Monthly Superlatives: or, if June was a person I’d punch ’em in the face

20180618_161948I wish the idyllic sunny skies above indicated carefree serene days over the past month, but that would be untrue. June may have started low-key; however, by it’s close, I was worn out with worry, felt my spirit tested and shaken in some of my beliefs.

Lows, losses and worries: stressful changes within my family, uncertain future careers, troubling health diagnoses for a family member and for a friend, the loss of a friend’s loved one, unplanned expenditures, disappointments, strain, strife and sickness.

I’ve drifted through the past few weeks in a bit of a fog, and know I’ve let some important things go, but life hasn’t been all bad. I don’t want to dwell on the negative and today was already brighter than yesterday.

Reasons to smile: sticking to the Keto diet (though re-gaining 1.5 lbs. on vacation) losing 13 lbs. overall, celebrating my birthday in Stranger Things fan-girl style, seeing the ocean during our Florida trip–7 years had been too long, indulging in a deliciously decadent sundae at Jackson’s ice cream parlor, adding to my pottery mug collection, celebrating my nephew’s graduation, reading excellent books: Circe and The Last Child, looking forward to upcoming Summer day trips with friends and family.20180620_182202What may appear to be fear in this photo is simply the soon to be released feeling of anticipation for this decadent hot fudge/butterscotch double scoop vanilla chocolate almond sundae. Treating oneself to some ice cream gratification is the best after the first month of a restrictive diet.

20180630_203400Update: Almost forgot one of my fave summer gifts–our garden. It’s taking it’s sweet time to fill out but we have been harvesting and enjoying fresh garden lettuces in our salads for the last week and loving it, a variety of peppers, tomatoes, cukes and perhaps squash on the way!

Now that Speech Nationals is over and bouts of sickness (respiratory and stomach) are behind me, I’m looking forward to developing a relaxed routine, starting some projects and sorting through my wax favorites for a mid-year recap. Although the pace of these fleeting summer days is alarming, I’m ready to turn this season around, enjoy what’s left and try not to stress about what’s to come. How is your summer progressing?

7 thoughts on “Monthly Superlatives: or, if June was a person I’d punch ’em in the face

  1. I’m so glad you got a bit of time to go away, enjoy yourself in Florida after the spring/summer you’ve been having. I’m sorry you’re dealing with all of that at once. It’s bad enough having one or two things going off the rails, but it really doesn’t need to friggin’ typhoon when it’s raining, you know? You look like you’ve maybe gone catatonic with anticipation over that sundae – hope it was an extra delicious one and totally worth merging off the diet for (terrible English, but I like the term “merging” – it’s nice and gentle and doesn’t suggest that you’re never going to eat another sundae again in your life!) Looking forward to seeing some of your wax picks, too, which reminds me that I have to respond to you with my customs ideas. Dropped the ball on that one, sorry. Also, your Stranger Things birthday party looked like the coolest thing EVER! It was seriously so well done; the decorations and theming were both so great. Hope you had a great time. 🙂

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    1. Florida’s salty air and sunshine was appreciated, even if we had coaching obligations for 4 of the 6 days and our qualifier didn’t do so great. We did get the chance to watch the final round in Humorous interp and 2 eastern Ohio competitors were in it. It was awesome and an Ohio speechie won! (I predict she’ll be an SNL castmember someday).

      Aw, thanks, I was unabashed about throwing myself a fan party and it was TOO fun, we loved it! Goodness, I just wish the other 29 days of the past month lived up to my favorite of the year status, but, um, that’s a hard NO. Looking forward to the rest of the Summer though.
      Yes, we have to get going on that Scent Summit-tude. I already shored up a couple of those summer blend questions: I WILL do the Pink Sands and the pineapple’s getting some brown sugar…


      1. Say whu…Pink Sands? I am gobsmacked – utterly smacked in the gob. Well, I can recommend it with sweet apple, although I’ve yet to find one that really matches up well with all that Pink Sandiness – red delicious is too sweet and soft, mac apple is not sweet enough and candied apple isn’t appley enough. Wax problems, man. 😉


  2. So sorry you have had so much to deal with 😞 but congratulations on sticking tough with your dietary changes and the weight loss. Looking forward to your mid year reviews. I really enjoyed The Last Child when I read it, a few years ago, the kid in it was great! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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    1. Mari! I’m so happy you dropped by, I love your positive feed and get tons of wax ideas from you😋 thanks for the kind words. I am totally fine, just feel helpless to do anything in this mess, which does suck.
      Yes, I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it! These last few days I’ve had to tamp down some cravings, one thing that helps is my husband is supportive and cooks a lot as he’s off during the summer. Lately he’s chef’d up grilled turkey sausage and slow cooked collard greens, delicious.

      You’ve read the Last Child? I notice we have similar book tastes, it was excellent but my heart was broken by it of course💔.
      Enjoy your Winter and upcoming summer!


  3. Yes, June does deserve a punch in the face. I am so sorry you have had so much on your heart. Praying everything turns out for the best and good things can come out of the pain. Your garden is beautiful and makes me miss mine already. May July bring you a bounty of good things to harvest, good news and good smells. I will have to check those books out.


    1. Thank you ❤
      Our garden is bringing lots of joy and keeping my hubs busy on his summer break from school. It is crazy how the temperature zones make such a difference in harvesting. Yours has been done a month and ours is just beginning to produce.


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