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These items were given in exchange for an honest review.

20180701_105156My sister discovered this vendor at a farmer’s market and raved about the wax. The ensuing social media follow lead to an offer for a blog product review. Eric, the creator of Earth & Honey started his (ad-)venture last November and has steadily increased production, launched an online store and expanded to over 45 scents in wax melts and hand-poured candles. His most recent endeavor is a proprietary blend of soy and beeswax gathered from the beehives on his family’s property.

20180701_110102All melts come in 2.5 oz. 6-cube clamshells, retailing for $4 ($3 at markets). I don’t know the shipping cost, but it is currently domestic only.20180711_094655
Cotton Candy- Just like fresh cotton candy from a country fair! Sugary strawberry and sweet vanilla notes. It opens up as a fruity gourmand treat that I enjoy precisely because of it’s airy softness which doesn’t end up saturated by berry syrup. Strawberries peek through after being rolled in a dish of crystal sugar, kissed with caramel and enrobed in vanilla, spinning out a fluffy mouthwatering confection. A musky sweet finish follows when melted, medium strength.20180701_190818-COLLAGE

It’s also a dreamy tri-layered candy colored melt.

20180701_105733 (2)Midday Moon- masculine scent of ozone, vanilla and amber. Brimming with vitality, a classic cologne with a sweet twist thanks to the addition of rich vanilla. A waft of ozone amplifies the scent to a fine shining clarity, like a breath of spring air. Brisk, and potently fresh but not bracing, with medium strength.

*Midnight Vanilla- The darkness of midnight is captured in this inviting scent that has a warm amber base. Sugary vanilla adds a sweetness that makes it extra cozy and addictive. *A blend of soy and beeswax, this is part of E & H’s dye free line. Mild, pure vanilla without musk or bitterness from the vanilla bean pod. A linear scent from the top down with pockets of burnished amber. The only fragrance in which I noticed a plastic note transmitted from the case, perhaps because it was the lightest emitting strength. 20180701_110238
Pine Forest- Evoking a sweep of pines marching across rolling slopes, this scent transports me to the refreshing air of the Great Smokies. The forest entrance beckons, awash with a cool breeze that lifts the prickly heat from the skin. An unmistakable scent of pine boughs fills the air with fresh crispness. Treading further into the dark woods the aroma grows greener and deeper, thick with mountain ferns and cushioned by a moss-carpeted forest floor.20180701_110502 (1)Pine Forest shouldn’t be mistaken for a Christmas scent-it makes a perfect late summer evergreen and the pine essence isn’t too needle-y, absent any sharp notes. A slightly sweet arboreal fragrance and my favorite of the bunch. Medium-strong throw.20180701_114848
Sweet Sunrise- bergamot, ozone accord, green notes, lavender, eucalyptus, rose,
oakmoss, cedar.
Like a slash of radiant sunlight spreading the warmth of a golden dawn morning, this scent gently awakens as it melts. A spike of bittersweet citrus and a pinch of exotic spice infuse the woody notes with brightness. Citrusy woods produce a warm, happy and downright sunny scent with medium throw.20180701_113531
Black Raspberry Vanilla-An enticing mix of sweetened black raspberries with a warm, velvety vanilla cream. Not a scent I’m typically into, but one that I heartily recommend. Dark, juicy berry nectar, the kind that stains your fingertips purple but you don’t care because it’s summer and it’s worth a little fruity tint for the experience of vine-ripened berries, warm from the sun. This scent was incredible and incredibly surprising. The vanilla bolsters the berry with a creamy edge as the juicy tartness gushes forth in a delectable current, filling my house with it’s sweet powerful throw.

Other Earth & Honey scents I sniffed and recommend: Apple + Clover, Cheesecake, Cinnamon Chai, Forest Meditation, Rain Water and more of the natural beeswax line.

earth and honey
Of course I blended because that’s what I do. Midday Moon/Midnight Vanilla and Sweet Sunrise/Cotton Candy are superior combinations. Also, I’m unsure why, but once cooled the wax popped right out. Bonus!

Eric and his knowledgeable wax partner-in-crime, Shannon, display a lot of heart and hustle. I admire the commitment to preserving the bees and am impressed with the wax I’ve tried; all but the vanilla threw wonderfully and were poured and cured one month prior to melting. The level of throw from his soy formula has spurred me to try a custom blend candle in the future.

If you’re willing to try a young new vendor starting out, take a peek at the online store or find Earth & Honey, LLC on facebook.


6 thoughts on “New Vendor- Earth & Honey

  1. Well, that’s quite lovely – yay for you scoring the swag! That cotton candy tart IS so cute; the design is super, and I love the little chalkboard design you’ve got going there. 🙂 Very encouraged by the Black Raspberry Vanilla, though – that’s one of those ones that I always forget I really like, and then I get it in a blend and I’m reminded of its awesomeness all anew? I had a chunk of Glitterati, actually, that was BRV and Lemon Poppyseed Cake and it was sooooo good. Lemon bakery made a really good partner with that one. The pine tart also sounds nice – summer forests as opposed to that icy winter scent.


    1. It is nice to grab a lil swag every so often, and the Cotton candy is especially adorable, this brand does a lot of candle layering pretty well.
      I hear ya on the Black Rasp Vanilla, I think I may relegate it to a ‘basic’ scent in my mind until I sniff it and remember that sometimes simple is pretty great, and that’s from someone not crazy about fruity berry, but the dollop of vanilla brings it home for me. Ah yes, berry-vanilla-lemon can be a yummy combo too if the lemon isn’t too puckery.
      Thanks for droppin by, buddy:)


  2. They have very nice branding. The scents sound like good staples too. I love your photos. The beeswax is a fun texture, or at least the ones I have melted. Almost a bendy feel that does remove easily. I love seeing wax tarts and candles at Farmer’s Markets. It is cool too that they get their beeswax from the homestead too. ❤


    1. Thanks, I like their branding too. Eric’s expanding his scent list weekly, hopefully he adds more to the website soon. This may have been my first beeswax, I enjoyed it, but prefer more throw, perhaps a stronger oil in general would work better. I too love to support the bees:)


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