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Scent summit 2018 (2)Welcome fellow scent devotees and friends. A few of us fragrance bloggers put our heads together in recent weeks to discuss the upcoming Sniff My Tarts custom wax opening. After much bouncing of ideas off each other’s emails and blogs, we nearly achieved an official G20-level Summit of the Senses. Only on a slightly smaller scale with a 3 member delegation; however, we have international status, as a founding member is a resident citizen of Canada. Custom scent planning is serious business, but more fun en masse, so with that sentiment in mind we decided to publicize our secret blends in the interest of global scent significance and world wax harmony.

On today’s Scent Summit Agenda:

  • New business: A compiled list of my planned wax blends below.
  • Past business: Links to two previous Scented Library SMT custom reviews with favorites briefly noted.
  • *Collective female fiscal empowerment: the planned blends of Sandra, from Finger Candy and Julie from The Redolent Mermaid via links to their respective blogs.*
  • An official date/time to the custom opening on which the members and any participants may reconvene to congratulate each other’s customs conclusion.

SMT - Jays PicksThis well-organized blend compilation is courtesy of the artfully manicured hands of Finger Candy’s, Sandra. Special thanks to her for transcribing my brainstormed blends into scholarly looking scent lists. Am I the only one who sees book spines? Ooh, better yet, seasonal scent anthologies?

Most of my customs will be in the form of 3-fragrance oil chunks, adorable mini-muffins or the frosted wax cookies. Since the Sniff My Tarts powers-that-be updated their wax formats for any size 10 oz. or larger to allow 4-scented oils, the 4 fragrance oil blends above (of which, there are 4) will be in the new Chunk Brittle for Fall and the 10 oz. no-fuss chunks for Summer. I like to take it easy in the Summer and prefer the leisurely wax options requiring zero to minimal chopping, I’m a fairly lazy melter year-round.

The single exception being the planned chunky half-pie size ($22) for one blend I know will be a guaranteed winner ⇒ Fall’s yummy Apple Cider Latte (overpour)+Buttercream Drizzle Bread+Vanilla Waffle Cone. I was gifted a slice of a similar SMT blend and it was divine. For pretty decorated wax cake designs, check out the customs reviews via Finger Candy and The Redolent Mermaid, they’ve received some stunnahs.

My best Sniff My Tarts custom wax of the past:

20180107_103751Buttercream Sprinkles+Peppermint Swizzle Sticks+Cream Soda (above), Dragon’s Blood+Barbershop 1920 both reviewed here and the sweetly simple Japanese Cherry Blossom+Juicy Grapefruit+Cotton Candy Frosting cookie from my first order. On a related note, the Salty Sea Air+Barbershop+Sandalwood combo improved mightily after extra cure time, hence the use of more SSA in my upcoming blends.

Whereas, Sandra has the bakery-type melts down to a science and Julie will summon all the earthy, smoky and marshmallowy goodness, my blends have been deemed more…experimental. That is fair and fine with me. The old scent blending synapses were rapid firing as I tried to think outside my comfort zone while still satisfying seasonal cravings. There’s calculated risk when creating a custom scent, but half the fun lies in not knowing how they’ll turn out.

Sniff My Tarts will open for custom business this Sat, 8/11/18 from 9-10 am EST and again at 7-8 pm. Will you be there?

*If you aren’t already following Finger Candy and The Redolent Mermaid, do. Sandra and Julie are mega-talents with beautiful blogs who give wax melts a good name and provide constant inspiration, both for my blog life and my life, life.

What do you say ladies, any wax trade deals on the horizon when our customs come in down the road?

8 thoughts on “Sniff My Tarts: Scent Summit

  1. YES, that is EXACTLY what I was going for, book spines! For my sweetly scented scholarly friend. 🙂 Glad you liked the…chart? Graph? Diagram? List? Cross-section of a bookshelf?

    I love that we’ve gone international! But yes, if Canada and the United States can’t agree on, you know, the stuff that powers the world’s economy, by god, they WILL agree on their custom scent blend choices! And I love your agenda so much. Do we get lapel pins or something?

    By the by, I meant experimental in a good – nay, a great! – way. With one or two exceptions, you can look at mine and go “Yeah, that’ll probably smell pretty great, even if it’s not the best version of whatever it’s supposed to be.” But a few of yours are kind of unknowns, and I love it! That Beer/Butterbrickle guy? I’m so intensely curious to know what that will smell like – probably pretty great. And I absolutely loved that pie slice of the Cream Soda blend you gave me, even though that one also seemed kind of out there based on the scent notes alone. But geez, it was so great (although still, every time I melted it my husband smelled cinnamon, so weird.)

    Speaking of both him and SMT scents, he gets a tobacco note off that Apple Cider Latte blend. He smoked a pipe in high school – of course he did – and he got a big time fruit tobacco note off it after it had been melting for a few hours.


    1. I will wear that experimental crown proudly. Even if half the time I kick myself and ask: Why won’t you order combos you KNOW will be yummy? Why? Just marshmallow lavender all the things, you fool!

      Will has quite the scent hound nose because Buttercream Sprinkles’ description reads a hint of cinnamon sticks. I also get a little sharp tobacco from ACL, which only makes me ❤ it more. I've melted it this week actually as Shel and I both love it and find it comforting. Thanks again.
      BTW, I added another frosted cookie to my order based on that Fun Bread scent you, or I, mentioned recently with Zucchini Bread/Strawberry Bread/Pineapple, who am I, really? I hope it works out.


      1. You don’t marshmallow lavender all the things because you want to try NEW things, find that next perfect marshmallow lavender. 🙂

        So glad you’re enjoying the ACL blend, I love it so much (and it is indeed quite a cozy scent; with no clue as to where I’ll end up on the customs list, I’m hoarding my last third of a slice HARD, when all I want to do is melt it!)

        You did mention that you were trying to recreate that Fun Bread scent, which I swear has SMT’s new Cookie Bread scent in it (which itself I’m pretty sure has zucchini bread in IT.) Mmm, I loved that scent, it was a good one. Super curious to know how that one turns out.


        1. Thank you. I am a searcher of scents rather than a repeater. It doesn’t always work out, but you put a good spin on it 🙂

          Gah! I messed up the Fun Bread scent then, left off Cookie Bread and went with the scent notes from Pour Girls-zucc. bread, strawberry, pineapple, but the cookie bread would have been soooo good. I’m salty about that, but perhaps next time:/


          1. I’m pretty sure zucchini bread is a major component of that Cookie Bread scent, so I think you’re covered there – I still think it’s going to be a great one. 🙂 I’ll give you a hunk of MY Cookie Bread blend so we can see (tried to recreate that Candied Blackberry Cookie scent from K’s Kreations – we shall see how that one turns out, but I have high hopes.


  2. I am with Sandra and want to smell your holiday beer brew! Plus your coconut vanilla sandalwood sounds like a cream dream. Wow. That sounded awful. I mean it sounds delicious. I like the easy to manage chunks and such too. I am always tempted by the pie slices because they are so dang cute and photograph so well. If you are up for a scent swap I would be happy to! A couple chunks here and there. ❤ Did you end up ordering?


    1. Yes, I had a spiced holiday ale in mind with that one, but heck knows how it will turn out. LOL, watch it, you know I like to name my customs and I’ll have to work cream dream in there somehow. 😉
      I did order, twice, splitting up the seasonal blends. I don’t know why exactly I do that except it’s an overwhelming amount of wax to get at one time, I also sneaked another frosted cookie which would have put me above the limit.
      The pies are wonderful, they don’t crack or crumble, and are satisfying to photo, along with those mini muffins I’m partial to. I may be more excited for some of your’s and Sandra’s blends than mine, so swapping it is!


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