla, pineapple and coconut that would receive high marks from the hard to please Potions professor. When it comes to a choice blend of ingredients, Snape knows best. Always.20180812_113215 (4)Bellatrix Breeze tea bags: 8 tropical tea bags to enjoy hot, cold or seething with revenge. I can imagine Bellatrix wreaking havoc on the waves, steering a speedboat dangerously close to swimmers for kicks before retiring to a beach cabana to be fanned with palm fronds by poor house elves.

I appreciate the addition of tea bags too. They’re convenient for summer travels and brewing iced tea. A chorus of tropical mango, apple, pineapple and orange duels with  pungent lemon verbena. The earthiest and most herbal of the blends, I felt suitably witchy when sipping, best with a bit of sweetness.20180818_184818 (2).jpgDETC sticker: A lighter, sandier logo featuring nautical elements arranged with the iconic DETC skull makes me wish for a boat to display it upon.20180818_184612The Crystal Cave postcard: That dark and dreadful location of pestilent waters so painfully visited in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Vibrantly detailed in magical amethyst hues and glowing greens touting the evil inferi’s dwelling place with vintage vacation design. Although a baneful event occurred in the cave, as a postcard enthusiast, I’m enchanted by it. Riddle’s artwork never fails to delight my imagination. 20180812_113747Death Eater Lifeguard enamel pin: to advertise all those safety lessons taken in the Black Lake. Perfectly fitting for the theme, but not as immersive to the HP storyline as pins from previous boxes. Bubble head charms and gillyweed are surely more effective than lifeguards. However, the bold design appeals to my style. A red cross symbol atop a dark background with glittery flecks of green and crossbones indicate the wearer means business. So no hexing or jinxing near the water, or else.

//New to this box//20180811_164754DETC Nautical Tote: Death Eaters can carry their towels, tomes and curses in style while sporting their dark allegiance at all summer occasions. I could not believe my eyes when unfolding this bag. A full size canvas tote with stripes, rope handles and tea club logo?? Best. Subscription. Box. Item. Ever. I might book a beach weekend just to show off this beauty. It’s medium width and roomy depth hold at least two towels, two thick books, sunscreen, bottles, etc. I will likely use it to carry items to and from the library, the only concern being the longevity of the ropes. They’re sturdy, but a cloth hand grip would be ideal to avoid fraying.20180815_180957 (2)Death Eaters Swim Club beach ball: the perfect distraction for your little death eaters at the beach. What a fun and absolutely unexpected item. After a quick Inflatus charm, it was seaworthy. A great size for batting around the pool and the fun logo is a personal touch that makes the DETC a prized box to receive.  20180811_161949Aun-Juli, you outdid yourself. This special summery treasure brought me much needed cheer. If, however, your soul is less inclined to the dark side, you excelled on your N.E.W.T.s and find yourself aligned on the side of righteous-good, oh, and I’m sure you do;) I’ve intercepted a bit of intel from another organization of magical aurors. Perhaps my Hufflepuff and Griffyndor friends will better relate to the tea box from Auror Tea Society. Julie at the Redolent Mermaid happens to be featuring that very parcel on her site…The Redolent Mermaid'sUntil we meet again for the fall box release my fellow death eaters, remember to sip, savor and of course, stay superior.

6 thoughts on “Death Eater’s Tea Club-quarterly Summer box

  1. The thought of a Death Eater Yacht Club has been making me giggle for about 10 solid minutes now. I can picture Voldemort sitting there on the dock by his houseboat in, yup, SPF 85 (or higher, although I guess he really doesn’t need to make sure his nose has been zinc oxide’d) and a pair of madras plaid shorts. Maybe some shower sandals. He’s the trash of the yacht club – my, how times have changed! Either that or he’s sitting on the beach in one of those old timey, one-piece bathing suits gentlemen used to wear looking utterly constipated. Bahahahahaha! Well, at least I can make my own amusement, right? 🙂

    What a charming little box of goodies, though, and I love these posts – you and Julie did such a great job with this collaboration, very best-of-both-worlds! I really loved the stuff in Julie’s Auror box, but the yacht club one you got is selling yours for me HARD. The postcard in particular is so great and evocative, although I love both of them that you each got. I also just love a crisp nautical stripe, so you know I’m on board with this! I hope you enjoy your goodies, they look so great. 🙂


    1. I figured Voldy was more of a swamp lurker, but you are right. He’d be menacing all the DE families on the dock, the beach, in the club. He’d go where the creature comforts were for sure, but madras shorts, lol, STOP! That’s too much:)

      And thanks for the compliments, it was a fun collab, I love a good dark side/light side contrast and RTS blows me away with the fandom goods, they are so beautiful. I am loving my DETC boat bag!


  2. Fabulous box!!! I love your photos by the lake. They look amazing. Your nautical bag is pretty jam up. I am totally sold on these boxes and might even try to get both versions next time. Thanks for featuring these boxes and inviting me to collaborate. It was fun and a much needed distraction. ❤


    1. Thank you, those lake photos were interesting, I had to risk poison ivy through overgrown trails to find a spot without swimmers or boaters, but I loved the lighting.

      All of these products made me smile, and anytime friend, a fun distraction can be just the thing. So happy you were pleased, I think I’ll finish off the series with the Fall DETC box and take a break if I can resist them.


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