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20180623_143647 (1)I must be succumbing to a case of handmade mug madness, hence the second pottery post this month. All I can say is, it’s been quite fun following and discovering artisan potters and finding a piece that makes a joyful addition to my collection. I spotted the mugs from Pottery by M a few months ago and was instantly attracted to the wash of colorful glazes over the bulbous-bellied clay bodies.20180623_145614My growing collection features elements of earth and sky, mountains and stars, but was lacking in a sea-inspired mug. This Baby Chub Mug in Bermuda Waters glaze fills that niche beautifully. The 13-14 oz. piece was $27, well-packed and shipped for $10.70. Morgan, the talented young potter, reached out to inform me that she attaches a complimentary signature confirmation for delivery to ensure her products make it to their destination. When I responded that we might not be home to accept the package due to our trip, she worked with me, removed the signature requirement and sent the mug right away to avoid delay. I always appreciate that level of communication and customer service.
20180623_145834By now, everyone knows Summer is my favorite season and I love the summery tune this mug sings. Palest aqua underglaze is layered with brilliant cobalt blue to create a cerulean sea of streaks and swirls. Speckled matte clay is reminiscent of a sandy beach with the drippy glaze providing an illusion of foamy waves rushing the shore. A simple design of smooth and shiny over rough texture makes a striking statement.
20180625_105500As a relatively smaller mug (Morgan offers larger Mama chubs too) it has a substantial handfeel with a wide sturdy bottom. The handle is not a perfect semicircle, but has a top and bottom kink which offers a resting point for my thumb and pinky finger. I can fit three fingers inside comfortably but it might pose a squeeze for some. When filled, it’s too hefty for me to hold with a two-finger grip, however, the petite capacity is perfect for me.
20180625_111548And with a near perfect match to the pattern of my sister’s pool, I embraced the watery muse and went for it. (Shout out to my nephew for not batting an eye at his crazy aunt, but helping to remove the pool cover on an early morning so I might capture this precarious photo).

I think I’m set on mugs for awhile, but might feature a collection photo or video sometime. Lovely wheel-thrown planters and plates are always whispering sweet nothings to me too, and are next on my list. If you are awed by the artistry of ceramic artists like Morgan, information can be found at her Instagram link or etsy shop above. Have you discovered a new collectible love or wishlist, what pieces speak to you?

7 thoughts on “Pottery by M mug

    1. Yes, it’s easy to have a passion for these beautiful pieces. I’m in awe with what artists can do with earth, water and fire. I just found another mug to love yesterday, but will try to practice restraint.
      This is a brilliant blue beauty and Morgan is only 19, cant wait to see where she goes with her art.
      Do you have any favorite potters I must know about? Please share! Also, I love your Blog name, lol:)


        1. Oh my, those sheep and flowers are adorable, I love the artwork. I also love that pottery can speak to us as individuals and have special meaning, I hope you get a mug befitting your sheep ranch someday.
          I adore that sunny gold mug too, how cute! Thanks so much for stopping by Rachelle, I’m sure I’ll be sharing more pottery in the future:)


  1. THIS MUG!!!! THESE PHOTOS! You really knocked this one out of the park! I have been following along and (im)patiently awaiting Pottery by M’s next restock. I am dying for a chubby mug. I don’t even care what color. I love the shape and textures. I like the look of your smaller one. Seems more tea friendly. Plus Adam would die if I tried to fit one more huge mug in our cupboard. Poor guy. I dream of getting a whole serving set of plates and bowls from a favored artist but that is just crazy talk from me right now. I would like another soap dish though. Kelsey has some being released soon that I might check out. Thank you for posting about this.


    1. Thanks, I can’t resist the lure of the summery photo, plus that glaze is a ringer for my sis’s pool. How could I not?
      I cannot get over Morgan’s youthful talent, mad skills. I also appreciate that she informs others of her glazing combos and techniques.
      I’m sure you’ll snap one up soon, I am loving this smaller ounce size, works better for me. A complete set would be a dream come true, but not happening here either. You’re welcome:)


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