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 20180708_141939The botanical nature of the melts from Bohemienne Life inspired a foraging trip for wild elements from the wooded, nearly overgrown trail near my house. Accompanying wax that so perfectly embodies the flora and fauna of it’s inspiration with anything else didn’t seem to fit. 

5 oz. bags of Wax Crack shards were offered for preorder at an affordable $5 ea. **A note about my approach to this review, after BL’s italicized description, the first note mentioned is the top impression on through to the last note which is the lingering scent.20180715_123019Calypso – Goddess of the Sea…a dreamy essence of waterlilies, mandarin, musk, cashmere vanilla and seaweed, driftwood, salty winds. Wading into the murky depths of Calypso reveals long undulating ropes of seaweed curling in the waves. Limbs brush upon waterlilies and lotus blossom drifting on the sea, as notes of juicy mandarin vanilla carry the scent to a lush lagoon where nymphs play in the sun-dappled surface. On the beach, driftwood rolls languidly in and out with the tides until bleached by the sun. Upon opening the bag I sagged with a bit of disappointment as it was the only scent I didn’t get anything from instantly. After two week’s curing, however, both throw and performance are satisfying; salty, watery, driftwood heaven.20180711_121424 (1).jpgLa Vi en Rose – Romantic blend of Bulgarian rose, Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Amber, oolong tea. Blushing rose petals diffuse their fragrance on a midsummer’s eve as dewdrops transpire upon pale peonies, offering delicate perfume. Lush cool tones spread with effervescence garlanded by floral ropes and crowns fanciful enough to capture a garden fairy’s delight. The oolong tea is brisk and citrusy with a grassy aroma, I only wish it’s tea leaves were more concentrated. La Vie is a dense rose liqueur sipped from a chilled cordial glass on a balmy evening. Checking the website shows La Vi en Rose is still available. I’m tempted to stock up as I need a replacement rose for an old favorite and intend to experiment blending with it.20180709_095244Heart & Crown – Cypress, basil, cardamom, lemon, nutmeg, black pepper and cinnamon oil. Spicy floral rose and jasmine along with essential oils of lavender and clove bud, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli and musk. Initially dusky and obscuring like a veil of patchouli musk descending from deep woods. Aureate herbs and wild flowers flash in a forest meadow wherein lemon and peppery spices reveal the scent of a dark secret, hidden in petals of pink. Incredibly layered earthiness.20180711_123706Saturnus – The Roman God of time… Soft amber, woody myrrh, lavender, sweet musk, rich patchouli, sandalwood with hints of citrus and vetiver. Incense of an ancient forest church rises in thick tendrils. Rich, long-lasting amber resin and a heart of woodsmoke surrender to powdery plumes and heady woods, threaded with burly power. A hauntingly nostalgic scent.20180708_162626Miriam – A blend of ripe pomegranate and herbal galbanum, anise, chamomile, rosemary, petitgrain, amber and musk. The only Miriam I’ve found reference to was in the Greek myth of lost Cassius. She was a mortal who gardened, harvested fruit and played the violin. I’ve yet to wrap my nose around this scent, as the marriage of tart pomegranate and intense green galbanum bears a sharpness I wasn’t keen on at first. Herbaceous aromatics lend a savory layer, but it goes deeper. Opening a trapped door to an underground passage, cool citrus and delicate faded florals are unearthed in it’s depths until finally resting between fruity and bitter greens. In the myth, Cassius ultimately spoils his chance with Miriam but I’m glad of the chance to experience this unique scent.20180715_125448Brandied Peach Bread Pudding – warm yeast bread dripping with boozy spiced peaches. Crispy brown edges sear the air with toasty aromas announcing the baked bread is ready for drenching in golden fruit syrup. Roasted peaches sprinkled with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove are drizzled with caramelized rum scented of dried fruits. The crispy burnt edge may make this unappealing for some, but I’m weak for it. Peaches are a summer treasure, but the depth and spices are whispering fall tidings to me.20180711_130605Tobacco Leaf & Caramel – Citrus spiced tobacco leaves, undertones of vetiver, whiskey and velvety rich caramel. Pools of caramel as dense as molasses intoxicated by a shot of peat whiskey. Woody-warm vetiver brightens the sweetness as the essential note of dried green leaves pervades the air with a dusky crackle. After hours of melting, a base of silky sweet smoke developed so truly, I actually looked around to check if my husband lit a pipe in my living room (nope, nonsmoker). The authentic pipe tobacco scent others try to achieve at it’s purest, without the fire. It’s rich coumarin-laced smokiness provided such a feeling of zen, it was as if derived from a more herbal, homegrown nature. I never tired of it’s earthiness and it lasted days, a must-repurchase favorite.

Samples and a generous 10% off coupon:

These wax twist bon-bons are adorable.

BellaBohemienne-“Beautiful gypsy girl”, exotic notes of saffron, amber, frankincense, fig, sage and tobacco rose. Light, floaty and romantic dusty floral.

Red Poppy-Intoxicating orange blossoms brightened with sparkling citrus. Pleasant clean floral perfume.

Loopy-A fruit loopy frosted birthday cake blend. Heavier on the fruity side.

Cirque de Yum- Yummy concoction of sweet and warm glazed vanilla popcorn. The best popcorn note I’ve smelled; saving for an upcoming sleepover with my niece.

Sweet French Herbs- Sun drenched lines, herbaceous sage, lavender, bay, black currants and bergamot. Fruity laundry and fresh herbs.20180708_141656With a sorceress’s wand Kyme has conjured the earthy scents I feel I’ve been chasing rainbows to find. Most of them seem sprung from an endless summer, and I love that. A hearty thanks to Kyme for continuing her wax production and another thank you to April, a fellow waxie who posted the preorder info I may have missed, and my would I have been sorry. What summery goodness are you enjoying, any happy plans or purchases?

7 thoughts on “Bohemienne Life: Wax Haul

  1. Well, I don’t think it’s much of a surprise that none of these scents are speaking to me, but holy crow, is that wax ever pretty! I love the little chunky imbeds – it’s so charmingly undone. 🙂 And your photos look wonderful, everything is so nicely arranged and looks so appealing. Well done, you! Very glad you found some wonderful scents that speak to you, you were due!


    1. Someday I shall have to do a Sandra’s scents appreciation post! Fruity bakery galore (and then send most off to you!)
      And thanks, clearly I went overboard with the photo props, but ya can’t be natural and free.


      1. Ha! And I would never turn down your undesired bakery waxes, but you never know what might suddenly start tickling your fancy unexpectedly. These days I’m sort of all about that Melting Duck Ghost Stories by the Fire scent (Marshmallow Fireside, Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla Ice Cream.) With the exception of MF, which I like on its own merits, I usually dislike all of those scents. But I LOVE it, and it’s so weird. So who knows, maybe one day that Cupcake/Marshmallow Smoothie/Waffle Cone scent will finally speak to you (actually, that doesn’t sound too bad – add it to the Scent Summit Archives, post haste! Ooh, and also one I forgot from SMT that was surprisingly good – Salt Water Taffy, Cotton Candy (not CC Frosting, though) and Whipped Cream. It was really lovely.)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Added to the archives! I’m getting excited for the Salt Water Taffy creation I dreamed up from SMT, and just think, I’ll have it in a mere 6-8 months. @_@


  2. Reading this was pure bliss. I love seeing another appreciate Kyme’s talent. You captured her tarts perfectly in both prose and imagery. I picked up a few bags too and love them to pieces. That Saturnus is dead sexy. Glad you are enjoying your goodies. And April is the best isn’t she? xoxo


    1. I sure do appreciate Kyme’s approach to fragrance, each was exuberantly layered and even the Miriam which I wasn’t crazy about is a fascinating scent to sniff. Thanks for turning me on to her stuff. Saturnus is an earthy goddess that even my husband loved.
      Yes, April is a sweetheart!


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