The Bathing Garden: Summer scents

20180803_175344Traveling disparate landscapes of sandstone bluffs along rocky coastlines, heat-baked deserts, gardens of abundant hardy herbs, faded flowers and perfumed evenings near the close of summer are the impressions conveyed by a recent small splurge of The Bathing Garden’s wares.20180804_095922Dreaming of Dreams Wax Tart-French lavender and cool camphor blend with bergamot and clary sage. A complex soothing lavender that will send you into dreamland. A single cube imparted the freshest cleansing air through two rooms. I don’t speak of soapy ‘cleaner’ notes, but an herbal cleanse of sage and lavender wafting gently as a dusky breeze. After the herbs settle, the cooling heart of camphorous leaves and sharp bergamot shine with translucent energy creating a virtually spiritual melt. I wouldn’t want to be without this fresh air blend, it shall be a staple. Currently a last chance item at The Bathing Garden
20180804_100810Salted Rose-Sugary rose jam is blended with salty tears and sprinkled with pink himalyan sea salt. Rose is the scent du jour in the fragrance world. Ironic because it’s timeless, but I won’t argue against it. I adore a sweet pink rose and blending it with another favorite scent trend, sea salt, meant this beautiful clam was a must. An upfront sourness needs to diminish before the rose fully blooms, but when it does it’s lively and intensely fragrant. Coarse pink salt crystals add a calescent dimension of dry warmth. A unique scent I may have enjoyed more had it been a truer rose note.
20180804_101640Calypso- Smells of sea salt, vetiver, driftwood, jasmine, and coconut. Silvery minerals provide an earthy depth difficult to achieve in a watery scent. With hardy, almost chewy wet woodiness, briny salt on the lips, dense grasses and leafy florals blowing languidly from a shore breeze. The strong, woody musk thankfully hides the jasmine, making Calypso truly exceptional and a third time purchase for me.
20180804_100443Pink Sugar Pie Crust-A layer of sweet pink sugar under sugared pie crust. My first pink sugar scent by TBG as I don’t believe Shannon offers many. A creamy-spicy-nutty-candy-gourmand that achieves a perfect balance between savory and sweet. Others have attempted this combination, but The Bathing Garden’s is superior. I think it’s the hint of salty crisp crust and barest butteryness in the base. A favorite in my house and a scent highlight of the year.20180804_102402 (1)Summer Twilight-creamy vanilla, black fruits, soft musk, lavender, lilac, and hints of eucalyptus and woods. Lush textures of a summer evening appear like a streaked sunset. Layers of late summer berries atop heady lilacs. Veins of lavender appear and fade as fireflies flash in the musky starlit woods.
20180804_102206Less herbaceous than Dreaming of Dreams, more floral, but not as flowery as Evernight. The fruits lean heavily on plums, with black and blue berries, a mix I’m not especially fond of with lavender.20180804_102010Seashells on the Seashore-Tart Lemon zest, sparkling lemonade, whipped cream, and candied sugar. Shannon has a way with lemon scents that allows me to appreciate rather than avoid them as I usually do. Zesty lemon curls are front and center in a parade of subtle and boisterous lemony joy. Without the headache-inducing sugared tartness of a fair-style lemon shake, these notes sparkle and dance, inviting me back to take one more sniff. Wary as I am with lemon, carrying it’s subtle whipped cream and layer of sophistication, this is one of which I approve.

Of these, Dreaming of Dreams, Pink Sugar Pie Crust and Calypso are present and future repurchases.

Samples were split between my sister and I as we ordered together to reduce shipping, 10 clams, 2 shapes and 2 samplers were around $10 shipped:

20180803_173113Salted Lavender- My favorite lavender blended with crystalized sea salt and hints of soft woods, white musk, and sugary vanilla. As Sue, of the Great British Baking Show puts it, there’s always a chance of going too ‘knicker-drawer’ with lavender. The sweetness from the sugared vanilla dominates as the herbal lavender buds emanate a clean, non-powdery or sachet odor. I wish for more sea saltiness, but would purchase this satisfying blend. The heart shape melted light-medium in my bathroom.

Mandarin Blossoms-Delicious mandarin blossoms, orange blossoms, neroli blend with hints of musk and sugary vanilla. Inspired by Big by LUSH. Scented with a heavy floral musk and clean bodycare fragrance so typical of Lush blends.

Shannon’s earthy Halloween Sampler #3 is also awaiting review if I can banish thoughts of warm-weather long enough to try them.

**It’s been a long, strange week friends. The unfortunate loss of a loved one has knocked me and my family back. The photos were captured and post mostly written beforehand and I found these scents to provide some serene comfort over the last few days. Blogging is, of course, not my priority at this time as we struggle to comprehend and deal with this loss. I have several posts started and a couple collaborations with friends that will have to be delayed. Thank you for understanding-I will be back soon. Be well, friends.

6 thoughts on “The Bathing Garden: Summer scents

  1. Stunning photos and scents are very descriptive as always.
    I’m sorry to hear of your rough week and your sudden loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  2. I’m so glad you were able to find a little comfort and enjoyment in this order – that’s why we treat ourselves to this stuff, isn’t it, so that when life goes completely off the rails, we have a nice little comfort to fall back on to hopefully make us feel just a tiny little bit better. Hope you’re well, friend.


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